2 whatsapp on one iphone

Nowadays, you can’t do without a messenger on your phone – you constantly need to be online, and WhatsApp does an excellent job with this task. There are times when one account is not enough, and a person needs several copies of the application. For example, one is for communicating with the family, and the second for work, or, for example, for secret correspondence. Few people are informed about the possibility to put several copies of the messenger and use 2 accounts on whatsapp without using a second smartphone. But this prohibition can be circumvented. Now we will analyze in detail a working method of how to install and configure two WhatsApp on one iPhone without using Jailbreak (the so-called jailbreak procedure, which can lead to OS instability, a threat to the security of your device and even faster battery discharge) .

  • You can download and install the first copy of the Vatsap program in the usual way from the official AppStore.
  • Next, you need to install the TuTuApp application, which allows you to install third-party software on the iPhone. To do this, go to the sitewww.tutuapp.vip

    , go to the Regular free tab and download the application by clicking on the Download Now button.

  • We go to the settings of your iPhone and go to the “General” section. Select the item “Device Management” and click on the inscription “FoxtoCo. LTD ”. After that, we click the button Trust “FoxtoCo.LTD” (remember, this is done if there is no Jailbreak).
  • The next step is to open TuTuApp and select WhatsAppGold or its analogue WhatsApp ++ in the list of applications.
  • Install one of the programs.

Done – you have two 2 WhatsApp on one iPhone. Now you need to create 2 accounts on whatsapp, for which we do the following:

  • insert the second SIM card required to register another account;
  • open the WhatsAppGold or Whatsapp ++ application ;
  • we go through re-activation or re-register with a new SIM card;
  • the final action is to remove the second SIM card and put the main one.

With TuTuApp you can get yourself not only a second full copy of WhatsApp, but also several copies of Telegram and Viber. But this is already a topic for the next article. We hope this information was useful to you!

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