LeTV launches $325 F65 Pro TV

Sales of the new TV LeTV F65 Pro have begun in the Chinese market. The model name contains the number 65 – this is the size of the panel diagonally in inches.

The model is priced at $ 325, which is quite a bit for a large TV with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K). However, the refresh rate is limited to 60 hertz. Also note the support for MEMS blur compensation technology and 95 percent coverage of the BT.709 color spectrum.

LeTV F65 Pro

The body of the TV is made of metal. The electronic filling is based on a chipset that combines two Cortex-A73 cores and two Cortex-A53 cores. The memory arsenal includes 2 GB of RAM and a built-in 16 GB flash module. Supports voice control.

LeTV F65 Pro

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