How to create a server in Minecraft

Creating a free Minecraft server does not require any special knowledge. You only need to take a few steps to get it up and running.

Create a Minecraft server to play with friends

To create a server in Minecraft, you need to download Minecraft from the official site. Then you need to download the Server.Jar file . Paste this file into your personal server folder and accept the eula agreement . Next, create a batch file that we can use to start our server and keep things running smoothly to prevent long loading times.

To set up on your Minecraft server, you will first need the actual server files. These files can be downloaded from the official Minecraft website.

How to create a server in minecraft0

The file will be downloaded in .jar format . Take this file and place it in a separate folder. This folder will soon contain all the files you need to run your server.

How to create a server in Minecraft1

The next step is simple: just run the .jar file . This will create a bunch of other files in the folder, the logs folder, the eula text document, and the server properties file.

How to create a server in Minecraft2

The logs folder and server properties file don’t matter now, just ignore them and open the eula document . This is a Minecraft end user license agreement that must be accepted before starting your server.

How to create a server in Minecraft3

Change the eula = line from false to true , save and close the document.

How to create a server in Minecraft4

Now you can start your Minecraft server! He will create the world and launch himself. However, your friends can’t join yet as it’s not public.

How to create a server in Minecraft5

To start making your server public, you first need to collect some information about your computer. Find ” cmd ” on your computer and press Enter .

How to create a server in Minecraft6

A window called ” Command Prompt ” will open. In this window type ” ipconfig ” and a bunch of information will be listed below.

How to create a server in minecraft7

You need to find two numbers: the number on the line that starts with an IPv4 address , and the number on the line that starts with the default gateway. If there is more than one item after the default gateway, make sure you use one that consists only of numbers, not numbers and letters.

How to make a Server in Minecraft8

Now open the server properties file and find the line server-ip= . Insert your IPv4 address number here .

How to create a server in Minecraft9

Now take your default gateway number and paste it into your browser’s search bar. This will take you to the login screen for your router. Every router is different, so you’ll have to look up how to log in to your particular router.

Then look for the port forwarding settings on your router. Again, this is different for different routers, so look around to find your router settings.

Now you will need to enter information.

Enter ” Minecraft ” as the Application Name/ID.

For any option that says ” Port “, enter ” 25565 “.

For Protocol, select TCP/UDP or Both. If you can’t select both, create two rows with the same information, one with TCP and one with UDP .

For the device IP address, enter your IPv4 address . If it’s a choice, choose the device that hosts your server instead.

For an external IP address, use your public IP address. To find out your IP, simply type in the Yandex or Google search engine ” what is my IP address “.

You will also give this public IP address to your friends so they can join. Remember that your public IP address contains information about your location, so only share it with people you trust, you don’t want it to become public on the internet.

Finally, if you yourself cannot connect using a public IP address, connect using your own IPv4 address instead.

And after all this, you will have a working public Minecraft server!

Are Minecraft servers free?

Yes and no. There are ways to host a Minecraft server for free, such as free server hosting and the method above, however there are also paid options that are generally better for running larger servers or modified servers that require more power.

How much RAM do I need for a Minecraft server?

If you run the server on your own computer, that is, you do not use a server hosting service, you will need at least two gigabytes of RAM for a small server. If you have an average of up to five players, then two gigabytes is enough.

What is the best free Minecraft server hosting?

Aternos is one of many free Minecraft server hosting sites, but it gives you plenty of customization options, an easy way to run a server, and easy mod and plugin support.


Playing with friends is fun and with all your options it can be very easy and customizable. And if you don’t want to pay anything, then you don’t have to. Free Minecraft servers are now available than ever!

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