Is Open Broadcaster Software safe? How to use it ?

In addition to the capture tools offered by Windows, there are software programs that help you stream live or record your game sessions. Open Broadcaster Software is one such free and open source solution that is gaining momentum among users. However, many have questions about the reliability of this tool. In this guide, you will find the appropriate answer and how to use the application.

Is Open Broadcaster Software safe?

Since its release in 2016, the OBS has undergone several updates to make it easier for users to get started. Thanks to its performance, it exceeds several other software including Xsplit. It is then considered as one of the safest live streaming tools of the 21ᵉ century. Here is a zoom on its features and benefits.

Features of OBS

The Open Broadcaster Sofware is suitable for all operating systems, including Windows and Linux . If you plan to install it on macOS, make sure that the version of it is 10.13+. It has a high performance audio-video capture and mixing tool. In addition to custom transitions, you have access to:

  • filters for noise gate, noise suppression, and gain;
  • support for VST plugins;
  • an optimized control panel with a wide range of options.

It is a software that takes into account a number of libraries including x264, libmp3lame, libfaac and many others. It is compatible with all streaming platforms .

What about the benefits

Open Broadcaster Software is available in multiple languages. It consumes very little resources of your computer. With this app, you can seamlessly create and configure endless scenes from any source. If you can easily mix intuitive audio , you can both add new sources and arrange them however you want for more logical rendering.

You benefit from a studio mode which allows you to view your edits and correct the scenes before publishing them. With OBS, easily create keyboard shortcuts for all your actions. Considering its various factors, it comes out that this app is 100% safe.

What to remember from the mode of use of OBS?

You must start by downloading the software by going to the manufacturer’s site. For a perfect grip, you must put the interface in French by going to ” settings” then choose the appropriate language. To stream, click on the ” test stream ” button to make the necessary settings to perform this action. Then click on ” Start the stream ” and adjust the volume of the sound and your microphone from the interface.

Add scene and source

Right-click in the scene area located at the bottom left of the interface. Among the options present, choose the option “ Add scene ” then name it. You can rename it as you wish. In the next box, do the same process to add one or more sources to the created scene. It can be logos and your webcam .

Add main capture

When the game is active, go to ” Global Resources” and then click on ” Add game capture [Experimental] “. Then tick the game and stretch it to your computer screen. This is a way to save your resources. You can also record the screen by right-clicking in the source box and doing ” Add Software Capture “.

Edit the source

To perform source resizing , click the related option. When it is surrounded by red, you can act on the edges as in the case of the photos. To change the display order , right-click on the source to bring to the foreground. Then choose to move down or up to change the location.

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