iPad (2022) is official: new design in the style of the iPad Air, WiFi 6, 5G and more

Apple has just introduced the new iPad, the 2022 version of the iPad comes with an iPad Air-style design, WiFi 6, 5G and many more new features. Next, we will tell you all the news that comes to the most basic iPad from Apple.

The new iPad comes with big changes, among them we have a new Liquid Retina screen with a size of 10.9 inches and an edge-to-edge design. In addition, it comes with a new much more powerful processor. Let’s see a little more about the new iPad (2022).

Another aspect that comes to the new iPad (2022) is color. Apple has launched the iPad in four new colors: silver, yellow, pink and blue . It is certainly a big change, but they are really striking colors and many units of this device will surely be sold.

iPad (2022), specifications

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of the new iPad 2022 , which comes with a better screen, better connectivity and many more new features for the brand’s most basic iPad:

  1. Screen: 10.9-inch Liquid Retina with edge-to-edge design with a resolution of 2,360 x 1,640 pixels.
  2. Processor: A14 Bionic chip.
  3. Internal storage: 64 or 256 GB.
  4. Rear camera: 12 MP with 4K video recording.
  5. Front camera: 12 MP.
  6. Connectivity: WiFi 6 and 5G.
  7. Ports and sensors: USB-C.
  8. Battery: 10 h of navigation with WiFi or video.
  9. Operating system: iPadOS 16.

Edge-to-edge display in four different colors

After seeing the complete specifications of the iPad 2022 , now we will talk a little more about the design of the new iPad, this device has come with a screen of almost 11 inches, exactly 10.9 inches and with a Liquid Retina panel , which provides a limitless visual experience and compatible with the Apple Pencil (1st generation).

Its screen resolution is 2,360 x 1,640 pixels . Best of all, it has a full 500 nits of brightness with True Tone technology . In the case of Touch ID we can locate it on the top button of the iPad. The new iPad comes in four new colors, specifically: silver, pink, yellow and blue. Without a doubt, we are facing a successor to the iPad Air or at least with the same design.

Higher performance and faster processor

The new iPad comes with the A14 Bionic Chip , this new processor has improved 20% in CPU power compared to the previous device. This iPad becomes the fastest entry-level iPad on the market with an excellent design.

With the A14 Bionic Chip we will be able to get the most out of the new iPad for daily tasks, school projects, video editing, playing games and much more. This new processor has a 16-core Neural Engine that will further increase its performance.

Double camera and great connectivity section

The new iPad has two 12 MP cameras, one on the front and one on the back. For the first time, iPad’s front camera is positioned in the center and on the edge, so users can look directly at the device, all with a 122-degree viewing angle . The 12 MP rear camera will be able to record in 4K quality.

As for connectivity, the 2022 iPad arrives with the desired USB-C charging connector, WiFi 6 and 5G connectivity to be able to take advantage of the speed of said connection. As always, the iPad can be chosen with only WiFi module or with both.

Availability and price

The new iPad can be reserved from today . And we will have to wait until October 26 to see it in stores , these are the following purchase options that you can have for the new 2022 iPad:

  1. iPad 2022 WiFi 6 64 GB for a price of 579 euros.
  2. iPad 2022 WiFi 6 256 GB for a price of 779 euros.
  3. iPad 2022 WiFi 6 + 5G 64 GB for a price of 779 euros.
  4. iPad 2022 WiFi 6 + 5G 256 GB for a price of 979 euros.

This is the new iPad of 2022 , a new iPad that is renewed with four colors, a higher quality screen and with a design in the purest iPad Air style , it also comes with great connectivity, as it will be with WiFi 6 and 5G.

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