How to Put a Password on a USB Memory or Hard Drive

Privacy is everyone’s right and in the same way that we want privacy, we must also respect the privacy of others, for that reason many people choose to put a password on their USB memory or a hard drive, whether external or internal , this is done especially to protect what is inside said device, since they can be files of great importance to you or essential for your work, so you do not want someone else to see it in case of theft or loss of it .

So, we invite you to stay and learn how to put a password on a usb stick or hard drive.

How to Put a Password to a USB Memory without Programs

Windows and MacOs already have a tool that can be used to put a key on a USB stick without the need for programs of any kind, this is because more and more people want to encrypt their USB stick or hard drive to protect their data. 

How to Put a Password on a USB Flash Drive with Windows 

Several years ago Windows implemented a tool called “Bitlocker”, which is used to encrypt usb devices or hard drives, this tool is available in windows 10, windows 7 and windows 8 and 8.1 , in case for one reason or another you don’t If you have this tool installed on your PC, you can download it from here . 

Once downloaded, install and that’s it, you can now block a USB memory with the password you want, to carry out this process, do the following steps:

1. You must insert the USB memory into your computer.

2. Go to the “Computer” folder , there you will see the USB memory that you just connected.

3. Above the USB stick you want to encrypt, right-click it and look for the option that says “Turn on Bitlocker”.

4. Follow the steps to put the password to your USB, check the box that says “Use a password to unlock the drive” , where you will have to put the password twice to verify it. (Remember to use a password that is not easy for someone else to guess, but not so difficult that you cannot remember it.) 

5. Windows will create a password that you must save, in case you forget the one you entered , you can print that key or keep it in a safe place. 

6. Finally you must choose the «Encryption Mode» , because if it is a USB that you want to encrypt, you must choose the «compatible mode» , so that you can use it on other computers. 

7. Click on “confirm” and you will have your USB flash drive with a password, 100% secure. 

How to Put a Password to a USB or SD Memory in MacOS

All computers that use the MacOs operating system have a tool integrated by default to encrypt USB memories, making all the work easier, doing it in a very simple and easy way. 

1. Plug the USB stick into your computer.

2. Once connected, right click on the icon of the memory you want to encrypt , look for the “Encrypt” option , click on it, it will ask you to enter a password and that’s it. Your device is 100% encrypted and protected. 

How to Encrypt a USB or SD Memory with Programs

If you want to use programs to encrypt USB flash drives, we can recommend three of them, which are the best on the market, since many circulate on the net, but not all of them are reliable or secure, so take a look at our selection, which we are I’m sure they will help you a lot. 

Put Password to a Pendrive with VeraCript

This program is one of the best, it is compatible with windows, linux and MacOs, you only have to download and install it on your computer, insert your USB to the pc, open the «VeraCript» program , click on «Create Volume» and you must choose the “Encrypt partition/secondary drive” option and voila, your USB will be 100% protected.

The only drawback with this program is that you must have it installed on the computer where you are going to insert your USB memory , if the computer does not have this program installed you will not be able to access the information on your pendrive. 

Encrypt a USB Memory or External Hard Drive with Rohos Mini Drive

Very good application compatible with windows 10, download and install on your computer, connect the USB and run the program, choose the option “Encrypt the USB drive” , enter the password and the program will start protecting all your files . Your USB memory will be encrypted and safe.

Encrypt a USB Flash Drive with USB Safeguard

This application is the oldest of the three, but 100% functional, with it you can encrypt USB sticks with a capacity of up to 4 GB . 

If you have any questions about the subject, please leave it in the comments and we will answer you as soon as possible. 

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