What is the metaverse?

Today, the metaverse is subject to many discussions. Although this science fiction term appeared at the end of the 20th century, it is still not very well understood by everyone. However, many large groups such as Facebook Microsoft or Epic Games are investing billions of dollars in this virtual universe. But what is the Metaverse?

Metaverse: what to understand?

Still called  Métavers  (in French), the  metaverse  does not yet have a universal definition. Some define it as a virtual world designed by software and accessible through dedicated 3D applications. For the founder of Facebook, the Metaverse is a  virtual environment, connected to the Internet, in which users can play. The latter can also organize work meetings or meet for example. This is possible thanks to specific applications for smartphones, augmented reality glasses or VR headsets. The metaverse is a life simulation accessible via augmented reality devices.

Historically, the metaverse began in 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s “Virtual-Samurai” novel. The author described in his book a virtual world, similar to  second life, where a character in the work could have unlimited knowledge. It is important to remember that the metaverse offers several possibilities to users. They can make purchases, create works of art or follow virtual concerts.

Metaverse: what are its particularities?

The metaverse is a world entirely imagined and created by  suitable algorithms and software . It is a kind of life simulation which has several characteristics namely:

  • You are represented in the Metaverse by an  avatar . It is the latter who moves freely in this 3D universe and without any limits.
  • Although they are in various places, users can play or work together. They can establish social bonds, as well as carry out several activities.
  • Nobody owns the Metaverse. Indeed, these environments known as “ Land  ” are divided into several parts and exchanged between individuals or companies. The exchange is done using encrypted virtual money, secured by the blockchain. These are  cryptocurrencies .
  • The Metaverse is accessible anytime and anywhere.

With the metaverse, it is possible for users to create virtual spaces and allow other people to access them.

Metaverse: how to get to the metaverse?

Today, you can access the Metaverse through your PC through many platforms. Discover them.


In the Meta, users can meet and interact with various individuals. They can also create worlds and invite individuals to join them. Users can organize various work or business meetings in the  Meta .


It is one of the most used platforms to access the Metaverse. With  Decentraland , users have the ability to purchase apartments or other property in the form of non-fungible tokens. The exchange is done through  MANA , a cryptocurrency developed by the platform.

Horizon Worlds

Also widely used, Horizon World seduces users with its various features. In this virtual universe, you can create virtual worlds or visit your friends.

Rec Room

It is an excellent platform that offers several possibilities to users. Individuals can play games together, meet and socialize.

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