How to change email on Xbox

In the past you used to use a certain email address to log into your Xbox profile , but now you want to change it and don’t know how to do it? Don’t panic. If the procedure in question seems complex to you, you don’t have to worry: today I’m here to help you.

In fact, in this tutorial I will show you how to change emails on Xbox by examining all Microsoft consoles, so that you can do the operation regardless of the Xbox model you play on. There will be a way to thoroughly deal with the issue of the account and the email addresses associated with it, also delving into the removal and addition of other addresses. In short, I will analyze the topic as a whole, making it clear what are the possible solutions you have from yours.

Courage: why are you still standing there motionless in front of the screen? Below you can find all the relevant information. I can assure you that they will not take too much time, as, once you understand the “mechanism”, you will be able to put the procedure in place in no time at all. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to change email on Xbox
    • How to change emails on Xbox Series X and Series S
    • How to change email on Xbox One
    • How to change email on Xbox 360

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to change emails on Xbox , I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, you should know that the Xbox profile is actually linked to the Microsoft one , which is the account that is generally used for Windows 10 , Outlook and other services related to the Redmond company.

For this reason, I would like to let you know that, to change the email address linked to your Xbox profile, you will need to make changes to your Microsoft account which, of course, is also directly connected to the other services of the Redmond giant, such as the just mentioned Outlook, but also Skype , Teams and more.

By totally changing the email address in your Microsoft profile, you would lose all emails and all content related to the services offered by the Redmond company . Therefore, I recommend that you resort to an alternative solution, which consists in creating aliases for the account already in use.

Thanks to this solution, you can add (or create from scratch) other e-mail addresses and link them to your Microsoft profile without deleting the old address. This means that you will later be able to log into your Xbox account using a new alias without deleting the old email address or data associated with it.

I know: it’s not exactly like changing your email address altogether, but if you don’t want to lose your data, it’s the only solution. In any case, I remind you that any changes will have a “cascade” effect on all devices associated with the Microsoft profile involved.

How to change email on Xbox

After explaining the general situation, I’d say it’s time to take action and explain how to change your Xbox account email . I’ve made a breakdown by console generation, so you can accomplish your goal from your trusted platform.

How to change emails on Xbox Series X and Series S

The ninth generation of Microsoft consoles has made online functionality its “workhorse”. Just think of the presence of a subscription service such as’ Xbox Game Pass , which the Redmond company has pushed particularly by Xbox Series X and Xbox S Series .

The Xbox account – which, as mentioned, is linked to the Microsoft profile – is of fundamental importance in an environment increasingly focused on online such as that of the current Xbox. To confirm this, I would like to point out that the association between the Xbox profile and the Microsoft one takes place during the account creation phase .

Once the two profiles – the Xbox and the Microsoft one – have been combined, it is not possible to “disconnect” them, therefore, inevitably, to change the email address of the Xbox profile it is necessary to make changes directly to the Microsoft account. Just to be safe, I remind you that this means that the changes will also be made for everything related to the other services connected to the account, from synchronizing Windows 10 data with OneDrive to Outlook .

In any case, as I explained in the preliminary chapter , the most “convenient” solution you have from yours is to set a second email address as the alias of your Microsoft account and use the latter to log in on Xbox, without deleting the old one. address and keeping all the data associated with it.

To proceed, simply connect to the official Microsoft website and log in with your account . After that, you will find yourself in front of the aliases available for your account (alternatively, you can reach this page by following the path Your info> Login preferences ). The first thing I recommend you do is add the new email address by clicking on the Add email link .

At this point, you will be asked if you want to create a new email address or if you prefer to add an existing one as your Microsoft account alias . Make your choice and follow the on-screen directions.

If you chose the first option, you will need to fill out the forms to create a new Microsoft account ; if, on the other hand, you have chosen to use an existing email address, type in the appropriate space the email address you want to use in the future to access your Xbox profile and click on the Add alias button .

The next step is to click on the Verify link , click on the Send email button and click on the confirmation link received at the email address set as the new alias on your Microsoft account.

You may be asked to rerun the login with your profile Microsoft, and pass all the safety measures necessary. Perfect: you have now added a second email address to your account and you can use it and your classic Microsoft account password to access your Xbox profile.

If you want to do a quick test, I suggest you press on the account icon , present at the top right, and click on the item Exit , in order to disconnect your account from the Microsoft website. After that, connect to the official Xbox portal and press the Sign in button , located at the top right.

Then type the new email address , press the Next button , enter the classic password of your Microsoft account and click the Sign in button . If everything has been done correctly, you will see that you will be able to successfully log into your Xbox profile .

To add the account on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, simply press the Xbox button on the controller, select the avatar from the menu that appears on the side (the last icon on the right) and select the items Add or change> Add new . You will then be able to log into your Microsoft account with the new alias and associate it with your console.

To remove the account already configured on the console, you must instead go to the settings menu (the gear icon) and select the items Account> Remove account from the latter.

Once back on the official Microsoft website , you will be able to manage the main alias , the access preferences (which aliases can be used for the login, the main one cannot be deactivated) and – if you are sure of what you do – possibly remove the old email address that you no longer want to use from your account.

I remind you once again that by removing the original email address linked to your Microsoft account you could lose important data , such as email messages. For this reason, if you are willing to proceed anyway , I suggest you refer to the official Microsoft guidelines , in order to make a more thoughtful choice.

How to change email on Xbox One

How do you say? Do you have an Xbox One and would you like to do this? Well, in this case you must know that in reality the procedure is identical to that relating to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

In fact, since you go through the browser and the Microsoft account, nothing changes. In addition, an update in late 2020 brought the exact same interface as the ninth generation consoles to Xbox One, so any operations of that type would have been the same as well.

In short, I can only advise you to follow the procedure in the chapter related to Xbox and Xbox Series X Series S .

How to change email on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 has now been released several years ago and therefore you may think that the procedure to be implemented to change your email address is different than what is expected for the most recent consoles.

In fact, as it always passes through the Microsoft account, the instructions to follow are exactly the same that I have shown in the chapter dedicated to the Xbox and Xbox S Series X Series . Put simply, the procedure is the same for all the consoles of the Redmond company.

In any case, if your goal is to sell the Xbox or replace it, I remind you that on these pages you can also find tutorials on how to reset Xbox 360 and how to reset Xbox One , as well as how to delete an Xbox profile (guide valid for all Microsoft consoles).


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