How to collect honey in Minecraft

Bees were added in update 1.14, and with them came the ability to collect honey. You can collect honey if you know how to deal with bees in Minecraft. There are a few quirks involved with harvesting honey safely, and even if you’re raising bees on your own, you’ll need to cover your bases. This guide will describe the required items to get honey, the mining process, and how to make a beehive and what you can do with honeycombs in Minecraft.

How to get honey in minecraft

Necessary items to collect honey in Minecraft

  1. Glass bottles;
  2. Bonfire;
  3. Beehive/bee nest.

In order to collect the honey in the first place, you need to collect some glass bottles to store the honey inside. For every 3 glass pieces, you will get 3 glass bottles. If you want to collect honey safely, you will also need a campfire. The fire will make the bees docile and will not attack you when you collect honey. Of course, in order to get honey in the first place, you will need a beehive or bee nest to collect. You can find them in plains, flower forests, forests, and hill biomes.

How to collect honey in Minecraft

To collect honey in Minecraft, just right click when the glass bottles are set in your Hotbar, on the bee nest after it has been fumigated by the campfire so as not to piss off the bees inside to collect the honey. You can tell if a hive is ready for harvest by looking at the sticky honey pouring out of the hive.

First, you will need to collect some sand and prepare it into a glass. Although you can just eat honey, if you want to make honey blocks you will need quite a few glass bottles, so make more if you plan to use honey.

How to get honey in Minecraft1

Then craft some glass bottles by placing them in a ” V ” shape on the workbench.

How to get honey in minecraft2

Once your glass is ready and the glass bottles are made, you can also make a campfire. Combine 3 sticks , coal/charcoal and 3 raw logs in the crafting menu to complete this step. Once you’ve completed your prerequisites, you can set out to find the bee nest.

How to get honey in Minecraft3

Bee Nests will spawn naturally in flower fields, flat biomes, flower forests, almost any forest and hilly biomes. Look near the flowers and listen to the buzzing of the bees. If you don’t have forests or other biomes where you can find bees, you can plant a seedling and a flower within 2 blocks of each other and grow a tree. There is a 5% chance that the seedling will grow into a mature tree with a beehive already on it.

How to get honey in minecraft4

Once you have found your bee nest, you just need to place a fire underneath it to smoke out the bees. You can collect honey without smoking out the bees, but in this case the bees will attack you. Because fires are cheap and easy to make, it’s not worth fighting bees to collect honey. Also note that hives won’t naturally spawn more bees, any bee you kill will slow honey production so treat them with care.

How to get honey in Minecraft5

Simply right-click on a bee nest after it has been smoked by the fire to collect honey. You can tell if a hive is ready for harvest by looking at the sticky honey pouring out of the hive.

How to get honey in minecraft6

Once you see honey pouring out of a hive or nest, you can right-click on it with a bottle to collect honey. You can only collect a limited amount of honey at a time, and the longer you wait, the more honey you can collect up to 5 bottles of honey.

How to get honey in minecraft7

That’s all you need to collect honey safely.

How to make a beehive in Minecraft

Hives and bee nests are functionally identical and have no difference in practicality or efficiency. To make a bee nest, you will need 3 honeycombs and 6 wooden planks of any kind. You can even mix and match different types of wood if you need to. After that, it will be possible to collect honey from the hive.

How to get honey in minecraft8

To collect honeycombs, right-click on a beehive or nest with scissors and the honeycomb will drop as an item. Your nest or hive will also need to be fumigated or the bees will attack you.

How to get honey in Minecraft9

Alternatively, if you want the hive to look more natural, you can create them by growing seedlings next to the flowers. Each tree that is within 2 blocks of a flower has a 5% chance to spawn a hive. The hive requires a silk touch tool, although you can break it with your hands, it will not drop as an item unless you use an enchanted silk touch item.

How to get honey in minecraft10

Bee nests do not require a silk touch to get them. Whenever you break a hive or nest, the bees that live inside will accompany that hive/nest.

How to get honeycombs in minecraft

Honeycombs are used to make bee nests as well as honeycomb blocks.

To make honeycomb blocks, you just need to combine 4 honeycombs into a 2×2 arrangement in the crafting menu.

How to get honey in minecraft11

In the upcoming 1.17 update, you will be able to use honeycombs to prevent copper from oxidizing and making candles. Honeycombs are currently only used to create bee nests and honeycomb blocks in version 1.16 of Minecraft.

Hives and bee nests should be approached with caution. You can definitely collect honey without the smoking process, but this keeps you safe and prevents you from killing the bees along the way. Once you learn how to approach bee hives/nests, you can easily produce large amounts of honey and combs for whatever purpose you need.

How easy it is to collect honey

Once you see that there is honey in the hive or bee nest, right click on the beehive/nest with the glass bottle to fill it with honey. If you do not smoke out the bees beforehand, they will all jump out of their hive/nest and attack you. Collecting honey can be dangerous, but you can easily avoid the danger with a little preparation.

How to get honey in Minecraft without being attacked by bees

Build a fire under the hive to smoke out the bees. This will make them docile and non-aggressive even if you try to collect honey or honeycombs. This is the only way to collect honey without bees. Of course, you can try to collect honey without it, but in the process you may be attacked by a swarm of bees. Remember that they don’t naturally respawn, so try to keep your bees alive.


Congratulations, now you know how to peacefully collect honey from beehives and bee nests. Bees are cute little mobs that can revitalize a garden, help crops grow, and provide honey. You can build multiple hives to collect dozens to hundreds of honey at a time. Try to keep them safe and they will respond in kind.

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