How to whisper in Minecraft

Whispers is a chat feature that allows players to communicate with each other without other players being able to see what they are saying. This is a useful tool if you’re playing a prank on another player or just want to chat behind someone’s back. Since you can only whisper using in-game commands, let’s find out what those commands are.

In Minecraft, commands are more than just strings. What they can do is change the whole Minecraft world by destroying all the enemies nearby and collecting all the metal in your inventory. Minecraft commands are simple and straightforward to use. On the command bar, you will enter all your commands and cheat codes.

How you whisper will depend on the different platforms you play on. In the original version of Minecraft for Java for PC, you will need to enable cheats. This way you will be able to access the command console by pressing the ” ~ ” key.

Any command you enter for a single player or group of players must begin with a forward slash ( / ). This prefix will not interact with multiplayer commands. All you have to do now is press the ” Enter ” key after entering an order or cheat on the command line.

How to whisper in Minecraft using the command

To whisper in Minecraft, open a chat window. Then enter the command with ” /tell ” and then follow the /tell command with either @a if you want to whisper your message to all players in the game or @p to whisper your message to nearby players. You can also try ” /whisper ” or ” /msg ” if the previous step doesn’t work.

How to whisper in minecraft0

After typing /tell you will get options. There you will select a person who will whisper your message.

  1. Select @a if you want to whisper your message to all players in the game.
  2. Select @e to link to all objects.
  3. Select @p to whisper your message to nearby players.
  4. Select @r to send the message to random people
  5. And @s to send a message to yourself.

Your message will be whispered as shown below. It contains your username, followed by the ” whispers to you ” tag, and the last part is your message .

[your username] whispers to you: [your message]

If the commands above don’t work depending on the server or local game, you can also try the /whisper or /msg command .


Congratulations! You have learned to whisper. You can send individual messages to some people on the server. This is a very useful tool for any purpose you like.

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