PCIe 6.0 arrives faster than expected!

While users are just adapting to 5.0 in PCI Express standards, news about PCIe 6.0 has started to come.

The PCI Express 5.0 standard has only just begun to reach the consumer side. However, the new information that has emerged reveals some test results such as the bandwidth and read speeds of PCIe 6.0. So the PCIe 6.0 standard may come faster than expected.

PCIe 6.0 doubled its predecessor!

Currently the most performing SSDs on the market are stuck at the speed limit of PCIe 4.0. The fact that this standard restricts read and write speeds to 7,800 Mb/s was a major hurdle. The newly announced PCIe 5.0 can offer speeds of up to 14,000 Mb/s, which is almost twice that.

Samsung’s new PM1743 SSD, whose benchmark test results were revealed in the past days, achieved a speed of 13,829 Mb / s together with the PCIe 5.0 standard ,  allowing the company to break the record. In other words, it almost doubled its predecessor 4.0 models.

SSDs that will have PCIe 6.0 technology will double their predecessors in terms of speed, just as 5.0 did to 4.0. In other words, it will be able to reach 28,000 Mb / s speeds. In addition, it will be able to transfer 128 Gbps in one direction and 256 Gbps in two directions over the X16 slot.

It’s good news to hear that 6.0 is coming sooner than expected, these days when we just passed the PCI Express 5.0 standard. However, it is still in the development phase at the moment. Therefore, it would not be right to wait in the next 2 years.

In 2024, the pioneering companies are expected to introduce their first models or commercial versions, just as with PCIe 5.0 now. Therefore, it seems that it will reach the houses by 2025 at the earliest. Therefore, it would make more sense to focus on adapting to 5.0 during this time.

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