How to use your smartwatch correctly

Fitness bracelets and smartwatches are probably the most popular accessories of all today. They are used not only by athletes and people who need to stay in touch, but in general. For all the similarities between fitness accessories and smartwatches, there is a big difference. Not only do you need to buy such an accessory, you also need to properly configure and learn how to use it so as not to experience problems or accidentally spoil it. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not think about it and do not put instructions in the packaging. We did it for them: today we will tell you how to use smart watches correctly and what you need to know about them first of all.

We will tell you how to use smartwatches correctly and what you need to know about them


  • How to connect a smart watch to a phone
  • How to manage a smart watch
  • Can a smart watch work without a phone?
    • Smart watch for kids
  • Smart watch capabilities

How to connect a smart watch to a phone

In almost all cases, manufacturers embed prompts into smartwatches, but sometimes they really get confused or do something wrong in them, as a result of which it is impossible to set up a smartwatch . Let us remind once again how this is done correctly.

How do I connect my watch to my smartphone correctly?

  • Install the smart watch application on your smartphone. Each manufacturer has its own. For example, Galaxy Wearable for Samsung watches or Mi Fit for Xiaomi smartwatches.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices and place them side by side.
  • Open the application on your phone and click “Add a new device”: select your model from the list.
  • Pairing may take some time: the device may need to download an update, so don’t be alarmed.

How to manage a smart watch

There are interesting nuances in using smartwatches that we do not pay attention to. After that, certain problems may arise. We will tell you what you need to pay attention to.

Controlling a smartwatch is easy, and syncing with a smartphone is required occasionally

  • Keep your app up to date: outdated versions may run slower, while newer versions have bug fixes or new features.
  • Charge the battery fully. By the way, out of the box, the smart watch may be discharged, and the charge may be too small to sync with a smartphone.
  • If the smartphone does not see the smart watch, but it is turned on and waiting for a connection, you may have downloaded the wrong application or forgot about it altogether. Custom applications may come across on Google Play, but it’s better to start using your smartwatch with official programs.
  • Enter your details when registering in the application. For example, registering in Mi Fit is quite problematic, and the entered data from an existing account does not always match. Be careful.
  • Many readers of our Telegram chat use smartphones as long as possible: if the phone has a Bluetooth version lower than 5.0, then perhaps you need to disconnect the smartphone from other devices: for example, Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.2, you need to disconnect third-party devices.

What to look for : The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is a great replacement for the Apple Watch. Not only is it impossible to distinguish them outwardly, but they will cost several times cheaper. Reviews about them are extremely positive.

Can a smart watch work without a phone?

In 2021, smartwatches have become completely independent devices that do not need to be connected to a smartphone all the time. Now only occasionally they need to be synchronized with a smartphone, for example, to update the software. Otherwise, they work autonomously, collecting data on sleep tracking , heart rate measurements or exercise , storing everything in internal memory.

Can I use my watch without a smartphone? Of course yes!

Synchronization is necessary in order to get a more detailed report. Otherwise, the watch automatically transfers data to the smartphone. In addition, connecting a smartwatch to a smartphone is necessary in the event that you plan to update your media library: the devices work well with TWS headphones , so you can exercise and not keep your smartphone nearby.

What to look for : The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is perhaps the most beautiful and functional smartwatch available today. The battery is slightly better than that of the Apple Watch, and it works just fine without a smartphone!

Smart watch for kids

What can children’s smart watches do?

Smart watches for children are very popular: they have a built-in GPS module so as not to lose a child, and inside there is a SIM card slot so that you can make calls. They come with wiretapping, games, a video camera and even a hand-held sensor. This is a very useful gadget to take a closer look at. My colleague, journalist Artem Rakhmatullin talked about them in more detail .

What to look at : children’s watches from Elari are one of the most popular today. Pleased with the combination of price and quality, as well as the number of functions that they have.

Smart watch capabilities

Modern smartwatches are protected from moisture and dust by default . Despite this, do not abuse it: even if your watch is protected from water, it is better to take it off before swimming or while taking a bath. And if you still tested their water resistance, then it is better to leave it to dry for a while.

A smartwatch has a huge number of functions that you can use without a smartphone.

In addition, water-resistant smartwatches have their own operating temperature range. It is clear that it is better to use them in frost or heat. Also, they should not be taken to a bath or sauna: such conditions have a negative effect on the battery in a smart watch . In this they resemble smartphones .

What to look at : my friend has been using smartwatches from Xiaomi for a long time. Surprisingly, they work great with both iOS and Android, and the battery lasts for a long time. Recommended!

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