How to update Android apps

For some time now, the apps you use on your Android smartphone have been giving you several problems, mainly related to crashes and sudden crashes. You read on the Net that this could be solved simply by updating the app in question: you, therefore, tried to open the Play Store, but unfortunately, being a beginner with the operating system of the “green robot”, you were unable to understand ” where to put your hands “.

There is no need to add anything else: I already understand your situation perfectly and I really think this tutorial can be for you. In the course of the next chapters, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to update Android apps. You will see that it is much simpler than you imagine, regardless of the model of the smartphone (or tablet) you use.

I will also explain how to activate automatic application updates and how to update them from alternative stores, so as not to have problems even if your device does not have access to Google services. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to update all apps on Android
  • How to update an app on Android
  • How to update Android apps without WiFi
  • How to update Android apps without Play Store
  • How to update Android apps from PC
  • How to update the Android Auto app
  • How to update the Android TV app

How to update all apps on Android

The most immediate and safe way to update apps on Android is to use the Google Play Store, present on most devices with the “green robot” operating system.

You must know that from the Google store, in fact, it is possible to “manually” download the most recent versions of all the apps, and also to enable the automatic update function of the same. In the latter case, as soon as your device is connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or data network, if you wish), all the apps for which an update is available will be automatically updated.

First, therefore, start the Play Store by tapping on the colored triangle icon on the home screen or in the app menu of your device. At this point, to manually update all the apps that need an update, tap on your profile photo (top left) and select the Manage app and device item. From here (in the Overview tab ), click on Update All and that’s it.

Alternatively, tap on View details: you will be shown the list of all installed applications for which an update is available (the size of the update is shown under the names of the various apps; to check the news included you just tap the down arrow icon located to the right of the app names ). Click on Update to download the various updates available.

Do you want to activate an automatic app update? Nothing easier. Open the Play Store, press on your profile photo (top left) and, from the menu that opens, tap on the Settings item.

Subsequently, press on the item Network preferences and, from here, tap on the item Automatic app update. Finally, choose whether to enable the automatic update only via WiFi network or on any network by pressing on the appropriate options in the menu in front of you (knowing that downloading updates under the data network could lead to a rapid consumption of the Giga present in your offer). To conclude, click on the End item. It was simple, wasn’t it?

How to update an app on Android

Would you like to know how to manually update apps on Android? No problem, I’ll settle you immediately. On the Play Store, you have the possibility to manually search for the applications you want to update and carry out the procedure directly from the specific page that each application has on the Google virtual showcase.

To proceed in this way, start the Play Store by tapping the colored triangle icon on a white background and, once the aforementioned application has opened, type the name of the app you want to update (eg. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.) in the search bar located at the top and tap on the name that corresponds to your search in the list below.

You will be redirected to the application page you searched for: to perform the update, simply tap the Update button. After that you will have to wait for the download to be completed; Once the process is finished, you can directly launch the app by pressing the Open button. Easier than that ?!

How to update Android apps without WiFi

Are you wondering how to update Android apps if your phone or tablet is not connected to the Wi-Fi network? You can do this normally by activating the data connection of your device as I explained to you in the previous chapters.

I invite you, however, to be careful in this case: some apps and in particular games, require rather “voluminous” updates, up to several GB, especially if they have not been updated for some time; be careful, therefore, because you could consume many Giga of your offer. In addition, you could consume a lot of battery, since on many devices the latter tends to heat up when large downloads are made via the data network.

If you want to activate the automatic download of updates via data network, open the Play Store and then press the icon of your profile photo located at the top right. From here, go to Settings> Network preferences> Automatic app update and, in the menu that opens, tap first on the On any network option and then on the Finish item. That’s all!

How to update Android apps without Play Store

The Play Store, which I’ve told you about so far, isn’t the only point of reference for updating and installing apps. You must know, in fact, that there are other alternative stores, equally valid that you can use to obtain the application and update them (I talked about it in depth here ): this is the ideal solution if your device does not have the services. Google but, please, always check that the source from which you install the app is reliable and safe (perhaps by doing a specific search on Google ).

On HUAWEI smartphones without Play Store, for example, the proprietary HUAWEI AppGallery store is pre-installed, which can also be installed on other Android smartphones by connecting to and tapping first on the item Download now, then on the item Install and, at the end of the download, opening the relative APK file.

On the HUAWEI store, as in the case of the Google one, you have the possibility both to activate the automatic updates of all the apps and to carry out individual updates manually. If you want to activate automatic updates, once the app is open, press the User icon at the bottom right, then tap the Settings item and, from here, press the Automatic app update item. After that, select the option you feel appropriate for the automatic download of the update ( ActiveWiFi only, or Off ).

To update the individual apps, tap the User icon again and you can immediately view the list of apps for which an update is available. To proceed, click on the Update button next to the name of each application.

How do you say? Would you like me to recommend some other store from which you can install and update applications? Very gladly! The first one I suggest you to use is the Amazon Appstore, the virtual showcase of apps of the e-commerce giant.

You can download it as an APK package by connecting to Once you have accessed the store (via Amazon account login ) you can install the apps by browsing the ones available in the Home section and update them by opening the My apps section from the main page.

For specific details on these and other procedures, read my tutorial on how to update apps without the Play Store.

How to update Android apps from PC

Until recently, the Google Play Store site accessible via a browser on a computer had a function to update the applications of your device. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that this feature is no longer available and, at the time of writing, it is not possible to update Android applications from a PC.

How to update the Android Auto app

The Android Auto application, which had always worked flawlessly on your device, has recently inexplicably started to have numerous malfunctions and you would like to check if updating it things will work out? No problem, I’ll help you do it. Open this Play Store page and press the Update button located at the top right. Great! You have already done everything there is to do.

I also inform you that a renewed version of the app is available on devices starting from version 10 of Android 10, namely Android Auto for phones and, therefore, it is the latter that must be updated. Then click on the last link and press the Update button. For all the details on using this application, I refer you to my tutorial on how Android Auto works.

How to update the Android TV app

If you use a Smart TV on which the Android TV operating system is installed you can proceed to update the various applications installed on it quite immediately (I warn you, however, that the names of the remote control buttons may vary slightly depending on the model. of your appliance).

To proceed in this direction, press the Home button (the one with the house icon or with the “dots” with Google colors, or, if present, press the App button ) on your remote control and then press the button Enter (or the OK key; these keys are located in the center of the cross of the directional arrow keys ) on the Play Store icon (the colored triangle on a white background) after you have found it in the list of all installed apps.

Then press the Enter key on the My Applications item in the left menu (log in with your Google account, if necessary) and scroll through the list until you find the app you are interested in. Then press the Enter key on its preview and then choose the Update option on the left.

Nothing complex, don’t you think? If you want to know more about this type of TV, I invite you to take a look at my guide on the best Android TVs.


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