Best gaming mouse and keyboard: buying guide

You are a gaming enthusiast, but for some time now you have realized that, rather than using a gamepad, you would rather use a keyboard and mouse for added convenience. You are therefore looking for a kit that allows you to play effectively in a competitive way, from PC or console, but you are not sure how to orient yourself among the offers of gaming mouse and keyboard kits available on the market. If so, don’t worry – I’m here to assist you with this choice.

In this buying guide I will show you, first of all, the main features that should be taken into consideration during the process of choosing a mouse and keyboard for gamers, and then recommend the best gaming mouse and keyboard depending on the price range towards which you want to orient yourself. If you are still taking your first steps in the world of gaming, fear not, I will give you all the information you need to make your purchase in full awareness of the features that each model offers.

All you have to do is get comfortable and take a few minutes to devote to reading the next few paragraphs. I am sure that, at the end of this guide, you will be able to confidently choose the type of product that best suits your needs. I just have to wish you a good read and have fun!


  • How to choose a gaming mouse and keyboard
    • Connection type
    • Characteristics of the mouse
    • Keyboard features
  • Which gaming mouse and keyboard to buy
    • Best cheap gaming mouse and keyboard (up to 30 euros)
    • Best mid-range gaming mouse and keyboard (from 30 to 60 euros)
    • Best high-end gaming mouse and keyboard (over 60 euros)

How to choose a gaming mouse and keyboard

Before offering you some purchase options, I think it is important that you know what are the main features to take into consideration when choosing the product to buy, for both devices: the ones I am about to list are the fundamental parameters for selecting the models that the more they suit your needs and the titles you play most often.

Connection type

The characteristics that both mice and keyboards share is that of the type of connection: based on connectivity, both devices can be divided into at least three categories, which I list.

  • Wired– Wired keyboards and mice connect to your PC or game console via USB port.
  • Wireless radio frequency (2.4GHz)– wireless mice and keyboards that work thanks to radio frequency on the 2.4 GHz band, to be used via an external receiver to be connected to the USB port of the PC or console.
  • Wireless Bluetooth– wireless mice and keyboards can also work thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect them to your PC or console, often without resorting to external adapters (if the device to be connected has such connectivity).

Wired mice and keyboards are more suitable for gaming, as they eliminate the lag problems that wireless devices can have, which can also be subject to interference and require battery or battery power, whose charge could run out in the middle. of a match!

That said, now even wireless mice and keyboards are quite reliable in terms of performance, especially radio frequency ones; on Bluetooth the lag can still be quite important (then it always depends on the product and on any existing interference).

Characteristics of the mouse

As for gaming mice, the features and technical specifications to keep in mind are the ones I am about to list: some are fundamental with respect to the type of video games you prefer.

  • Grip– to get started, you absolutely need to determine what your grip is. Gaming mice often have a very specific form factor that usually fits into one or a few types of grip. Palm grip is the standard grip, with the palm of the hand and two fingers on the mouse; tip grip, that is the grip with only the index, middle and ring fingertips on the mouse keys with the palm raised; and finally claw grip, that is with the palm resting only on the tip of the mouse, with the “claw” fingers on the keys and the shell.
  • Sensitivity– sensitivity is the ability of the mouse sensor to detect movement and is measured in DPI: a mouse with a high DPI is able to make very large cursor movements for each movement on the surface. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch , that is dots per inch, and is the value that determines how much the pointer you see on the PC screen moves in relation to how much the mouse moves physically on a surface. Some games require a high speed, while others require greater precision: in some mouse models, this setting can be adjusted manually. Gaming mice can have even more than 10,000 DPI.
  • Polling rate– Polling rate is another important feature to consider for gaming: it indicates the number of times the mouse communicates its position to the computer or console. It is measured in Hz and the higher it is, the lower the latency, as long as the CPU is able to withstand the use of resources it requires.
  • Optical or laser sensor– Mice can have two types of sensors: optical or laser. In the gamer community, the superiority of one or the other technology is often a subject of debate, but this feature is secondary to sensitivity. Many models allow the mouse to be calibrated according to the surface it rests on, significantly reducing the differences between the two.
  • Number of keys– many gaming mice have more keys than traditional devices and the ideal amount depends on the type of video game you prefer. For FPS ( First Person Shooter, ie first person shooter) mice with a button dedicated to the quick change of the sensitivity are more suitable, to improve the accuracy of the aim; for MMOs ( Maximum Multiplayer Online ) or MOBAs ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ), mice with many buttons, even up to 15, are recommended to set numerous shortcuts. Some mice have customizable mice instead, more suitable for those who play many different titles.
  • LEDs and software– even the eye wants its part: some mice are equipped with a purely aesthetic LED decoration system, sometimes customizable using dedicated buttons or software to be installed on the computer. The software also allows you to customize the sensitivity and key options, and set up macros and shortcuts.
  • Response time– measured in ms (milliseconds) and indicates the time required for the operating system to recognize the movement made by the pointing device.

For more details, I invite you to check out my guide on the best gaming mice , where I have addressed in more detail the features to consider in a mouse.

Keyboard features

The particular characteristics of a keyboard can significantly affect the gaming experience: the following are the main specifications to consider based on your needs and gaming habits.

  • Membrane or mechanical keyboard– this distinction is very significant in gaming. Membrane keyboards , composed of a single membrane connected directly to the single pressure mechanism, are quieter, but have a lower tactile sensation: both typing and switching between the different keys could be slowed down due to their resistance. keys. Mechanical keyboards are much more popular in gaming, as they only have one mechanical switch for each key, but they are much louder.
  • Size and format– there are different types of keyboard format, i.e. the amount of keys it contains, which affect its size, which in turn determines its comfort according to your personal needs. The Full size format generally has 104 keys, and is the “standard” one; Tenkeyless ( TLK ) has no numeric keypad, for a total of 87 keys; the 75% has compact dimensions and the same keys of TLK; finally, the compact format is that of mini keyboards, little used in gaming.
  • Ergonomics– ergonomics is a very important factor in gaming: the distance between the sections of the keys (macro, letters, numeric keypad) and the division of the same for right and left hand affect the game mode. In addition, some keyboards have palm rests or other components that promote a healthier position for the joints during prolonged use.
  • Key rollover– is the ability to press multiple keys at the same time without confusing the input, with simultaneous detection, a particularly useful feature in gaming.
  • Anti-ghosting– prevents the keyboard from recognizing non-existent presses, and is present on all gaming keyboards, indicated by a number or a percentage.
  • Polling rate– the time interval between pressing the keys on the keyboard and the reception by the operating system of the given command. It needs to be as low as possible, in order to have super responsive controls in games.
  • Programmable Keys and Trackpads– Along with mouse keys, some video games may find it useful to set up sequential actions. Many gaming keyboards offer this functionality with programmable or macro keys, to indicate sequences to be played with a single key, usually via software. In addition, some models have a trackpad or trackball pointing system, which can be used as a mouse. They are more suitable for video games that require a quick switch from keyboard to mouse.
  • Layout– the layout is the layout of the keys: for gaming, it is advisable to choose a QWERTY keyboard, the reference layout of most games. Localization affects the layout, the position of accented letters, punctuation and special characters, so pay attention to important products that may have a QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard, or in a non-Italian language.
  • Backlight– even for keyboards, gamers who are more aesthetically conscious or used to playing in low light can choose models with backlight, available in many mechanical keyboards with customizable colors.

If you want even more detailed information, I recommend reading my buying guide on the best gaming keyboards.

Which gaming mouse and keyboard to buy

If you have followed me carefully this far, you are now up to date with all the information you need to start your search and find your way around the many offers available on the market. The selection that I am about to propose to you is divided according to the price, economic, mid-range or high-end, where the real “kits” are lacking, but there are still very valid solutions. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Best cheap gaming mouse and keyboard (up to 30 euros)

The first kits I want to recommend are the most accessible, economical and suitable for all budgets but still valid.

Vic Tech FL Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

This USB connectivity gaming keyboard and mouse kit offers a keyboard with palm rest and adjustable backlight, anti-ghosting with 25 keys that you can press simultaneously. The mouse has an adjustable sensitivity of 1,000 / 1,600 / 2,400 / 3,200 DPI and 6 buttons. It is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox and PC: a complete “starter kit”, recommended for those who are taking their first steps in gaming.

Trust Gaming GXT 838 Azor

The keyboard and mouse in Trust’s GXT 838 Azor kit are compatible with all PCs and laptops thanks to USB connectivity. The membrane keyboard has an integral layout, with anti-ghosting technology and key rollover to press up to 8 keys simultaneously. It also features non-slip rubber feet, with adjustable height and LED lights also adjustable with different brightness options. The mouse instead has two main buttons, the wheel and two side buttons. You can also choose the sensitivity, with a button that allows selection from 800 to 3,000 DPI.


The Krypton Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit is compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox, with USB connectivity. The membrane keyboard has 6-key anti-ghosting and 12 keys dedicated to customizable shortcuts, in addition to the changeable RGB backlighting; it’s also quite heavy (830g) to ensure it doesn’t shift during gaming sessions. Both the keyboard and mouse are ergonomic and the mouse is suitable for all types of grip with 6 buttons and optical sensor, 4 adjustable sensitivity options up to 3,200 DPI and polling rate of 350 Hz.

Trust Gaming GXT 845

The Trust Gaming GXT 845 kit offers a full size mechanical keyboard with LED lighting in 3 colors and adjustable brightness, anti-ghosting functionality with 8 keys plus 12 multimedia keys and a mouse with optical sensor, 6 buttons and selection of DPI from between 1,000 /1.600/2.400/3.200, illuminated with 7 colors. Both devices are connectable via USB connectivity and compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Best mid-range gaming mouse and keyboard (from 30 to 60 euros)

Let’s now move on to the mid-range kits , with slightly higher performance keyboards and mice and prices ranging from 30 euros to up to 60 euros.

Cooler Master Devastator 3 Plus

This Cooler Master mouse and keyboard kit , with USB connection, is ultra-ergonomic, with customizable 7-color LED backlight. The keyboard is semi-mechanical, with a polling rate of 125Hz, while the ultra-flat mouse offers 6 keys, optical sensor and adjustable DPI from 800/1200/1800/2400.


G-LAB’s Argon combo also includes a mousepad and gaming headset, along with a PC, PlayStation, and Xbox compatible keyboard and mouse via USB connectivity. The 105-key keyboard, with 6-key anti-ghosting, is backlit with brightness and adjustable, with 12 multimedia hotkeys. The mouse has 6 buttons, an optical sensor and adjustable DPI from 1200 to 3,200, with backlighting of 4 different colors depending on the DPI level and a polling rate of 125 Hz. The design of both devices is ergonomic and the mouse is suitable to any type of socket.

Cooler Master MS110

Another Cooler Master solution is the MS110 gaming set , with USB connectivity and adjustable RGB backlighting: the semi-mechanical keyboard offers 26-key anti-ghosting technology and 125Hz polling rate, while the mouse has a shape optimized for right-handed, with optical sensor and adjustable DPI from 400/800 / 1,600 / 3,200.

Lexon Elec 60% gaming mouse and keyboard

This solution proposed by Lexon Elec offers a mechanical keyboard, compact, with 68 keys and ergonomic design, as well as 18 customizable backlight modes. The mouse, on the other hand, has a honeycomb pattern design, ergonomic and with 6 RGB lighting modes, allowing the choice of 6 DPI options from 800 / 1,600 / 2,400 / 3,200 / 4,800 / 6,400 to match the needs of the game. The polling rate is also adjustable, with 4 options up to 1,000Hz. Both devices can be connected via USB and are compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Best high-end gaming mouse and keyboard (over 60 euros)

As for the higher price ranges, the offers for real “kits” are lacking: the solutions with high performance are sold individually and, if you have a higher budget, in the long term it can be cheaper. invest in a high-end gaming mouse and keyboard (especially for hardcore gamers). For this reason, I am going to propose to you some combinations of the best gaming mouse and keyboard for PS4PS5PC and Xbox consoles, sold individually.

Corsair M65 ELITE mouse and Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT keyboard

These Corsair mouse and keyboard are highly performing: the M65 Elite USB mouse is equipped with an optical sensor, 8 buttons with customizable configuration to set your own macros and adjustable DPI up to 18,000 in 1 DPI steps. The “sniper button” to quickly switch from one setting to another as needed. In addition, an advanced system of adjustable weights allows you to calibrate the center of gravity of the mouse, or to reduce its weight down to just 97 g according to your preferences.

The K55 RGB PRO XT keyboard, on the other hand, is a model with USB membrane connectivity, with QWERTY layout, RGB backlighting and ergonomic design with removable palm rest. It has 1,000 MHz polling rate, 12-key selective key-rollover with anti-ghosting technology,


Steelseries Rival 3 mouse and Steelseries Apex 3 keyboard

The Steelseries Rival 3 gaming mouse has an ergonomic design for right-handers and optimized for claw grip and tip grip, although it can also be used with palm grips. It features an optical sensor, 6 buttons, true 1: 1 tracking capability from 100 up to 8,500 DPI with 100-step changes and 1,000Hz polling rate.

The Apex 3 model is instead a membrane keyboard with ultra-quiet keys and English (not Italian) QWERTY layout: it also has a magnetic palm rest that supports the entire palm of the hand and ten-zone RGB lighting, in addition to the 24-key key rollover. and anti-ghosting technology along with multimedia keys. Like the mouse, it can be connected to PCs and consoles via USB connectivity.

Logitech G305 mouse and Logitech G613 keyboard

From one of the best-known manufacturers of mice and keyboards, Logitech’s G305 gaming mouse model works via LIGHTSPEED Wireless connectivity, without lag and with an AA battery life of 250 hours of gaming. It offers a high precision optical sensor with IPS 400 and DPI adjustable up to 12,000 and 6 programmable buttons.

The G613 keyboard from the same manufacturer is mechanical, also with ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity, but also with Bluetooth, with an autonomy of AA batteries of 18 months. It has programmable keys for macros and customized commands.

Razer Basilisk V2 mouse and Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard

The Razer Basilisk V2 gaming mouse, with USB connectivity, ergonomic design and Chroma RGB lighting, has a state-of-the-art optical sensor that ensures maximum precision, DPI up to 20,000 and 11 programmable buttons to configure with different profiles for custom macros.

Also from Razer, the Huntsman Mini keyboard has a 60% format, portable, with Chroma RGC brightness and optical sswitches that cause less friction than classic mechanical switches, for fast and smooth actuation. It allows you to set up to 5 profiles even without any software to customize the lighting effects and the configuration of the keys. Both devices can be connected via USB port.


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