6 Horror Games You Must Try

In the world of gaming, there are many kinds of entertainment options, but horror games are certainly among the most fascinating. They provide fans with a unique video game pleasure, mixing excitement, jumpscares and feverish atmosphere. Reactions and tastes differ from gamer to gamer, and depending on the narrative, graphics, type of horror game, etc., rankings keep emerging. From the survival-horror category to that of psychological horror games through that of horror-action titles, there are a few games that have left a lasting mark on generations of gamers. In this article, we’re going to dive into picking out some of the best horror games you absolutely must try at least once.

Vampire Princess of Darkness

Developed by Playtech, Vampire Princess of Darkness is a horror-themed slot game and more specifically vampire legends. This title immerses you in the universe of these bloodthirsty monsters and creates in you a feeling of fear, even more with its atypical soundtrack. Here you are transported to a vampire’s domain where you will find a graveyard, a gothic style mansion with a gloomy atmosphere, letters inscribed with blood and cups filled with it, evidence of the presence of humans used such as cattle, bats, etc. Fabulous winnings await you on this game with 5 reels and 5 paylines.

To play the Vampire Princess of Darkness production with attractive graphics, you need to wager between $0.05 and $500. Thanks to the excellent features of this game available at the best online casinos in Quebec , you can win jackpots of up to 750,000 times your initial. Among the best options for Quebec players whose theme is inspired by horror, the Vampire Princess of Darkness slot machine is the most interesting with the incredible realism of its visuals, its dark and heavy atmosphere, its innovative features , and its captivating story. Already available at the best online casinos in Quebec, Vampire Princess of Darkness promises you intense moments of entertainment with large doses of adrenaline.

Dead Space

Dead Space is a Survival Horror produced by Visceral Games then published by Electronic Arts (EA). In this game, you play as Issak Clark, an astronautical engineer specially sent to a spacecraft called USG Ishimura to make repairs there. Indeed, after a loss of contact with the latter and the reception of a distress signal, the command base dispatches a support team to take care of possible problems, including the restoration of the communication center. However, once aboard, the team realizes that everyone on the ship is missing and creatures are stalking them. Now in the midst of a real disaster caused by terrifying monsters called “necromorphs”, they must manage to survive alone in space, surrounded by foul creatures.

Dead Space has what it takes to give you real nightmares and is even described as an “unhealthy title where the feeling of horror is omnipresent”. In fact, its designer Glen Schofield declared “it’s the most terrifying game that we could create”. While the title was originally released in 2008 on PC, EA recently decided to make a remake of the franchise in 2022 on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X and S. If you decide to enjoy it on computer, the ideal would be to opt for a high-performance gaming laptop PC with the best characteristics in terms of RAM, graphics card power, hard disk and processor.

Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness

Alice Cooper and the Tome Of Madness is a virtual casino game launched by Play ‘N GO and whose theme is inspired by the father of American shock rock and hard rock singer, Alice Cooper. The latter often bases himself on horror films in order to create macabre stagings during his concerts or for his music videos. Released in October 2021, Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness immerses you in a nightmare world with chilling visuals and a harrowing soundtrack. Its background shows you a foggy and dark crypt that reflects a heavy atmosphere as well as your worst nightmares. On this slot, this musician is chained, padlocked and you are invited to release him from his chains in order to receive generous rewards. This horrific slot machine has 5 reels and the country cluster system.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is the second part of the Silent Hill saga, but with a more captivating storyline than the first installment. This horror game released in 2001 first on PS2, then on PC a year later, invites you to embody James Sunderland, a tormented man who overnight receives a letter from his dead wife. The latter through this missive informs him of the fact that she is in Silent Hill and is patiently waiting for him to pick her up. The protagonist then begins his adventure and goes to Silent Hill where he faces his inner demons which are all the more frightening than the formidable monsters that this city has, like Pyramid Head.

Indeed, Silent Hill 2 brings out the deepest fears and anxieties of James Sunderland, but even more the grief and sad memories in connection with the death of his wife. Every plot of this abandoned city is filled with horror, and our main character has to push himself to find out what’s going on in the city. The further you go, the more complicated, scary and dark things get. The plot of this horror MMO is inspired by the novel Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, a Russian author. The graphics are certainly a bit retro, but you will enjoy your experience. In addition, the oppressive soundtrack, the gloomy scenario, added to the heavy atmosphere of the title makes Silent Hill 2 enter the top 10 of the most frightening games. all time. Published by Konami, this title is also available on PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


With survival horror video game SOMA from Frictional Games studio, you’ll never see the underwater world the same way again. SOMA offers you a new adventure punctuated by terror, but this time underwater, with a suffocating and frightening atmosphere. In this harrowing first-person game, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the main character Simon Jarrett, victim of a car accident which created serious brain damage. The latter is then invited to take part in an experimental project, but during the operation he faints and wakes up in a geothermal power station, the PATHOS-II station. The plunge into total horror then begins from this moment.

While traversing the devastated wreckage of the station, our hero not only realizes that he is in 2104, a year after a comet destroyed the earth, but also that he is one of the last survivors of his race. So, in his quest to find other survivors, he encounters many problems including disgusting monsters and machines that pretend to be humans. Our protagonist that you will embody must therefore defend themselves against these slimy creatures and then survive by all means. He must also try to discover the mysteries hidden in this research center located under water. The suffocating atmosphere in SOMA due to the lack of oxygen as well as the underwater station itself will make the mission difficult while accentuating the terror. This horrific game mixing underwater environment and biotechnology like the title “Bioshock” and received several positive reviews. It gives you a unique experience and is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. With its captivating storyline, incredible graphics, and engaging soundtrack, SOMA is one of the best games for PS4 .


Face was developed by SadSquare studio and presents you with a paranormal experience worthy of the name. Released in 2020, this psycho-horror game takes you to the border between the real and the paranormal. The story takes place in the 80s and begins with Dwayne Anderson, a father who kills his two children and his wife in cold blood before committing suicide. Some time later, he wakes up in an abandoned house stained with blood. This is when his torment begins with paranormal events occurring non-stop as he tries to flee this macabre place. This protagonist will meet spirits and demons that he will have to flee again and again since each time these creatures touch him, he dies. Is this a punishment for the appalling act he has committed? The feeling of helplessness and the constant pressure could be right for the main character’s mental health, which will continue to decline.

Face game which takes place in first person view will take you through a beautiful adventure under various horror schemes in a dark but stunning graphic style. The semi-open environments that you can roam at will further increase the appeal of this production. Moreover, the oppressive and shrinking corridors of this empty house, as well as its soundtrack, contribute to the heavy atmosphere in which this title immerses you. The more you play it, the more your nerves get on edge and the more terrifying the effects become. With this game, horror has a face, and adventure is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

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