How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember the code

You have decided to take back your old iPhone but you have noticed that you no longer remember the unlock code you entered some time ago. This is exactly how things are, right? Then maybe I can help you out of this impasse.

In the next few lines, in fact, I will show you how to unlock iPhone if you do not remember the code in various situations: in case of forgetting the unlock code necessary to access the Home screen of the device, in case of loss of the PIN code or PUK and, finally, in case of forgetting the iCloud code.

At this point, I would say that the time has come to ban the chatter and go to work! So, make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time to carefully read what I have to say and then put into practice the suggestions I will give you. I hope that by doing so, you will succeed in your goal. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember the unlock code
    • Restore in DFU Mode
    • Remote recovery
  • How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember your SIM PIN code
  • How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember the iCloud code

How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember the unlock code

Let’s start by seeing how to unlock the iPhone if you do not remember the unlock code, that is, that code, generally consisting of 4 or 6 digits that is used to unlock the Home screen and prohibits access to the contents of the device to all those who do not. I know.

I remind you that in addition to the “classic version” with 4 or 6 digits, you may also have set a custom numeric code or an alphanumeric code . Through the device settings you can in fact customize your code to create a more secure one. So, before attempting the following procedures, try to also think about one of these codes that you may have used.

In case you really don’t have any recollection about it, there are two methods to recover it and you will find them illustrated in the next lines.

Restore in DFU Mode

The first method I want to make you aware of is to activate the DFU (Device Firmware Update) recovery mode . If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a special boot mode that bypasses the boot loader allowing you to fully upgrade or restore your iPhone using a PC and the Lightning cable.

To proceed, therefore, you must have a Windows PC with the iTunes application , or a Mac (where the tools for “communication” and management with iPhone are already integrated: Finder in the most recent versions of macOS, iTunes in the older ones). In case you have a Windows PC and don’t know how to download iTunes , read my tutorial on the topic.

Apart from this, you must also be willing to lose all data and settings saved on your iPhone . The procedure, in fact, configures the phone again by deleting, in addition to the unlock code, also everything that is saved in it. If you have a backup of your device , local or on iCloud , you shouldn’t have much trouble finding what will be deleted anyway.

To proceed, therefore, if you have an iPhone with Face ID or an  iPhone 8/8 Plus , you must connect the latter to the computer, start iTunes / Finder and, with the phone on, quickly press  Volume + and  Volume –  and hold down the  key right side until the screen turns black. Then, release all keys, hold  Right Side key and Volume –  for 5 seconds, release the Side key , keep holding the Volume key    for another 5 seconds (or a little more) and wait for it to be shown to you on your computer the message about the presence of a device in recovery mode .

If you have an older iPhone with a physical Home button, instead, proceed as follows: after connecting the phone to the computer, turn off iPhone completely , press and hold the Power button   for about 3 seconds, start holding the Home button  for about 10 seconds, release the Power button   and continue holding  Home  for about 8 seconds. On iPhone 7/7 Plus , the procedure is the one just described for iPhone with physical Home button, but instead of the latter you have to use the Volume key   .

The procedure was performed correctly only if the iPhone screen remains black: if it turns on, it means that the phone is in recovery mode and not in DFU mode, so you have to repeat everything. If you have any problems, also check out my specific tutorial on how to put iPhone in DFU .

Now, through the iTunes or Finder window , select your iPhone from the left side list and you will see an additional message on the screen asking you to restore or update the iPhone: then click on the Restore button and give the various confirmations, to start restoring your device. If the iPhone disconnects during the recovery time, you must repeat the entire procedure described above again. Read more here .

If, however, it should work on the first attempt and then complete the procedure, you can disconnect the iPhone from the computer and perform the initial configuration of which you can find more details in my guide on how to configure iPhone . Through the initial configuration you can enter a new code to be used to unlock the device, as if the previous one had never existed.

Remote recovery

Another method that allows to restore the iPhone eliminating the unlock code is to use the utility Where connected to the same Apple ID inserted into the device to restore. Let me explain better: through another device with Where is it or using iCloud via a web browser (logging in with the same Apple ID) it is possible to initialize the locked device. Note that this can only be done if the Find My feature on the locked device (the setting itself is enabled on every iPhone if you haven’t turned it off yourself) and if it is connected to the Internet via the data network or Wi-Fi.

To proceed, then, open the app Where’s the device that you have decided to use or connected to the main page of iCloud , please log in with your Apple ID and icon awards Find My iPhone . At this point, if necessary, activate geolocation and locate the device you want to unlock from the map. Then press on it, then on the icon of (i) and select the item Initialize this device / Initialize the iPhone .

At this point, you will see a message appear in which you are reminded that all the contents and settings of the initialized iPhone will be deleted and that it will no longer be possible to locate it, press the Initialize button to confirm the operation and enter your Apple ID and password . Now choose whether to enter a phone number using the appropriate box or whether to skip the step by clicking on the Next item ; then perform the same operation with the message that will be displayed on the iPhone after initialization. Finally, click on the Finish item to start the process.

Now, all that’s left to do is take the locked iPhone, follow the initialization procedure and, when prompted, enter your Apple ID and password, as the Find My system protects your phone from any thefts. Once this is done, following the on-screen procedure, you can enter a new code to unlock the iPhone. For more information on how Find My iPhone works , read my guide on the subject.

How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember your SIM PIN code

Want to know how to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember PIN code ? Then you can cope with the problem in several ways. The first thing to do is, if you have never modified it, check the original plastic card of the SIM card where it is normally present under the silver patina next to or under the entry PIN . Note that on the card you can also find the PUK code which consists of a series of eight non-modifiable digits.

So, if the PIN code shown on the card is correct you will have no problem unlocking your iPhone by entering it in the appropriate screen. If, however, the PIN does not match, you can use the PUK code. After turning on the smartphone, wait for the PIN entry screen to appear, enter the wrong code three times and then enter the PUK code on the card. In this way you can change the PIN code that you do not remember by following the on-screen wizard by typing it twice and pressing the word OK .

If you do not have the original card containing your codes, you can retrieve the PUK code in other ways, even if the operation is not made available by all telephone operators. To proceed, you can access your carrier’s online services , as in the case of Vodafone or Iliad, and search under your personal data or your SIM for a wording relating to the PUK code . To check, I suggest you read my guides on how to register on Vodafone , TIM , WINDTRE and Iliad. Alternatively, you can try to contact your carrier by phone, but it is not guaranteed that for privacy reasons they will communicate the PUK of your SIM.

In the extreme event that you cannot find your PIN or PUK code in any way, you can resort to requesting a new SIM while keeping the old number. The same is true even if you have entered the PUK code incorrectly 10 times. All you have to do is go to your manager’s shop and submit your request to the operator.

How to unlock iPhone if you don’t remember the iCloud code

Do you want to delete your Apple ID from the iPhone but, not remembering the password to log in, you have no idea how to proceed? Or do you not remember the iPhone unlock code useful for proceeding with this operation? So, first of all, press the Settings icon (that of the gear), tap on your name , scroll the screen opened up to the end and press the Exit item .

At this point you will see a screen open in which you are asked to enter the Apple ID password: tap on the Forgot password? and enter the code to unlock the iPhone. If you don’t remember, click on the item Have you forgotten your access code? and, in the screen that opens, press the Continue button , in order to log in to the Apple ID using other account information.

Now proceed with the on-screen procedure and enter the registered phone number , that is paired with the Apple ID and press on the Next item . So if you have another device connected to the same account, such as a Mac, you can use it to reset the password, otherwise press on the item Don’t have apple devices available? present on the screen of your iPhone and presses the Send code button in the new screen opened. This will send a verification code to the previously set phone number which will allow you to set the password again.

Wait to receive the verification code and enter it in the appropriate field. Once this is done, you will be asked again to enter the code you use to unlock the iPhone. If you don’t remember, press on the item Have you forgotten your iPhone code? and, in the new panel opened, press the Choose device button to use a code that you remember and that you normally use on another Apple device.

Choose a device from the list present to enter the code or, if you do not have to remember any, press on the item Have you forgotten the codes? and start the account recovery procedure by pressing the Start account recovery procedure button .

In the new screen that has opened, Apple will inform you that there is a waiting time to be able to reset the password and will give you the option to continue anyway or to start over, trying to repeat the procedure just described, perhaps finding some code from another device.

If you intend to proceed, press the Continue button anyway , confirm your identity via the email linked to your Apple ID by pressing the Send code button , access your e-mail box and enter the code in the appropriate screen on your iPhone. Now confirm the payment method you use for Apple services by entering the data in the Card number , Expiration date and Security code fields , then click on Next .

Well now your password change request has been initiated and within 24 hours you will be contacted by Apple via your ID email address. In this way you will be able to set the new password without having to enter any code of the different devices. For more information on this, however, I leave you to my guide on how to delete iCloud account from iPhone without password .


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