Hidden features of Xiaomi smartphones that everyone should know about

For several years now, Xiaomi smartphones rightfully bear the title of folk. Users love them for their affordable prices, cool design and, of course, for the presence of a large number of different chips that the owners of other gadgets lack. Yes, their proprietary MIUI is not without flaws, but if you approach the issue from the other side, there is hardly a single smartphone with such software capabilities. Today I would like to share the personal discoveries that I made in my phone during the time of using it.

These features of Xiaomi smartphones can rightfully be considered the best.

Not so long ago, we already told you about tips for owners of Xiaomi smartphones , where we shared commonplace features of devices of this brand, which for some reason cause difficulties for users.

Then one of our readers said that she had never heard about taking a screenshot with a three-finger swipe, which shocked me a little and, of course, prompted the idea of ​​a new article. If you are also not in the know – go, find out.


  • Xiaomi Reading Mode
  • Xiaomi discharges quickly
  • How to record a conversation on Xiaomi
  • How to enable equalizer on Xiaomi

Xiaomi Reading Mode

Let’s be honest. We spend most of our life with a smartphone: we watch YouTube and scroll through the Instagram feed at home, call and use office applications at work. It is clear that your eyes will not thank you for such a thing. A special mode, which is available for most owners of Chinese brand phones, will be able to help preserve eyesight.

Swipe off the curtain and turn on Reading Mode. Sometimes he saves.

Reading mode is specially designed for this occasion. With its help, the smartphone turns off part of the screen backlight and makes viewing text in the dark much more comfortable. Yes, the color rendition will be slightly distorted and the Instagram feed will not look as cool as before, but for reading this is a real must-have.

To enable Reading Mode on your Xiaomi phone, you just need to:

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Swipe the curtain from above and unfold it.
  • Click on the eye icon next to the flashlight.

Setting up reading mode on Xiaomi.

Yes, at first it will be unusual to use the gadget in this mode, but after a while you will notice how convenient it is. And if you suddenly do not like something – the mode can always be customized for yourself. To do this, go to Settings, Display, Reading Mode.

Xiaomi discharges quickly

One of the favorite features of this brand’s smartphones. She has helped me out thousands of times, but for some reason users do not like her very much. In any case, I have not seen anyone from the inner circle ever heard about battery saving on Xiaomi .

Battery saving mode is a must-have feature for all devices.

The power saving mode works about the same on all smartphones. Disables geolocation settings, slightly reduces brightness and stuff like that. But the emergency saving mode on Xiaomi shocked me personally.

With its help, you can not only disable background processes, but also shut down all inactive applications in the background. Plus, all parameters are flexibly configurable, which is good news.

To activate saving mode on Xiaomi , you need:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next Power and performance.
  • Then again, Power.
  • Adjust all the parameters as you like.

How to record a conversation on Xiaomi

It would seem a fairly simple function, but how useful. Of course, Xiaomi understood this and therefore offered very cool tools for implementing this feature. To record a conversation on Xiomi, you just need to press one button during a call. It is located just above the dial keys.

Recording of conversations on Xiaomi.

But I suggest you fully automate the process. Few people know, but Xiaomi has a separate tool that allows you not only to automatically record a call, but also to set up a conversation recording for individual numbers .

For this:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Further System applications, Phone.
  • Then click on Record Calls.
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite Record calls automatically.
  • Below we indicate the Selected numbers and select individual contacts.

Flexible configuration of call recording on Android.

Recently, I often catch myself thinking that users do not need new functions in a smartphone. It is much more advantageous to improve the existing features. Xiaomi in this sense is beyond praise. Bravo!

How to enable equalizer on Xiaomi

An equalizer is a very killer thing. Just a couple of buttons improve the sound quality so much that the mood rises. Someone, but Xiaomi could not stand aside and add a trick to their devices.

The function is a little hidden in the settings. To turn it on, you will need to carry out a few simple manipulations with the device:

  • We plug in the headphones.
  • Go to Settings, Advanced.
  • We find the item Headphones and sound effects.
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite the Mi Sound Sound Amplifier.
  • Go to Equalizer.

Equalizer on Xiaomi smartphones.

Here you can play around with different settings and fine-tune the values ​​for a comfortable listening experience. Plus, there is a separate Default item in the parameters. If you tap on it, you can choose ready-made settings for different genres.

I use these chips literally every day and do not consider them unique at all. Yes, not all manufacturers provide such opportunities, but you knew that you were buying Xiaomi, which is rich in different features.

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