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The site OldVersion.com contains old versions of popular programs dating back to the 90s of the XX century. The Old Version Portal is intended for users who cannot upgrade their old computers so that they can use the appropriate software that was developed in previous years.

Software is constantly updated and system requirements change, so many users of older computers are unable to use modern versions of many programs.

User demand for legacy programs

For various reasons, upgrading a computer is impossible: despite its antiquity, the computer continues to work properly, the user does not want to switch to a new operating system, or use modern versions of applications, due to financial difficulties, etc.

Far from always, modern versions of programs are better than previous ones from the point of view of an ordinary user. Of course, bugs are fixed in new versions, new features appear, but there are cases when the old version of the application fully satisfied the needs of the user, without all the improvements of the modern version.

For example, in my opinion, the legendary Nero 6 or Nero 7 had, from the point of view of the average user, the best options for a disc burning program. The modern Nero Platinum has turned into a “monster”, of course, this combine has much more features than the good old versions of the program, but many users were satisfied with the old version of Nero.

Old software at OldVersion.com

At Oldversion.com you will find old versions of about 700 programs, drivers, games for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Programs have a large number of versions released at different times. Therefore, you can download a specific version of the application to your computer.

The Old Version software portal was founded in 2001 by our compatriots Alexander Levin and Igor Dolgalev. Follow the link to the Oldversion soft portal (the site will open on the old version ru page).

The site works in several languages, including Russian. The translation into Russian was made with the help of a machine electronic translator, so in some places a not entirely accurate translation is possible.

By default, the site opens in the Popular Old Versions tab. Here, programs are grouped into sections that can be downloaded from the old software site. I will list sections for Windows in English: Utilities, Security, Office, Networking, Multimedia, Internet, Graphics, FTP, File Sharing, Drivers, Development, Communication.

To switch to applications for other operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), click on the corresponding button. Here is the “Games” button to navigate to the legendary old games.

Choose a program, in this example, I chose the popular uTorrent torrent client. In the upper part there are links to download the latest version of the program added to the Old Version site, and the most popular version among site visitors. Below are links to download the program, starting from 2005.

After clicking on the link for a specific version of the program, a page with information about the application and a download link will be opened.

The OldVersion website says that all programs are checked for spyware, adware and viruses. You can choose the required old version of the program to install on your computer.

Article Conclusions

You can download old software from OldVersion.com to install on your computer. The Old Version Portal keeps old software available to all users on the Internet.

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