The best games that came out in 2011

The times before 2016 were considered golden in terms of game releases. Every year, store shelves were bursting with offers in the field of video games. The developers loved to experiment and did not hesitate to implement their ideas in any game of a particular genre. And those were great times. And I want to remember a certain time in the gaming industry, and remember exactly 2011 in the gaming industry. What games pleased us with their release and what game projects we remember the most. What projects do we replay that came out 11 years ago. In general, this is a selection of the best games that came out in 2011.


On February 22 of the same year, an excellent dynamic first-person shooter was released, which, with its gameplay dynamics, resembled old-school shooters. Like serious sam and painkiller. This game was a direct brainchild of developers from people can fly who created the same painkiller. This project combined a good plot and a rather exciting combat system, where several types of arsenal and combat achievements were available to players. The original “skill-shot” system also stood out, which rewarded players with bonuses, for which in the future it was possible to open a new arsenal and also improve it. The project was created on the unreal engine 3, thanks to which the graphics of the game still look great, bright and colorful.

Screenshot of the game.

Dark soul

Open world rpg-dark soul comes out on September 11th. This is an action role-playing game in which most of the time was devoted not to leveling the character, but to battles with enemies and bosses. The game was very difficult and sometimes one boss had to run for more than 10 minutes. But I liked it and it was kind of a highlight. What is actually remembered for the project, which was released 11 years ago. After all, when it came to the boss, to be honest, I had to be a little nervous and use all my accumulated skills and developed equipment in a fight with him. After all, each boss had a set of unique attacks. In general, the game turned out to be worthy. With nice graphics, with advanced upgrade options for the main character, with a unique combat system and game mechanics.

Screenshot of the game.

Need for speed the run

Another racing part need for speed which was released on November 16, 2011. The developers in the next game tried to completely turn over the usual gameplay and also used the capabilities of the modern frosbite engine at that time, where it was also perfectly implemented. All landscapes, tracks, detailing of cars and weather conditions during the races (storms, snowfalls and rains with thunderstorms) looked great and beautiful. The developers from EA Black Box tried to make the most of the possibilities of this graphics engine in order to achieve the highest quality and show nfs the run in the best light. Basically, they did it. Personally, I went through nfs the run several times with great pleasure. Most of all in this project, I liked the plot, the implementation of weather conditions, the action component,

Screenshot of the game.

Battlefield 3

This sequel to the military first-person shooter was released on October 24, 2011 and is one of the first projects that “tested” all the graphical and modern delights of the frosbite 2.0 engine. The game could be played in both single and multiplayer modes. The single-player company had a good plot that combined dynamic battles and many epic and exciting moments, and the multiplayer mode was famous for the fact that 64 players could fight on one map at once. Yes, it was one of the first global multiplayer shooters at that time. Thanks to the frosbite engine, players could see all the beauties of realistic and vibrant graphics. The game became so popular that it is still played to this day.

Screenshot of the game.

Duke nuke forever

At the beginning of summer, on May 4, 2011, a complete rethinking of the brutal duke nyukem is released. Full of crazy moments and constant humor, the first-person shooter was not accepted by everyone. But I liked it. Such an easy dynamic shooter in terms of gameplay in its best traditions. Nice graphics, a lot of weapons from conventional guns to shrinking gadgets. As well as cool video intros and meetings with huge bosses were simply unforgettable. And the charismatic protagonist familiar to us has already been given and shone with his manners of a gentleman.

Screenshot of the game.

Crysis 2

The sequel to the acclaimed first-person shooter was released on March 22, 2011. In order to avoid mistakes with optimization as in the first part, the developers in the second crysis decided to take into account all the nuances that repelled the players in the first. If there were problems with graphics optimization in the first part of the game and this project even on the top computers of those times “walked” with big brakes, then I personally did not observe such problems with optimization in the second part and crysis 2 started up boldly on my old computer without problems. The second part of the game used the third version of the graphics engine cry engine. As a result, crysis 2 turned out to be meager in terms of the game world and a weak plot. But the gameplay and good dynamics were able to do their job and, in principle, the project itself turned out to be not bad.

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