Dragon Age Inquisition crashes to desktop without errors

Fans of this game are outraged because of the problems associated with the departure from the gameplay. Moreover, the strangeness lies in the fact that after the departure there is no message about this or that error, i.e. no reasons are given. What could it be?

Description of the problem

The crash of Dragon Age Inquisition to the desktop without error appears in different situations. For some, this happens all the time, while for others, when moving to another location, and this can happen right during the battle, regardless of the location or mission. This is how the problem is described in different forums:

  • Previously, the video game worked stably without any complaints: fast loading locations, smooth animation, and crashed only when the PC was restarted. Now it flies every 5 minutes after launch.
  • Departure randomly: one day several times in a row at once, another day after several hours of stable play.
  • During the start of the dialogue, the game freezes for a couple of seconds, and then crashes to the desktop without error.

The most common reasons

Despite the fact that the complaints of the players are basically the same, there can be several reasons for leaving without information about the error. The most common ones.

  • The game is blocked by an antivirus.
  • Crash due to Nvidia 3D Vision.https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nvidia_3D_Vision

  • The pre-installed menu in Origin can provoke such crashes.
  • Inflated graphics parameters. Despite the fact that the game worked perfectly before that, frequent problems with crashing without error cause certain graphical settings, namely the “Automatic” state.
  • These options sometimes cause problems: tessellation / vertical sync.
  • Improvement (pumping) of the character with the skills “Free dash” / “Dash with a crank.” More details about the problem here:https://dragonage.fandom.com/wiki/Lunge_and_Slash

  • Overclocking a video card or RAM.

According to the discussions of the members of the forum, all the methods described below are working. To solve the problem, you need to try this or that option.

Disable antivirus

This procedure is fairly straightforward.

  • “Task bar”. Right-click on the shortcut of the active antivirus.
  • Select the appropriate item for a temporary disablement, it can be: “Disable protection”, “Screen control” or others.
  • Choose the time you need.

It is recommended to set: “Disable before computer restart”.

Turn off 3D Vision

The procedure makes sense when the PC has an NVidia video card that supports this technology.

  1. The combination on the keyboard is Win + R. In the “Run” window you need to enter or copy “appwiz.cpl”. Press Enter. The System Utility “Programs and Features” will open.
  2. Find Nvidia 3D Vision Driver, right-click on it – click “Uninstall”.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. To properly uninstall the driver from the PC system, follow the instructions (prompts) on the screen.
  4. Restart your computer and then enter the game.

Disabling the built-in Origin menu

It does not bring significant damage to the user, tk. few people use these functions. Although this is one of the common reasons Dragon Age Inquisition crashes without errors. Your actions:

  1. Launch Origin and sign in to your personal EA Account.
  2. Click on the Origin menu, then the “Application Settings” item.
  3. Go to the “Origin in-game screen” and uncheck the box next to “Enable Origin in the game.”

More details about the functions and the Origin instruction here:


Setting graphic settings

In order for crashes in the game associated with a crash to appear as rarely as possible, you need to change the graphics settings.

  • It is necessary that the “Vertical sync” was in the “Adaptive” mode.
  • Set the quality in this position “Low” or “Automatic”.
  • Tessellation should be set to Medium.

Disable “Jerk with cranking”

EA remained silent about this issue, despite the fact that there were enough complaints. Users assume that crashes without a computer game error are related to the animation of the skill, more precisely, processing by certain video cards. It is recommended to replace “Free Dash” with other skills.

Disable overclocking of the RAM or video card

The game “Inquisition” does not work well enough with overclocked hardware, so it is better to cancel changes in the system operation of the video card and, accordingly, RAM. This is done in the same way as activating overclocking. In the overclocking option for the equipment, there is a “reset” button to the default parameters. If none of the presented “treatment recipes” helped, then you need to try again. Most likely, a mistake was made in the implementation of the methods.

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