Best FIFA midfielders

You usually buy FIFA , Electronic Arts’ historic football simulation, on time, and you are always interested in improving your team within the game. In particular, you need midfielders: since this is a crucial role that deals with both attack and defense, you are very undecided on which players to choose and would need detailed advice on this. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Well then you’ve come to the right place!

In fact, in today’s guide I’ll explain which are the best FIFA midfielders . I will go into detail by providing you with all the information you need: from the fundamental parameters to understand which are the right players to the rankings created directly by the developers, passing through the techniques used by the most experienced users to take home the most valid players at affordable prices. Clearly I will not use any tricks: you can do everything through the standard procedures provided by Electronic Arts.

What do you say? Are you ready to build your dream team in FIFA? In my opinion, yes, since you are reading this tutorial with interest and you seem willing to continue. Come on then, all you have to do is get comfortable and follow the quick instructions below. I can assure you that, in a few minutes, you will have all the necessary information available to make your choices. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading, have fun and wish you a big good luck for your transfer market session!


  • Preliminary information
  • Ranking of the best midfielders in FIFA
  • Best low cost FIFA midfielders

Preliminary information

Speaking of the best midfielders in FIFA , I think it might interest you to know more about what are the fundamental parameters for choosing good players.

In the case of midfielders , the goal is to flesh out their squad with players capable of both stopping the opponent’s offensive actions and restarting the team , perhaps leading to a counterattack action that will result in a goal and a resulting victory .

The first fundamental parameter is the passage . In fact, a good midfielder must be able to “dialogue” with the team , since it acts as a “glue” between the defense and the attack . A good precision of the passages allows you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to make the most of the spaces offered by the playing field .

It is therefore no coincidence that practically all midfielders considered the most valid have high values ​​from this point of view. To give you some concrete examples, in FIFA 20 Kevin De Bruyne has 86 passing, Luka Modrić has 89 , N’Golo Kanté has 77 , Sergio Busquets has 80 and Toni Kroos has 90 . Generally speaking, a good value is above 75 , but if you really want to aim for the top, I recommend exceeding 80 .

For a midfielder it is also very important to know how to dribble the opponents , perhaps to go to the wing and put a cross . Furthermore, a skill like dribbling can be particularly useful in an unpredictable sport like football, where anything can happen.

For this reason, the best midfielders in Electronic Arts football often have good dribbling values . In FIFA 20, Kevin De Bruyne has 87 , Luka Modrić has 90 , N’Golo Kanté has 81 , Sergio Busquets has 81 and Toni Kroos has 81 . A full-fledged midfielder usually has a value above 80 when it comes to dribbling.

These are the fundamental characteristics to choose a good midfielder, but clearly this role also requires other skills. For this reason, a distinction is often made between the best attacking midfielders in FIFA , the best central midfielders in FIFA and the best defensive midfielders in FIFA .

The offensive players must clearly have a good value in terms of shooting , since they have to try to score as many goals as possible. To give you a concrete example, in FIFA 20 Kevin De Bruyne has a rating of 86 in this regard. A good value from this point of view is above 80 .

Speaking instead of central midfielders , we refer to players who are able to take control of the team and act as “directors” . In this case it is therefore good to take into consideration the parameters relating to passing , defense and dribbling . In fact, a player of this type must be able to spin the ball , stop the opponents in case of eventuality and “drunk” the other team in case of a counterattack . In FIFA 20, Luka Modrić has a rating of 89 in passing ,72 in defense and 90 in dribbling . It is therefore an excellent compromise .

Finally, defensive midfielders must clearly have a good defense value . In FIFA 20, N’Golo Kanté has 87 of defense and is perfect for this role, since it also has a rating of 83 with regard to the physical and maintains a speed high enough ( 78 ). It is usually good to stay above 80 when it comes to defense .

In short, now you know the parameters to take into consideration to buy a good midfielder in FIFA. In any case, I remind you that the ratings of the players can change from one moment to the next , depending on the will of Electronic Arts. For this reason, I invite you to take the information shown as purely indicative.

Ranking of the best midfielders in FIFA

Electronic Arts, the company behind the FIFA series video games, regularly publishes rankings related to the best players every year . The developers know the game better than anyone, so I highly recommend that you take these guidelines into consideration.

To view the rankings, all you have to do is connect to the official EA website through any web browser , obviously choosing the correct section of the portal , or the one relating to the edition of the game in your possession (eg FIFA . 20 or FIFA 19 ).

At this point, all you have to do is select the FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM / ULTIMATE TEAM item at the top and look for the Player Ratings / Ratings Hub link or something similar. The entries may vary depending on the FIFA series game you have purchased, so I can’t be more precise with my directions, but usually the procedure is always similar and so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the rankings.

To give you a concrete example, if you have purchased FIFA 20 , you simply need to connect to this section of the official EA website and scroll down the page. Here you will find a myriad of charts , including particulars of the best strikers , the best defenders , the best footballers of punishments , the most skilled players in the passages , and more. There is no shortage of subdivisions by league , such as Premier League , Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander . The ranking of the 100 best players in general should not be underestimated.

In short, the information provided directly by Electronic Arts is certainly not lacking. In your case, the most interesting ranking is obviously the one relating to the best midfielders , accessible through this page of the official EA website .

To give you concrete examples, in FIFA 20 the developers have decided to reward Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), Luka Modrić (Real Madrid), N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea), Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) , Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspur), Paul Pobga (Manchester United), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), David Silva (Manchester City), Paulo Dybala (Piemonte Calcio, aka Juventus), Fernandinho (Manchester City), Thiago (Bayern Munich) , Casemiro(Real Madrid), Miralem Pjanić (Piemonte Calcio, aka Juventus), Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain), Ivan Rakitić (Barcelona), Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich), Isco (Real Madrid), Parejo (Valencia) and James Rodríguez (Real Madrid).

Of course, you can use these guidelines as a basis depending on your ultimate goal. For example, if you are looking for the best young midfielders in FIFA , you just need to see which are the youngest players in the rankings.

Best low cost FIFA midfielders

You are probably thinking that some of the players mentioned in the previous chapters cost too much. Don’t worry: I’ll immediately explain a method used by FIFA experts to be able to buy players at the cheapest possible price .

Well, the most common technique among FIFA fans to bring home the best players on a low budget is that of sniping . In other words, the Ultimate Team mode market is analyzed  in search of players offered for sale by users who do not know the real market cost and therefore make mistakes , allowing people like you to take the players home at a low price . resell them immediately at the right cost and quickly earn credits .

The most valid platforms to implement this method are consoles and PCs , but the FUT Web App can also be interesting (some enthusiasts claim that players appear first on the market using this “platform”).

In any case, the basis of sniping is to set a Buy Now price that is both advantageous and likely compared to the player’s current market cost . At this point, you simply have to enter a high value (eg 11,000,000) as the maximum price and increase it with each search , thus allowing the page to refresh in a short time. By doing so, you will arrive before the other users and will be able to buy the entered player at a lower price than the standard one .

For all the details of the case on this method, I invite you to consult my guide on how to sniper on FIFA . There are obviously various ways to implement this technique and fans are constantly looking for ways to refine the procedure and get there before other people to buy the players involved. You could then think about using information as a “base” and experimenting with the technique that you think is most valid.

Since you are playing FIFA, I would like to recommend some tutorials that may interest you. In particular, I invite you to read my guides on how to get free coins on FIFA and on how to buy expiring players on FIFA (Career mode).


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