Cool gadgets from AliExpress, essential in 2022

There are only a few days left until the New Year, but we have already decided on the set of necessary gadgets for the next 365 days: we have collected only the most necessary, the most relevant and high-quality ones. In this issue: we warn the smartphone against sudden discharge, choose excellent TWS headphones, a good compact Bluetooth speaker, and also protect ourselves from illness, cold, and even do so to get a good night’s sleep during the holidays. Make all these purchases to the accompaniment of our branded promotional code to save money. Intrigued? Details on the awesome shopping below!

The coolest gadgets you can’t go without next year. What are they?

Inexpensive portable charger

Thanks again to KUULA for this year: their handhelds have successfully saved our smartphones

It is definitely impossible to leave the house without portable charging: not this year, not next. Smartphone batteries don’t seem to be about to get any more powerful. Accordingly, you should always have a reliable power source on hand . We recommend KUULA with two USB ports and one Type-C connector. 10,000 mAh should be enough for a couple of recharges.

Good bluetooth speaker

A high-quality speaker with good sound – what else do you need to be happy?

When looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, you start looking exclusively for products from well-known brands, not paying attention to decent options. This column from HOCO is a great buy. Firstly, it is quite inexpensive. Secondly, it is super compact. Thirdly, it has powerful sound (up to 25 W) and an AUX jack. Top for your money?

Dual USB adapter

Charging smartphones is definitely not worth it. Well, you already know

If you know absolutely everything about adapters and charging cables, then easily add this accessory from HOCO to your basket: the adapter has two connectors, and the power reaches 20 watts. Nothing else is needed in order to quickly charge a smartphone .

Powerful external battery

Baseus once again made a top-end gadget: comfortable, it fits well in the hand and did not deceive with the capacity

Baseus does exceptionally high-quality things, and the products only have high ratings from AliExpress buyers. A portable battery is a vivid example of how to usefully spend one and a half thousand rubles and not lose it. The capacity is 20,000 mAh, there is a USB Type-C, and also a small LED display to know the charge.

Protective glass for Samsung

Glass costs a penny, and protects the smartphone very well. Take it!

Probably the best find of the year: cool screen protector for all Samsung models. A friend bought it in the summer and is still using it. It did not break when the smartphone was first dropped on the stone floor, which automatically translates this accessory into the category of “treadmills”. Take it until everything is sorted out. Don’t forget to choose your smartphone model!

Protective glass for Redmi

What’s good: the glass does not come off due to exposure to moisture

Another cool find is the protective glass for Redmi models. The seller has options for almost all smartphones. Now the price has been reduced, but this is temporary – buy until the price has risen! And don’t forget to select your model on the seller page.

Good inexpensive TWS earbuds

By the way, the case of the Jabra headphones is not scratched

The other day my friend was presented with such headphones by work colleagues: as I said earlier, this is a top-end accessory from a trusted brand. The sound is excellent, the microphones are of very high quality, they have noise cancellation, as well as a complete set – the wire and ear pads are in place. I ordered myself these instead of Beats – I recommend it to you too.

How to protect your ears from the cold

Headphones do not put pressure on your ears: you can safely wear your favorite TWS headset under them

It seems that winter will never end. But here’s the problem: no one canceled cool events at which you need to look decent. Don’t go wearing a hat, right? Winter headphones are a great option for those who don’t like hats for various reasons. Try these – you will definitely not regret it and will not freeze.

Good sleep mask

Try this sleep mask: it does not put pressure on your eyes, does not slip at night, but it helps you sleep

This year I discovered sleep masks on the advice of my friend: now I sleep just fine, I don’t wake up at night, and in the morning the light from the street does not get into my eyes. Sleep is the most important part of being in shape. Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself and put a sleep mask in your basket.

Xiaomi protective mask

I bought these masks for the whole family. Believe it or not, everyone really likes it, and it’s warm in winter

The coronavirus has not gone anywhere, but it looks like it will stay with us forever, like a relative who has suddenly arrived. Wearing masks is still important for all of us – here’s a cool mask from Xiaomi . By the way, during the cold season, it also will not let your face freeze. Don’t forget to choose your size on the seller page!

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