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PDFelement is a powerful PDF file management program that allows you to perform all the necessary operations to create, edit or convert PDF. The application is an all-in-one all-in-one solution for working with PDF format.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular format for creating and storing electronic documents. Files of this format are saved with the “.pdf” extension. This format often stores digital files: documents, instructions, forms, e-books, etc.

The main advantage of the PDF format is that files in this format are displayed in the same way on different devices, preserving the formatting, in popular operating systems. At the same time, PDF files are hard to edit.

Many programs have been created to work with PDF, for example, Adobe Acrobat DC. Such programs are expensive and overly functional. Most users want a lighter yet functional application at a lower cost.

PDFelement program is designed to create, read, edit, modify PDF files, convert PDF to other formats. The application can be downloaded from the official website of the Chinese company Wondershare.

Overview of PDFelement Features

Wondershare PDFelement has support for several languages, including Russian, runs on Windows operating systems (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP), macOS (OS X 10.10 and older), iOS, Android.

The main features of the PDFelement program:

  • PDF editing;
  • convert PDF to another format;
  • creating PDF from files of different formats;
  • adding annotations and comments;
  • password protection, file digital signature;
  • adding watermarks, backgrounds, headers and footers, etc. to the file;
  • access to a huge number of PDF templates;
  • optical character recognition (OCR);
  • batch file processing
  • PDF file size optimization.

The official website offers two versions of the program: PDFelement Standard and PDFelement Professional, which differ in functionality. PDFelement 6 Pro offers several pricing plans: personal license ($29.95 for 1 PC), quarterly ($29.95 for 1 PC) and annual ($49.95 for 1 PC) licenses. First, download the trial version of the program to get acquainted with its capabilities, and then you can choose the appropriate option to purchase the application.

PDFelement Interface

The interface of PDFelement Pro is reminiscent of the latest versions of the most famous office program, so users will have no difficulty using the application.

From the start window, you can immediately access the main functions of the application. The user needs to select the appropriate section, depending on what he needs to do:

  • Edit PDF – Edit text, add, copy, paste, delete text, images and other objects in a PDF file.
  • Convert PDF Files – Convert PDF file to one of the freely editable formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT, etc.
  • Create PDF – Create a file from Microsoft Office documents, other file formats, and images.
  • Merge PDF – combines several files of different formats into one PDF file.
  • Batch Processing – Process multiple PDF files in batch mode.
  • PDF Templates – Access hundreds of pre-made forms and templates.

After selecting the appropriate option, an editor window will open in which the necessary operations are performed.

At the top there is a menu for performing the necessary actions in the PDFelement program:

  • File – view the properties of the document, create a new file, save the file in the desired format, print, send the file by e-mail or to cloud storage, convert to another format, optimize (change the quality and size of the file), enter the application settings.
  • Home – opening PDF from a file, scanner, merging files, resizing, converting.
  • View – setting the appearance of the file, capturing a specific part of the document, adding bookmarks.
  • Comment – choosing a font, shapes, adding notes, stamps, attachments.
  • Edit – insert new text, images, OCR, crop, set a watermark, fill the background, create headers and footers and numbering.
  • Page – set borders, extract, insert, split, replace, rotate, create a label, delete pages.
  • Form – form editing, field recognition, data extraction, import, export, template.
  • Protection – setting a password, managing passwords, placing a document signature.
  • Share – Send the document via email and cloud storage.
  • Help – get help from various sources, license information, check for updates.

Now we will get acquainted with some functions of PDFelement 6 Pro.

Editing files in PDFelement

Editing in PDFelement is easy: editing in the program is not difficult at all, the process is similar to editing in Microsoft Word.

Editing is done in two modes: “Line mode” or “Paragraph mode”. In the first case, a line of text is selected, editing is carried out inside this line. When choosing the second method, the entire paragraph area is available for editing.

To start editing in PDFelement, do the following:

  1. Open a PDF file in PDFelement, click the “Open File” button.
  2. On the top panel, click on the “Edit” button.
  3. The Edit tab opens, allowing you to edit the text and the image object.

In this example, I opened the instruction in PDF format, and edited part of the text: added a sentence, deleted a few words, changed the font and color, underlined, highlighted in bold.

You can add images, a link to the file, recognize text using OCR, crop unnecessary parts, add a watermark, background, headers and footers, and make continuous numbering.

I added an image to this text, and then reduced the image to the desired size, filled the background, added a watermark.

During editing, perform the necessary actions in the document: resize, cut, delete, paste, copy the edited elements.

Convert PDF to another format

When working with PDF files, quite often it becomes necessary to convert the file to another format. As a result, the document is converted from one format to another.

PDFelement supports conversion to the following formats:

  • Office: Word (“.docx”, “.doc”), Excel (“.xlsx”, “.xls”), PowerPoint (“.pptx”, “.ppt”).
  • Images: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP.
  • Other: RTF, TXT, HTML, EPUB.
  • Other PDFs: PDF/A.

Wondershare PDFelement provides several ways to convert a “.pdf” file into another file format.

1 way:

  1. In the program’s home window, click on the “Open File…” button.
  2. In the Explorer’s “Open” window, select the PDF file.
  3. Click on one of the buttons on the top panel: “to Word”, “to Excel”, “to PPT”, “other” to select the desired file saving format.
  4. In the Save window, select a folder on your PC to save the file.
  5. After the conversion process is completed, click on the “Finish” button in the “Convert” window.

2 way:

  1. In the PDFelement home window, click the “Convert PDF Files” button.
  2. In the “Open” window that opens, select the source file in PDF format, click on the “Open” button.
  3. In the “Save” window, select a location to save the file, click the “Save” button.
  4. In the “Convert” window, click on the “Finish” button.

3 way:

  1. In the open window of the program with a PDF file, click on the “File” menu, select “Convert”.
  2. Select one of the options: “Word”, “Other Files”, “Other PDFs”.
  3. Depending on the selected option, select the appropriate format, click on the “Convert” button.
  4. The “Save” window will open, in which give a name to the file, and then click on the “Save” button.
  5. After the conversion is completed, in the “Convert” window, click on the “Finish” button.

After processing is complete, open the output file in a program designed to open files of this format.

Article Conclusions

PDFelement program is designed to create, edit, convert, merge PDF files. The application has all the necessary tools for working with PDF files, the PDFelement program has a simple and intuitive interface.

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