How To Get Water Out Of The Charging Port? —The Solution To Damaged Ports

Water damage is a common issue for many electronic devices, including smartphones. If water gets into the Charging Port, it can cause damage to the device and make it difficult or impossible to charge. 

Water and electronics don’t mix well, and a small amount of liquid in your device’s charging port can quickly become a big problem. But don’t worry; there’s a solution to this common how to get water out of charging port problem! This article will show you some effective tips and tricks to get water out of the Charging Port and prevent it from causing further damage. 

From shaking it out to using a vacuum cleaner and drying agents, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to keep your device functioning properly. So, if you’re dealing with a water-damaged charging port, read on for the solution to your problem.

How to fix your phone if it gets wet– First Aids

First, don’t freak out if you drop your phone in the water or get the Port wet. There are quick ways to keep your phone from getting hurt badly. Pay close attention to these steps:

  • Turn off your phone right away.
  • Take off any extras like headphones, chargers, or phone cases.
  • Put your phone on its side so that gravity can stop the water from going any further inside.

Steps For Getting Water Out Of Charging Port

Following are some ways to get water out of the Charging Port and help restore your device to working order.

Step 1: Turn off the device

The first step in removing w from a Charging port is to turn off the device. It will help prevent electrical damage and make it easier to access the Charging Port.

Step 2: Remove any visible water

Once the device is turned off, use a soft cloth to remove any visible water from the Charging Port. Therefore, what is the purpose of vibration to get water out of phone charging port? Be gentle and avoid using anything sharp or abrasive, as this could cause damage to the Port.

Step 3: Dry the device

After removing any visible water, it’s important to let the device dry completely. However, how to get water out of the Charging Port? It can take several hours, depending on the type of device and the amount of water in the Port. Avoid using a hairdryer or other heating device to dry the device, as this could cause damage.

Step 4: Use a vacuum

Once the device is dry, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to gently suction out any remaining water from the Charging Port. Use low suction to avoid damaging the Port or any internal components.

Step 5: Let the device sit

After using the vacuum, let the device sit for several hours to ensure it is completely dry. Avoid turning on the device during this time, as this could cause electrical damage.

Step 6: Try charging the device

Once the device is completely dry, try charging it to see if the Charging Port is still functional. How to get water out of the Charging Port? If the device is still not charging, you may need to take it to a professional repair shop for further diagnosis and repair.

How to avoid water from coming out of a Charging port?

When it comes to drying out water, there are some common beliefs you should never follow.

First, don’t stick anything like a cotton swab or paper towel into the Charging Port. It can not only let more water into your device, but if you’re not careful, you could also scratch or move the parts inside. How to get water out of the Charging Port without rice. At that point, even if it’s dry, it won’t work.

Some instructions say to blast the device with hot air from a hair dryer. But doing this can cause your device to heat up too much and even bend the metal inside the Charging Port.

And don’t put your phone in a bowl of dry rice, no matter how many websites tell you to. How to get water out of the Charging Port? It doesn’t dry it out faster than circulating air, and small bits of rice or starch can get stuck in the Charging Port and damage it.

Tips and tricks on getting water out of the Charging Port?

If water has gotten into the Port of your device, here are some tips to help get it out:

  1. Shake it out: Try gently shaking your device to remove any excess water from the Charging Port.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner: Place the nozzle near the Port and gently suck out any water.
  3. Use a cloth or paper towel: Carefully dab the Port with a cloth or paper towel to remove as much water as possible.
  4. Please leave it to dry: Leave your device to air dry in a warm, dry place for several hours or overnight. It is how to get water out of the Charging Port quickly. Please do not use a hair dryer, oven or microwave to dry it, as this can cause damage to the device.
  5. Use a drying agent: You can also use a drying agent, such as silica gel or uncooked rice, to help absorb the moisture. Place your device in a container with the drying agent and leave it for several hours or overnight.

How to get water out of the Charging Port? If water has gotten into the Charging Port, it’s possible that it could cause damage to your device, and it may not function properly. It’s always a good idea to take your device to a professional if you need help handling it.

What You Shouldn’t Do If Your Phone Gets Wet

Now that you know how to dry your phone’s charging Port, here are some things you should never do if your phone gets wet.

Pay attention to the warnings.

Some phones send a liquid detection alert when they find water in the USB port. It lets you know that there might be a problem. How to get water out of lightning connector? If this error message comes up on your screen, pay attention and fix the problem.

Wet phones shouldn’t be charged.

One of the worst things you can do is charge your phone with a wet charging port. Connecting a phone with a damp connection port to an electrical outlet is dangerous, not just for your phone but for your life. Do you still need to learn How to get water out of charging Port? If you connect a charger to a wet charging port, the pins on the Charging Port can rust and stop working. It means that you could also break the charging cable.

Don’t move your phone around.

You might be tempted to shake your phone right away when you see that your phone got wet. How to get water out of the Charging Port? It would be best if you never did something like that. Shaking your phone won’t get any moisture out of the Charging Port and isn’t a good idea. The best-case scenario is that it won’t help, and the worst-case scenario is that you’ll hurt your phone even more.

Don’t put anything else into your phone.

Don’t try to get the moisture out of your USB port by putting things like a paper towel, cotton swab, or toothpick. You’ll probably get the opposite of what you want because they push the water further into your phone. You could even damage or loosen the Port.


Removing water from a port can be relatively straightforward. Following these steps can help get water out of the Charging Port, restore your device to working order, and avoid costly repairs. However, if the device continues to experience charging issues, it’s important to seek professional help to avoid further damage.


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