S18 Gaming Mouse– Features, Uses And Benefits

Computer gaming has always been popular, but more people are getting into it now that streaming and Esports are bigger than ever. To play PC games, you need the right keyboard and mouse and the right hardware on your desktop or laptop.

Depending on what you play most, the s18 gaming mouse could be the most important part of your gaming experience.

Especially in first-person shooters, your mouse can completely throw off your opponent. A gaming mouse is for when you need a mouse that does exactly what you want.

Gaming mice have so many uses that a gamer who doesn’t have one is clearly at a disadvantage. If you’re a hard-core gamer or starting, you should get a gaming mouse. You can change the sensitivity, the extra buttons can have hotkeys, and the movement is precise.

Top Features of a Gaming Mouse You Need to Know


A mouse’s sensor is the most important since the s18 gaming mouse can’t work without it. A sensor follows the mouse as it moves across a surface and tells the computer what to do with the cursor or crosshair on the screen.

Laser sensors and optical sensors are the two main types of sensors. In the past, a computer mouse had a rubber ball that moved rollers that could sense movement. However, that is old technology and is no longer used.


An LED lights up the surface the mouse is moving on in an optical sensor. By doing this, the light from the LED bounces off the surface and is read by a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, or CMOS, a sensor in the mouse.

It is the same as a camera. The CMOS sensor gets an image of the surface it was moved over thousands of times per second.

Comparing these images can make something like a film reel, which tells the mouse which way you moved it. One issue with an optical gaming mouse function is that it only works well on some surfaces. Since it’s taking pictures, surfaces like glass that are clear or shiny could stop the mouse from working as it should.

But technological improvements have made it easier to use optical mice on hard surfaces.


As the name suggests, a laser sensor in s18 gaming has a small infrared laser that shoots down many times per second. This laser hits the surface it’s on, lighting it up, and then bounces back with the light of the surface it hits.

This light reaches the CMOS sensor, which forms a picture from it. The perceived moment is found by comparing the changes and editing between the different images and videos. A laser is much better at getting through rough surfaces like glass than an optical mouse.

This benefit is also bad in some ways. Because of how a laser mouse works, it is more likely to pick up on unintentional movements and jump around. Dust or fibres on a surface can make it act strangely.


Dots per Inch is what DPI means, and Counts per Inch is what CPI means. They both mean the same thing. It is the basic unit for measuring how sensitive a mouse is or how much the cursor moves when the mouse is moved an inch.

If the DPI is higher, the mouse is more sensitive, which means that a small movement of the mouse will cause a lot of movement on the screen. Therefore, features of a mouse in a computer. When the DPI is low, the wired mouse specifications are less sensitive to small movements, which makes it easier to hit your target.

DPI Limits Available Right Now:

  • Maximum: 20,000 DPI
  • Minimum: 50 DPI

A DPI or CPI button will be on a good s18 gaming mouse. It lets you quickly switch between different DPI levels to change the mouse’s sensitivity. So, you can get the accuracy you need for a long-range headshot and switch quickly to the sensitivity you need for a reflex no-scoping.

How your DPI translates to movement depends on the resolution of your screen. At the same DPI, an inch of mouse movement on a Full HD screen will move the cursor farther than on a 4K screen. It’s because there are more “dots” to connect when the resolution is higher.

So, even though they moved the same number of dots per Inch, one moved over more dots than the other, making it look like it moved less distance. A good gaming mouse will have a DPI range that is big enough that this won’t be much of a problem.

Poll Rate

Like a vote or survey, a mouse has to tell the computer where it is by sending back numbers. It has to do this the same number of times every second, called the polling rate.

Poll Rates for Mice in General:

  • 1000Hz \s500Hz \s250Hz \s125Hz
  • If your computer’s polling rate is high, it will respond quickly when you move the mouse. It might seem like a total win, but there need to be more people voting.

A polling rate of 1000 Hz means that your mouse tells your computer where it is 1000 times per second or 60,000 times per minute. However, mouse features and functions. When the mouse reports its position so many times, it can be hard on the computer’s processor.

If your CPU isn’t fast enough to handle the frequent updates, a higher polling rate can slow down your system. Turn down your polling rate when this happens because lag from your s18 gaming mouse can slow down your game.

Maximum Speed of Tracking

It is also called the “perfect control speed,” measured in inches per second. It means how fast the mouse can be moved while still keeping track of its movement accurately.

This value is related to your DPI; the lower your DPI, the slower you can track. No matter what DPI setting you’re using, it would help if you made sure that the maximum tracking speed is fast enough for you.

Most commonly used maximum tracking speeds:

150 IPS 250 IPS

450 IPS 650 IPS (current maximum value)


s18 gaming has the same look as many other gaming products because they are made for gamers. They are usually edgy and aggressive, and they have RGB lighting to match the rest of the gaming setup. For most hardware, the build is just a bonus for how it looks, but it’s very important for a gaming mouse that you’ll be holding for hours.

Plastic is what most gaming mice are made of. Similarly, best gaming mouse. It’s easy to make, cheap, and can be made with a texture or finish that makes it easy to hold.

Sweaty palms can be a problem when gaming, so it’s important to have a mouse that’s easy to hold and won’t slip out of your hands. So, wireless mouse specifications. Some gaming mice have rubber or silicone pads in some places to make them easier to hold.

The shape of the mouse is also important because people’s hands are all different sizes. There are big mice and small mice. It’s important to pick one that fits your hand size well.

s18 gaming can also be comfortable to use or work with both hands. A mouse designed to be used easily with either hand is called “ambidextrous.” Ergonomic mice are made for the right hand and are shaped in a way that makes them easy to use. A typical ergonomic mouse will take a lot of work for a left-handed person.

Benefits Of A Gaming Mouse

S18 Gaming

Many gaming mice also have extra buttons that can be set up to do specific things in games, like open your inventory or take cover. There are keyboard specifications. As technology moves forward, gaming mice get better and better.

Some gaming mice also have lights that can be changed, so you can make the mouse match the colour of your gaming computer.

Game mice come in many different styles. Most of them are laser sensors, which use infrared light to send signals to the computer. People can’t see this light, but special parts of the mouse can. These parts turn the light into digital information.

Here are some of the good things about a gaming mouse:

1- Precision

A gaming mouse is made so that it can be used with a computer game with high accuracy. This precision can be measured in several ways, such as the number of dots per Inch (DPI) that the mouse can track or the amount of control it gives. The more control options a mouse has and the higher its DPI rating, the more precise it can be.

Precision is one of the most important things many gamers look for in s18 gaming. A mouse that can track well on all surfaces and give precise control will make it easier to move around in the game world and, in the end, improve the game. Some gamers also like mice with buttons they can change. It lets them make shortcuts or macros for commands they often use in games.

2- Comfort

When it comes to gaming mice, comfort is very important. Gamers want a mouse that feels good, works well and is responsive. There are many different kinds of mice on the market, and each has its own features and benefits. Some gamers like a light mouse, while others like something heavier that feels more stable in their hands.

Comfort is an important thing to think about when choosing an s18 gaming mouse. If your mouse is too small or too big, it can be uncomfortable to use for long periods. Finding a model that fits well in your hand and has features you like is important. For example, some gamers like a mouse with extra buttons that can be used for macros or shortcuts, while others like a simpler design.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to comfort.

3- Customization

As video games have become more popular, so has the business that makes accessories for them. Many gamers think customizing their gaming mouse is the best way to get an edge over their opponents.

Many companies sell mice that can be changed in many ways, such as the weight, where the buttons are placed, and how the body looks. There are types of gaming mouse. Different gamers have different needs, so it’s important to find a mouse that can be changed to meet those needs.

Adding weights to the mouse is a popular way to make it your own. It can help someone hold the mouse more comfortably and give them more control over how it moves. You could also change where the buttons are on the mouse. Some people like more buttons, while others like fewer. It all depends on what they like.


The usage of an s18 gaming mouse comes with a lot of different benefits. They make the experience more comfortable and allow for more personalization, which may contribute to higher game performance. In addition, gaming mice often have features not found on conventional mice, such as illumination and the ability to program the buttons. Consequently, if you want an advantage in the next gaming session, consider investing in a gaming mouse.


What are the key features of the S18 Gaming Mouse?

The S18 Gaming Mouse features adjustable DPI settings up to 10,000, six programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and a comfortable ergonomic design.

Can I customize the buttons on the S18 Gaming Mouse?

Yes, the S18 Gaming Mouse comes with software that allows you to customize the functions of each button to suit your gaming needs.

Is the S18 Gaming Mouse compatible with my computer?

The S18 Gaming Mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

Is the S18 Gaming Mouse wired or wireless?

The S18 Gaming Mouse is wired for fast, reliable connectivity during intense gaming sessions.

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