Games 2012: Games we played 10 years ago

Games 2012: Games we played 10 years ago!

2012 was rich in various game releases and it can be safely called a golden and fruitful time in terms of game projects. And in this article, we will recall a dozen good games that came out 10 years ago. Games that we replay to this day.

Fuck cry 3

November 30, 2012 comes the most long-awaited sequel to the most popular shooter. The third part of the game completely turns the series, both in terms of graphics and gameplay, where there were many visual and gameplay innovations compared to the second game. This is my favorite part of the far cry game series. Here it was already possible to pump the skills of the main character and it was really interesting, and the combat system was well developed in the game. Also, the plot didn’t disappoint. It was worthy and addictive, which to this day I want to go through more than once. The game has excellent and colorful graphics that can safely give odds to many modern projects. I also want to highlight the excellent Russian localization of the game, good accompanying music, an excellent and interesting open world.

Max Payne 3

On May 16 of the same year, the long-awaited third part about the already former cop is released. I can also safely say that this game is a masterpiece, as it was created by the developers from Rokstar, and as we all know, these guys make great games. We are all in favor of the same former policeman, who, according to the plot, is already the guard of the most influential person in Brazil. The appearance of the protagonist also underwent changes, as did the charisma of Max himself. The combat system with the presence of slow mo looked great and it was a pleasure to destroy enemies with all this visual.

Halo 4

November 7, 2012 comes the fourth part of halo. Exclusively for the xbox 360 console. But later in 2020, the game still gets to computers, where keyboard and mouse controls were perfectly implemented. The fourth part continued the story of the Master Chief, where the events unfold four years after. Chief and Cortana again had to fight both with representatives of the broken Covenant and with representatives of the Forerunner race. The main feature of the fourth halo is the excellent musical accompaniment, the variability in terms of the combat system, the excellent atmosphere and the possibility of passing the game in a cooperative. The fourth part added a lot of new opponents and arsenal. In addition to Halo 4, previous games in the series have also been ported to computers, including halo reach.

The amazing spider man

On June 26, 2012, one of the best Spider-Man games is released. This is such an early response to the exclusive Spiderman for the playstation console. I want to say that this is a very high-quality project with excellent graphics, an open world, an exciting storyline, a cool combat system and the functionality of the spider-man himself. Yes, of course the game was created based on the film with Andrew Garfield, but after playing a little, we begin to understand that the game project itself is far from the film. Yes, there are some similar plot points, but the game is the game. That is, with its own plot and a large portion of side tasks, where we will fight with many familiar antagonists.

sleeping dogs

On August 16, a great third-person action game with a cool combat system and an open world about a policeman comes out. In the story, he worked as a police officer in the United States for a long time and now wants to restore “order” in his city, where dangerous gangs are raging. The protagonist infiltrates the group to find all the criminal bosses who instill fear in Wei’s hometown. The player was given just a huge game map of Hong Kong, where we could complete tasks. I can safely say that the game will pull you in for several long hours with its plot, combat system and gameplay.

medal of honor warfighter

On October 4, 2012, a new part of the medal of honor game series is released. At that moment, the developers decided to follow the path of call of duty. That is, to release their next game already about the modern war, moving a few hundred kilometers away from the theme of the Second World War. But unfortunately it was not crowned with success. The game turned out to be not bad, but still weaker than the same familiar cold. At that time, the new medal boasted graphical changes thanks to the frostbite engine. The implementation of the new graphics engine in the medal of honor warfighter showed itself in all its glory – the landscapes of the game locations of the military first-person shooter looked simply amazing and very realistic. The only thing that let me down in the game is its plot, which, to be honest, was “not very”, but in general the game turned out tolerable, thanks to a realistic picture and quite “suitable”

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