How to sign a document in Google Docs

How to sign a document in Google Docs: Document management has become a daily staple for many of us, who frequently access different content to manage it in different ways. That is why having the right tools is important so that in this way we can access it and carry out the actions that we consider necessary and appropriate at all times.

Google Docs has been integrated with Google account in order to offer a reliable, comprehensive and multi-featured editor for free.

Google Docs Functions

Google Docs or Google Documents has functions such as:
  • Style and formatting can be added to documents
  • The file can be downloaded as a Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML or zip file
  • Real-time online collaboration
  • It is possible to translate a document into a different language
  • Function to display the revision history of the document
  • We can convert a Word document into a Google document
  • Documents can be emailed to other users as attachments

In some documents it will be required to insert a signature either for presentation, privacy or personal issues, there are various ways that TechnoWikis will explain in detail.

How to sign a document in Google Docs Method # 1

Insert signature from drawing tools Google Docs
Step 1

This is the first method, for this we open Google Docs and go to the “Insert – Drawing – New” menu:




Step 2

In the palette that opens, we click on the line tool and select the “Freehand” option:

Step 3

Then we are going to draw the signature with the cursor:

Step 4

We click on “Save and close” to apply the changes and see the signature in the document:


How to sign a document in Google Docs Method # 2

Insert signature from Google docs plugins
Step 1

Another option is to use extensions or plugins in Google Docs, for this method we go to the “Plugins – Get plugins” menu:


Step 2

In the pop-up window we search for signatures or signature, various results will be given:


Step 3

We select “Simple Signature for Google Docs”, we will see the following:


Step 4

We install this add-on in Google Docs by clicking on “Install”, we must grant the access permissions:


Step 5

Click Allow, then open the Add-ons menu and select this newly installed option:


Step 6

On the side of the file will be the plugin, there we go to the “Draw” tab to draw the signature:

Step 7

We click on “Insert Signature” to integrate the signature in the document:


How to sign a document in Google Docs Method # 3

Insert signature from an already created signature Google Docs
Step 1

Finally there is the option to add an existing signature, this can be in image format, for this method we go to the “Insert – Image – Upload from computer” menu:


Step 2

In the pop-up window we select the image to add as a signature in Google Docs:


Step 3

We click Open to see the signature in the document:


These are the available ways to embed a signature in a Google Docs document. This way you can sign the document whenever you need to.

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