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The Internet Archive is an online service, an archive of Internet sites, which contains a huge number of web pages saved from sites around the world. An organization called the Internet Archive was formed in 1996 in San Francisco.

This is a universal electronic library, which contains copies of website pages on the Internet; the archive contains video, audio, software, text, and graphic materials. Free access to the contents of the Internet web archive is open to all users.

Indexing web pages on the Internet

From 1996 to the present, has amassed over 466 billion web pages (a number that is increasing all the time). The archive of Internet pages was created to preserve, familiarize and study the available information that has accumulated over the years in the worldwide web.

From time to time, special robots belonging to the service index the content of almost all sites on the Internet. It should be taken into account that during the bypass of the robot for indexing sites, some sites could experience internal problems: the site, or some pages of the site were unavailable, the site was under maintenance, plug-in external elements did not work, etc. Therefore, some site archives will be complete, and some images (archives) may contain only partial information. Keep in mind that some sites are indexed frequently, while other sites are indexed quite infrequently.

To view web pages, the online service The Wayback Machine is used. In the Internet Archive, not only currently active sites are available for viewing, but also sites that no longer exist. With the help of the Internet archive, you can visit sites that have ceased to exist, and get acquainted with the contents of web pages of remote sites.

Thanks to the wonderful archive of Internet sites, you can trace the history of changes, how the appearance of the site and its contents have changed over time, use the archives to restore the site, search for the necessary information.

On the main page of the website, you can access archived data, which are grouped into thematic sections, or go directly to the page of the Wayback Machine service.

internet archive

Site Search at the Wayback Machine

To search for archives of the sites you need, follow the link to the Wayback Machine online service page.

On the Internet Archive Wayback Machine page, enter the site’s URL in the search field, and then click on the BROWSE HISTORY button.

Under the search field there is information about the total number of created archives for this site for a certain period of time. The number of site archives made by years is displayed on the time scale (there may be many site snapshots, or, conversely, few).

Highlight the year, in the central part of the page there is a calendar, in which the dates when the site archives were created are highlighted in blue. Then click on the desired date.

Note that hovering over with the mouse will display the time the snapshot was taken. If there are several pictures, you can open any of the archives. The site will be opened in the state it had at the time the archive was created.

During the existence of my site, it had only two templates (themes). In this image you can see what my site looked like in the first theme.

In this image, you see the site of my friend, Alem from Kazakhstan. This site has not been on the Internet for a long time, search engines do not detect this site, but thanks to the Internet archive, everyone can access the contents of the remote site.

Article Conclusions

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is an online service that stores web pages on the Internet. With the help of the International Internet Archive, you can access archives of sites created at different times. The site will open in the state it had on the date the archive was created. Existing and remote sites will be available for viewing.

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