Skate 3 cheats: All cheat codes, unlockable characters and more

Skate 3 cheats: Even 11 years later The influence of Skate 3 & ampos; s seems endless. YouTubers still regularly post the likes of epic challenges and quizzes where they can level up in terms of cheats and points on the map (or sometimes off the map due to glitches).

Skate 3 Cheats and Console Commands

Several of these achievements require a little extra help from people like cheats, etc. So, here are the cheat codes you need to know to hit amazing lines and dots in Skate 3. In addition to the codes, there are also glitches and unlockables, which we will include below the list of cheats.

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To enter the cheat codes, you will need to go to Main Menu & gt; Extras & gt; Enter the cheat code. Once you’re at the cheat screen, enter any of these codes (multiple can be in effect at once).

Skate 3 Cheats Code

– Deadspacetoo: unlock Isaac from Dead Space games

– dontbesomayo: unlock Miracle Whip related clothing and items

– Mcfly: Makes his trucks and wheels disappear, making it look like a hovercraft

– Miniskaters: Makes your skater really small (but weirdly big hands and feet)

– streetweeper: Resets all moving objects to their original positions

– Zombie: Turns non-skaters into zombies (also changes hue, so the sky is orange)

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– Insane Speed ​​Glitch – For this, you will need to be standing back from the direction you want to speed up and leave your dash (ie., not be holding or standing on it). Press X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation to jump, then Press RB on top of your skater’s jump, and after that, Press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation.

Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t work first, as it is very complicated. If you press Y/Triangle too early, your skater will just get on your board, and if it’s too late, they’ll stay on the ground. It’s notoriously complicated, so don’t be discouraged!

Super Jump : Make sure you are standing on flat ground and in Goofy Stance (feet to the left side of the screen) then do an FS 360 Pop Shuvit (if you do a regular no FS 360 Pop Shuvit won’t work). When in the air, tap R2 or L2 and just before you hit the ground, press Y on Xbox or Triangle (tixagb_. Again, this may take a few tries, so you’ll need to practice a bit before you cast it correctly.


We have included unlockables in this list as these are not obtained via cheat codes and may not be available unless you complete certain parts of the game. It is not misleading in this section!

– Coach Frank: Complete all Skate School Tutorials to unlock Coach Frank as a playable character

– Dem Bones: Complete all death races to unlock the skeleton as a playable character

– Meat Man – Complete all Meat Hall challenges to unlock a raw steak as a playable character

With these at your disposal, you should be able to do an insane speed glitch as a skeleton in a hovercraft! So, go and have fun with it!

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