Kaspersky Cleaner – system cleaning and optimization

Kaspersky Cleaner is a free program for cleaning and optimizing your system. Antivirus software developer Kaspersky Lab has released a free product to clean, optimize and improve computer security.

With Kaspersky Cleaner, you can clean the system, change Windows settings, remove traces of activity, and protect your computer from data collection. As a result, after checking and cleaning the system, the overall security of Windows will increase.

During operation, a large amount of data accumulates on the computer: various Windows logs and logs, temporary files of the system and applications installed on the computer, and a lot of other garbage. Therefore, the computer must be cleaned of unnecessary files. To clean the computer, there are special programs: cleaners and optimizers.

Kaspersky Cleaner was created to clean up Windows and applications from unnecessary files. Please note that in addition to the functionality for cleaning and improving overall security, the program has a useful function for restoring system parameters. This means that you can restore important default system settings that have been changed as a result of erroneous actions, or if changes to the system were made by third-party applications.

You can download Kaspersky Cleaner from the official website of the Kaspersky Lab developer. A web installer will be downloaded to your computer, which will download the program from the Internet.

After downloading, install Kaspersky Cleaner on your computer. The program runs on the Windows operating system, supports the Russian language.

Kaspersky Cleaner has a simple and intuitive interface. After starting, in the main window of Kaspersky Cleaner you will see the button “Start scan”. Under this button there are other buttons, made in the form of images, for entering the settings of the parameters of the modules included in the program.

Kaspersky Cleaner includes the following functional sections (modules):

  • System cleaning.
  • Restoration of system parameters.
  • Data collection protection.
  • Removing traces of activity.

With the help of function modules, you can configure the program to perform the necessary operations during cleaning and optimization of Windows.

First, consider the functional sections of the program. To enter the section, you need to click on the appropriate button. After that, a tab with the settings of the program module will open.

Each tab contains a “Scan for Issues” area that displays possible problems that often occur on users’ computers. All problems in Kaspersky Cleaner are divided into three levels of severity: major problems, moderate problems, and minor problems.

At the default setting, some items are enabled. This means that the program will look for these problems on the computer to clean up, delete data, restore system settings.

Cleaning the system in Kaspersky Cleaner

The “System Cleanup” section is responsible for cleaning the cache, dump files, the list of recent documents, the recycle bin, deleting temporary files, installation logs. Depending on specific requirements, you can leave the default settings, or activate additional items, for example, to clear the cache of browsers installed on your computer.

When choosing settings, it’s best to do the following: if you don’t know, or aren’t sure about your actions to choose specific settings, leave everything as default.

After activating the new items in the settings, at any time you can immediately return to the standard settings of the application. To do this, click on the “default” button, which will appear in the lower right corner of the Kaspersky Cleaner program window.

Restoring system settings in Kaspersky Cleaner

In the “Restore system settings” module, you can restore system settings, restore settings that affect the system’s performance. After applying the settings, the system parameters, timeouts and file associations will be restored, access blocking will be removed, and program parameters will be configured.

Using Kaspersky Cleaner, you can restore the associations of “BAT”, “LINK”, “SCR”, “REG” files, unlock the Registry Editor, Task Manager, Control Panel, and restore other important system settings. This is a very useful feature of the Kaspersky Cleaner program.

Data collection protection in Kaspersky Cleaner

The “Protection from collection of data” section is responsible for automatically updating the cache, privacy settings in Windows 10, and clearing the list of recent documents. Here you can disable some services, take other actions to protect against data collection in order to significantly reduce the amount of information transmitted to Microsoft servers. This is especially true for the Windows 10 operating system.

Removing traces of activity in Kaspersky Cleaner

Using the “Remove traces of activity” module, you can clear the search history, delete cookies, clean up the “TEMP” system folder and Windows logs. Here you can delete the data of some popular programs, because in most cases, these files will never be needed by a simple user.

System cleaning process in Kaspersky Cleaner

After selecting the settings, click on the “Start scan” button. Kaspersky Cleaner will check the operating system and installed programs for problems, according to the previously made settings.

After the scan is completed, the Kaspersky Cleaner window will display information about detected problems. Before deleting data from a computer, or before changing system settings, you can familiarize yourself with information about the existing problems that have been found on this computer. To do this, click on the corresponding area, colored in red.

In the corresponding section, you will see that the identified problems are highlighted in red. You can see in detail those parameters that will be fixed, with the degree of importance of the problem.

To clean and optimize the system, in the main window of Kaspersky Cleaner, click the Fix button.

After the repair process is completed, in the window of the Kaspersky Cleaner program you will see the inscription “Done” and information about the number of problems that have been successfully fixed.

For the changes to take effect, you must restart your computer. To do this, click on the “Restart Now” button. If, for some reason, you do not want to restart at the moment, click on the “Restart later” button.

Please note that many problems will reappear every time you start the program, because during the current operation of the computer, temporary files, service and application data, etc. constantly appear in the system.

Reverting changes in Kaspersky Cleaner

After the first scan and cleaning, an additional button “Revert changes” will appear in the main window of Kaspersky Cleaner, which can be used to undo previous changes in the system.

I draw your attention to the fact that not all settings can be returned back. For example, you cannot return deleted browser data: history, cookies, etc., other temporary files.

To cancel changes, click on the “Revert Changes” button.

In the next window, click on the “Start Undoing Changes” button.

After completing this operation, you will see the inscription “Reverting changes completed” and information about the number of undone changes.

Article Conclusions

The free Kaspersky Cleaner program is used to clean and optimize Windows. With the help of Kaspersky Cleaner, unnecessary data is removed from the computer, traces of activity are removed, the level of protection of personal data is increased, system settings are restored, and overall system security is improved.

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