How to switch to Japanese voices in Tales of Arise

We show you how to switch to Japanese voices in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise allows players to play with Japanese or English voices and allows them to switch to any voice setting on the fly. Because of this, players have more freedom to customize their game based on their language preferences.

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That said, if you ever want to switch to Japanese voices in Tales of Arise, it’s easy. Simply head to the main menu by going back to the title screen while in-game or starting the game.

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When you get to the title screen, there will be an option called voice selection. Click on it and you will be able to change the voices of all the characters in the game from English to Japanese and vice versa.

You may need to reload or restart the game before the changes take effect, but in most cases the voices should change without restarting. Otherwise they should change after reloading.

If you change the voices to Japanese, just make sure the niceties are turned on.

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