How to switch to FIFA

FIFA is a video game series that certainly needs no introduction, given that it is one of the most popular franchises in the football world. Every year, many users are therefore used to buy the new chapter of the Electronic Arts video game, deepening its mechanics and trying to become more and more skilled players.

In this regard, if you have ended up on this guide it is because you too want to improve yourself and, in particular, you are trying to understand how to switch on FIFA to be able to worry all your opponents. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry: in this tutorial I will analyze this mechanic in detail, also providing you with advice on timing and other aspects often underestimated by the players of the famous official football simulation.

What do you say? Are you ready to find out everything there is to know about this possibility? In my opinion you can’t wait to finally be able to put a spoke in the wheel for the most skilled players. Come on then, below you can find all the relevant information. That said, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to switch to FIFA
  • Other useful techniques for defending on FIFA

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to switch on FIFA , I think it may interest you to know more about this mechanic.

Well, the term “switchare” is usually used to indicate the change of control of a player in the defensive phase . Let me explain: FIFA allows you to choose the player of your team to use to try to counter the opponent who is approaching the goal.

This mechanical system can be particularly useful, as they perform a “switch” rapid at the right time can potentially allow you to “take home” a contrast , as well as charges down the field and maybe put to sign a devastating counterattack .

Using this mechanic properly can also allow you to “encircle” the opponent , destroying all his offensive plans. In short, it is clear that learning to switch on FIFA can potentially be important.

Among other things, there are not a few who already think they know how to perform this action at best, but in reality they have never tried to really train in being able to make the switch with the right timing .

In short, I understand why you want to know more about this possibility and in fact in this tutorial I will deepen the methods that can allow you to improve your performances within the Electronic Arts football title right away, including practical examples and advice. .

Before leaving, I just want to point out that FIFA is a series of video games that is updated from year to year. This means that the game mechanics are constantly evolving and could be in the center of changes at any moment.

In any case, I have tried to provide information that is valid a little for all FIFA chapters and for all platforms, so that you can actually achieve your goal. In short, whether you want to know how to switch to FIFA 21 or another chapter in the saga, you shouldn’t have too many problems in achieving your goal.

What matters most, however, is the presence of advice relating to specific game phases that often occur during a match. The latter depend neither on the FIFA chapter you purchased nor on the platform you play from, so you can put them into action without problems.

How to switch to FIFA

After explaining the general situation to you, I think it’s time to take action and actually explain how to use the switch mechanic in FIFA .

The simplest method to take advantage of the switch is to press the L1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox) button on the controller ( Shift on PC, but the use of a pad is highly recommended), so that the artificial intelligence chooses to the player you want to switch to automatically. This feature is very useful for novice players.

The more advanced method is to hold down the right analog and move it towards the direction of the player you want to switch to. This possibility is the one used by the most skilled players, who want to have as much control as possible of what happens on the pitch.

It may all sound very simple, but in reality the most important aspect here is to squeeze your brains out and use this basic mechanic offered by the Electronic Arts title to your advantage during matches.

In fact, trying to understand the opponent’s style of play can be very important to be able to defend yourself on FIFA . Let me explain better with a practical example: there are some players who make switches aiming only at the players who have the ball .

In the minds of these users everything is very simple: you change the player controlled in defense, going to make slips and tackles against the most valid players of the opposing team, which the other user is using to carry out an offensive action.

This approach has several “flaws” : always and only aiming at the players who have the ball often leaves the defense uncovered , since on the other side a through ball , a cross or an elongation of the ball is enough to be able to get in front of the goalkeeper .

The advice is therefore to be “cautious” and always try to prevent possible offensive actions that could lead to “problems”. I am thinking, for example, of a common lateral foul carried out about halfway through the pitch .

The latter is harmless for many users : not a few think that from here it is difficult to trigger offensive action worthy of note. In reality, the defending user just needs to make a mistake on a switch to be outnumbered .

How many times have you seen players move their defender on the wing to the right to mark the player who is in front of who has to pass the ball with their hands? This happens precisely because many think that the other player will simply press the pass button, without trying to go to the wing .

On the other hand, by making a well-aimed switch , and therefore checking the defense well, it will be difficult for the other user to even be able to reach the “most comfortable” player. In short, we must always think at 360 degrees , aiming to never leave room for maneuver to others.

Obviously, anything can happen in a FIFA match and therefore it is practically impossible for me to list every single situation to you. There is no golden rule: you simply have to use your skills and use your wits to worry your opponent.

Other useful techniques for defending on FIFA

How do you say? Did you understand how to switch on FIFA but would like to know more about how to defend better ? No problem, I’ll give you another example right away!

free kick outside the box is a situation where many players give in to fear. In fact, often in this case the user fears that the opponent is able to make a shot that manages to go directly to the net .

The reality is that not everyone is a punishment “wizard” . Therefore, there are not a few who, instead of shooting, wait for the defending player to make a wrong switch to “place” a cross or a strategic pass and then shoot .

In the case of free kicks, therefore, you should not only look at the barrier , but also at your defenders , making switches and bringing them in the right positions to mark the most dangerous players.

This technique is particularly important to be used in side kicks or corners . In fact, in this context it is very likely that the user will make a cross aimed at the most skilled players in hitting the head .

It is therefore important to make a switch and control the defender who can worry the attackers more , in order to try to position him properly and avoid any possible shot towards the goal.

Obviously, in all this you must also be careful that the other user does not “call” a player near the point where the free kick or corner is being taken, since in that case he would “crowd out” your tactics by potentially entering into the area from a “dangerous” position.

In short, you understand well that a football match is unpredictable , especially in a “dynamic and spectacular” game like FIFA. However, as I just illustrated, there are situations in which most users make very specific choices .

Now that you know how to actually switch the defenders, you can then use this mechanic to try to prevent all the possible offensive actions that the other user could take. In short, now you can put in a bit of strategy .

Speaking of the latter, you might be interested in taking a look at my tutorial on the best modules for FIFA , as these may also come in handy during your games within the Electronic Arts title.

Also, you can find other tips that are definitely not to be discarded as well in my guide linked to how to improve on FIFA . In the latter I went into the detail of many mechanics that players are often used to underestimate. It is not just about defense , but it also goes far beyond, even dealing with counter-attacks and skills, just to give you concrete examples.

Another recommended reading is also the one relating to the best FIFA defenders , in which I illustrated the statistics to be taken into consideration, also giving practical examples. In short, I am sure that you will find interesting information, since you are a fan of the game.

For the rest, since you usually play football titles, I would recommend that you take a look at the page on my site dedicated to FIFA . In fact, in the latter you can find many other tutorials that could be for you and help you improve in-game performance.


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