5 useful Telegram features that will definitely come in handy for you

Telegram has not only proved to be more resilient than WhatsApp this year, but has continued to receive cool features. Many people mistakenly believe that the messenger was overloaded with various chips, but this is not so: they exist for a reason, but in order to make the user’s life easier, protect data and even wisely use the free space on the phone. Over the years, so many of them have accumulated that we ourselves have ceased to notice how good Telegram has become. Often, many users do not know where to start, where to click, what to set up. Today I will share with you useful Telegram functions that will be useful to absolutely everyone: both those who are just starting to get acquainted with the messenger and experienced users.

Here are some Telegram features you should definitely use.


  • Telegram avatar
  • Hide phone number in Telegram
  • End the session in the Telegram
  • Cloud password Telegram
  • Media autoload Telegram

Telegram avatar

There is no need to watch photos on Telegram: whoever needs them will look at the images on Instagram

love Telegram because there are tons of options for working with a personal avatar. They are saved in history and anyone can see what photo you have installed during this time – not like WhatsApp. You yourself can edit these photos by deleting them from there. In general, there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is all better to hide your Telegram avatar from third parties . It is very easy to do this:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Privacy” and click “Profile Photo”.
  • Choose who can see your photo: everyone or just your contacts.
  • If you do not want your profile picture to be seen by someone from your contacts, then click “Never show” and select a user from the phone book.
  • You can also choose people who will always see your photo: click “Always show” and select users from the list, even if they are not included in your phone.

Hide phone number in Telegram

It seems that in 2021, finding a person’s phone number will not be difficult. It is thanks to this that you can then find it in instant messengers and even social networks. Not always, by the way, with good intentions. It is better to hide the number in Telegram from everyone – whoever needs it already knows! Here’s how to turn it on.

Hide your phone number so strangers don’t know it

  • In Settings, select Privacy.
  • Go to “Phone number”.
  • Choose who can see your phone number: I recommend setting it to “Nobody” by adding exceptions in the paragraph below.
  • Do not forget to mark who can find you by phone number: all or only your contacts.

End the session in the Telegram

Now Telegram will complete the session for you. True, after a while

The messenger actively protects users not only from hacker hacks, but also from each other. For example, your girlfriend got into the phone or you forgot to exit the application by giving her your laptop. We have already told you how to understand that your correspondence is being read – be sure to study our article to protect yourself. And Telegram has a cool feature that will end the session for you. Here’s how to turn it on.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Devices”.
  • At the bottom, open the “If the session is inactive” item and select the period during which the system will end sessions on inactive devices. It will be very helpful if you left for a long time and left your laptop or tablet at home without a password.

Cloud password Telegram

Another Telegram feature aimed at your safety. Unfortunately, many ignore it, but in vain: a cloud password in Telegram is a single password for all your devices. It will be necessary to enter it every time you first enter the application from a new device. Usually Telegram asks for this to enter a code in the form of an SMS, but it is better to strengthen the protection by enabling the cloud password. This feature will be especially useful for owners of Telegram channels.

Cloud password – double protection against hacking

  • Go to Settings – “Privacy”.
  • Select “Cloud Password”.
  • Come up with a password, enter it and re-enter.
  • Provide a hint for the password – well, you never know.
  • Then enter your email address.
  • Enter the verification code that will come to your mail.

Ready! You will receive a message in Telegram that the settings have been changed.

Media autoload Telegram

Telegram chats download content automatically. Disable if you want to save traffic

Sometimes the cellular network doesn’t work very well or there are certain speed limits. This usually happens when the signal is poor or you run out of traffic bursts. Of course, it is better to use SMS , but sometimes you need a messenger. At this point, files in Telegram begin to download in the chats that you received, and messages are not sent because of this. Here’s a quick tip on how to avoid it.

  • Select “Data and Memory” in Settings.
  • In the item “Media startup” click “Via mobile network”.
  • Disable “Automatically download”.
  • In addition, you can set the traffic consumption, as well as disable media loading for specific files: photos, videos and other formats.
  • In the file settings, you can choose from which sources you want to download them: from your contacts, other chats, groups or channels.

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