How to Skill on FIFA

Football is not just sport, but also entertainment, especially when referring to a particularly popular video game series like FIFA , which helped make Electronic Arts fortune. For this reason, in addition to trying to win, sometimes, perhaps when you have the game “in hand”, it can be interesting to show off your skills.

Let’s not “hide”: many appreciated the “old” FIFA Street and the reason is clear: you can “do magic” with the ball. These days you are therefore wondering how to skill on FIFA , in order to go back a bit to those times (which are now “gone”, even if EA is trying to “take them back” a bit with the Volta Football mode).

What do you say? Are you ready to play some “champagne football” on FIFA? In my opinion you can’t wait to disorient the opponent with a sombrero or to shoot at goal with a rabona. So what are you waiting for? Below you can find all the relevant information. That said, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to Skill on FIFA
    • Rabona
    • Sombrero
    • Rubber band
    • Heel shot
    • Double step
    • Other interesting skills for FIFA
  • How to Skill on FIFA Mobile

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to skill on FIFA , I think it may interest you to know more about the subject.

I know: the term “skill” may not say much to players who have a few years on their shoulders, as it is mainly used by “new generation”. However, “skillare” derives from “skill” , or “skill” in English. We therefore refer to the possibility of using the skills within the title of Electronic Arts.

Do Rabona , sombrero and double step mean something to you? These are skills, or actions to be implemented when you want to “flex your muscles”, putting your skills at the forefront and showing everyone what you are able to do.

The strategy is therefore put aside for a moment, aiming to “be seen”. Not everyone likes this approach, but it is undeniable that some players, over the years, have managed to be appreciated for these skills too.

In short, there is also this way of seeing football and, on the other hand, seeing a play of this type often pleases the public. At the same time, it allows the player to create an identity for himself, an aspect that will later be useful for his identity and to be recognized among the myriad players of the various teams.

Net of these considerations, what really interests you in the case of FIFA, besides the possibility of “putting on a show”, is the fact that these skills can actually allow you to disorient the opponent .

I am thinking, for example, of a well-placed sombrero , perhaps in the wing, which can allow you to “bypass” the defense and quickly get your player into a “dangerous” area, near the penalty area.

In short, there is not only a “show” component in skills, since the latter can potentially also be used to give life to excellent offensive actions .

Before leaving, however, I remind you that FIFA is still a video game and therefore its main component is fun. Training to improve is right, but never forget about this aspect.

How to Skill on FIFA

After having explained the general situation to you, I would therefore say that it is time to take action. If you’re wondering how to skill in FIFA 21 or another chapter in Electronic Arts’ football video game series, the pointers below can help you show off your skills.

I will refer to the buttons related to the controller (on PC I highly recommend using the latter). For the rest, I warn you: you will probably have to try several times to be able to master the skills, since they are not always easy to perform (as it should be). For this reason, I recommend that you use FIFA’s Training Arena mode , as well as a particularly strong player (for example, Neymar Jr ).

Before leaving, I want to clarify that there are several variables in the game , since FIFA is a constantly evolving title . I also remind you that in some chapters you have to take into account the statistics of the stars relating to skill moves : not all players can perform all the skills.


Who hasn’t dreamed of scoring with a rabona ? If you are a big fan of football, you have probably “fantasized” about scoring a similar goal in a stadium full of fans.

To carry out this “crossing of legs” on FIFA, obviously during the shooting phase, just hold down the L1 button on PlayStation or LB on Xbox , as well as the left analogue , and then press the shooting button (usually O on PlayStation or B on Xbox , but it depends on the command scheme used).

You can also perform a fake rabona , designed to disorient the opponent, then pressing the pass button ( X on PlayStation or A on Xbox ) and moving the left analog downwards before the shot .


The sombrero is one of the most popular skills. On the other hand, jumping the defense with a touch of the ball upwards and being in front of the goalkeeper is priceless.

Among other things, it is one of the easiest skills to implement, since it is generally one of those skills that the user essentially learns by himself, simply by playing.

In any case, if you don’t quite understand how it works, you just have to first press and then hold down the right analog , moving the ball in the direction you want.

In short, everything is very simple in this case, but do not fool yourself: the sombrero does not always work in the offensive phase, so it is good to train to be able to understand the right timing to use it properly.

Rubber band

A skill that can be very useful for disorienting the opponent, as well as for “running away” at speed, is certainly the rubber band .

To carry out the latter within the Electronic Arts title, it is necessary to move the right analog in one direction, then rotating it halfway in the opposite direction . For example, if you initially move the analog to the right, then you have to bring it “back” halfway to the left.

All this must be done in a short time , so I suggest you try to try this skill again, in order to understand the timing. The latter are in fact difficult to explain in words and the only way to learn properly is to do everything pad in hand.

Heel shot

If you really want to go “classic”, you might think about using one of the most popular skills, as well as the simplest to implement: the heel strike .

To bring the ball forward with the heel strike, simply move the right analog up and then quickly move it down . This way, you will be able to perform the skill smoothly.

All you have to do is insert this skill into your style of play: you will see that it can be useful for disorienting the opponent in certain contexts.

Double step

One of the skills that everyone wants to learn to implement in FIFA is the double step . In fact, the latter is useful both to disorient the opponent and to dribble him, as well as, for example, to return from the side bands. In short, it is certainly one of the most useful “football moves”.

Luckily for you, doing it is not that difficult, although it may take some “practice”: all you have to do is move the left analog in one direction, then make the right analog make a 90 degree crescent. .

You shouldn’t have any particular problems performing this skill, although you also need to keep an eye on your player’s body position . In any case, if you want to delve further into the subject, I invite you to consult my tutorial on how to double step on FIFA , in which I have gone down further in detail.

Other interesting skills for FIFA

Obviously, those mentioned above are just some of the skills available in FIFA . In fact, other possibilities have been added over the years.

Electronic Arts’ football video game series is also constantly evolving, so there may be skill variations depending on the chapter you are playing. In short, take the suggestions contained in this guide as a “base” to start from.

In any case, in addition to the skills already analyzed, I would like to let you know the possibility of performing others . More precisely, below you can find some that from my point of view you should try.

  • Heel heel: a variant of the “classic skill”, illustrated above , but in this case you do not pass the ball to another player, but rather disorient the opponent. To perform it, hold L1 / LB and move the right analog , then quickly move the left one as well (note that you need a player with 3 or more stars in terms of skill moves).
  • Roulette: a useful skill to “let the opponent walk”, performing a rotation of 360 degrees . To perform it, with a player with 4 or more skill stars, you must hold L1 / LB and rotate the right analog forward 180 degrees.
  • Side Dribbling: Control is everything. To perform this skill, hold L1 / LB and move the left analog in the desired direction.
  • Sombrero backwards: I have already explained how to make a “classic” sombrero , but you may want to “go back” with this skill. To do this, simply move the analog back while you are playing the sombrero.
  • Double tap: a feint that allows you to continue in the “correct” direction. To do this, hold L2 / LT and feint square + X on PlayStation or X + A on Xbox .

In short, now you know a little about all the possibilities offered in terms of skills by FIFA. All you have to do, therefore, is to test the ones you think are most valid during the Electronic Arts games.

In any case, I remind you that on these pages you can find many other tutorials that could help you compete against the best players. In particular, since you are interested in this football video game, I recommend that you take a look at my tutorials on how to improve on FIFA and on how to switch to FIFA .

How to Skill on FIFA Mobile

How do you say? Do you usually play FIFA Mobile , also known as FIFA Soccer, and would you like to skill in this chapter for mobile devices too? No problem, I’ll explain immediately how to do it?

Well, as you can imagine, being a video game designed for smartphones and tablets, in this case the mechanics are simplified . In fact, in FIFA Mobile every player has his own skill move .

Among the available skills there are heel , elastic and bicycle , just to name a few. In any case, to use the latter, just swipe the Snap and Skill button , present at the bottom right during games.

In short, yes: it is also possible to skill on FIFA Mobile , although this mechanic is obviously more limited than the “classic” chapters of the Electronic Arts video game series.

For the rest, if you want to always stay informed on the latest guides published about the game, I invite you to keep monitored the page of my site dedicated to FIFA , where you could find other posts that could be for you.


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