Double-clicking a Logitech mouse, what should I do?

On the desktop, the mouse works flawlessly, but more and more often it began to work directly during the gameplay with a double click instead of a single one. When connected to another PC, there is no such problem. Many users note that soldering the micrik from the wheel does not help. What to do and how can the situation be corrected? Most often, this problem occurs in the new model of the brand “Logitech” mice. Moreover, the company of the same name and Microsoft have already officially confirmed the existence of this problem, and have provided potential solutions. It should be understood that double-clicking is a progressive disease of Logitech mice, so in order to keep the device and not buy a new one, you need to fix everything in time.

Probable causes

There are several possible reasons for double-clicking in a game instead of a single Logitech mouse. According to messages from members of the forum, the most common problems of this nature are:

  • Hardware problem.
  • Incorrect mouse settings (or failure in settings).
  • Static build-up.
  • The spring (or tact button) inside the click mechanism has weakened.
  • The internal components were damaged if the device was dropped.
  • Software problems with drivers or additional software.

First, try connecting the mouse to another computer, this will help identify the hardware problem or settings. If everything works well on another PC, then the options described below should help.

Checking mouse settings

First of all, in the event of such troubles, check the mouse settings.

  1. Control Panel: Start / Control Panel / Mouse Properties.
  2. In the “Mouse Button” tab, check the sticking of the mouse. If the function is enabled, disable it.
  3. Also notice the Double-Click Speed. Usually, by the standard, there is a speed slightly above average.
  4. First, move the slider to the very bottom, and then adjust the speed parameter for yourself.

If the problem of spontaneous double-clicking in the game is not resolved, follow the other instructions.

Folders settings

Your actions.

  1. Press Win + S, in the dialog box, enter the phrase “Open settings” and go to the settings window.
  2. Check the box “Double open and select with one click.” Then “Apply” and “OK”.

Now restart your computer and check the operation of the mouse, if the problem persists, do the following.

Static discharge

It should be noted that this double-click solution is only suitable for Logitech wireless mice. This instruction will allow you to discharge the accumulated charge that interferes with the correct operation of the device.

  • Use the switch to turn off the mouse and remove the batteries.
  • Press the buttons (LMB and RMB) alternately for about 45-60 seconds.
  • Insert the batteries and turn on the device.

Connect to PC and check if the problem is gone or not.

Checking mouse drivers

When the previous methods did not help, then proceed to the cardinal one.

  1. Go to Start: Control Panel / Device Manager / Mice and other pointing devices.
  2. Open the context menu with the right mouse button and select “Properties”.
  3. Then the “Driver” tab and the “Delete” button (removing the driver for experienced) / “OK”.

Disconnect the mouse cable (remove the batteries from the wireless). If everything is fine, the old drivers will be removed. Next, restart your PC (optional, but recommended). After rebooting, reconnect the mouse – Windows will automatically detect the device and install the appropriate drivers. If it doesn’t, go to the Logitech official website:

and download the latest drivers. After that, a spontaneous double-click in the game instead of a single one should disappear. If the problem still cannot be resolved by all of the listed methods, then the matter is in mechanical wear. Instructions for repairing the clock button of the mouse:

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