How to reset browser settings

Reset browser, or reset browser settings – change browser settings to default settings. In the process of using the Internet web browser program, the settings of some parameters are changed in the browser, which have a negative impact on the operation of the program.

Browser settings change for various reasons: due to incorrect user actions, third-party programs often change browser settings on their own without the user’s consent (replacement of the start page, search engine, etc.), extensions and plug-ins are installed in the browser that change application operation parameters etc. Because of this, errors occur in the browser, some functions are not performed.

Therefore, it makes sense to solve the problems that have arisen without using a radical solution: completely removing the browser from the computer, and then installing it again. Many problems can be solved by resetting the browser settings (clearing the browser), as a result of which the default settings will be restored.

I recommend that you first use the restore settings function, because this way most of the problems are solved. I myself often use this function to restore the performance of browsers.

In browsers, the process of changing settings is different. For example, in the Google Chrome browser, extensions are disabled, and in the Mozilla Firefox browser, all extensions are removed. Therefore, carefully read the warnings in order to fully understand all the consequences of this step.

In this article, I will talk about how to reset Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge. In browsers that have multiple profiles, the settings will be reset in the active profile that is running this feature.

How to reset Google Chrome browser settings

In the Google Chrome browser, as a result of resetting the browser settings, the settings of the browser profile in which the settings were reset will be reset. Enter “Google Chrome Settings and Controls”. In the context menu, click on “Settings”. In the “Settings” window, click on the “Show advanced settings” link.

On the page you will see the “Reset settings” button, which is used to restore the default settings of the Google Chrome browser. Next, click on the “Reset Settings” button.

In the Reset Settings window, click the Reset button.

As a result of resetting Chrome browser settings, the settings of the main page, the settings of the quick access page will be reset, the default search engine (Google) will be set, pinned sites will be unpinned, cookies and other temporary files will be deleted, extensions in the browser will be disabled.

Bookmarks, passwords, browsing history will be saved.

How to reset Yandex Browser settings

You can reset the Yandex browser settings in a way similar to the Google Chrome browser. To do this, go to “Yandex Browser Settings”. In the context menu that opens, click on “Settings”. Then click on the “Show advanced settings” button.

In the “Reset settings” option, click on the “Reset settings” button to restore the original settings in the browser.

In the Reset Settings window, click the Reset button.

Next, Yandex.Browser will be reset. All changes will return to their original values: pinned tabs will be unpinned, extensions will be disabled, temporary files, cache, cookies will be deleted, the default search engine (Yandex) will be enabled.

How to reset Mozilla Firefox browser settings

In the Mozilla Firefox browser, open the menu, click on the “Open Help menu” button (the “question mark” icon). In the context menu, click on the item “Information for solving problems”.

On the page that opens, you will see a “Firefox Setup” section with a “Clean up Firefox…” button.

As a result of cleaning from the Firefox browser, extensions, added search engines, changed browser settings, themes, security certificates, plugin settings, etc. will be removed.

The following settings will be saved: bookmarks, history, passwords, cookies, information for autofilling forms.

In the “Firefox Cleanup” window, you will be informed that after resetting the Firefox browser, the browser settings will be set to default values. Click on the Refresh Firefox button.

How to reset Opera browser settings

The Opera browser does not have a separate functionality for resetting browser settings. You can change browser settings in the Opera settings. Therefore, resetting the Opera browser using a standard tool is not possible. The only possible option is to manually delete the profile, as well as the browser cache.

To perform these steps, disable the Opera browser.

The user profile in the Opera browser and the browser cache are located in the following path:

C:\Software\Opera Stable

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable

Navigate to this path in Explorer and then delete the contents of these folders.

Upon launch, Opera will re-create a new profile with default browser settings.

How to reset Internet Explorer browser settings

In the Internet Explorer browser window, click on the “Tools” button. In the Internet Options window, open the Advanced tab. Here you will see the “Reset Internet Explorer Options” setting. Reset Internet Explorer browser settings to default values, use when the browser is not working.

Click on the “Reset…” button.

Resetting Internet Explorer involves restoring the following settings to their default settings:

  • toolbars and add-ons
  • Enable default browser settings: privacy settings, security settings, advanced settings, set up tabbed browsing, pop-up settings

Optionally, you can delete personal settings. To do this, check the “Delete personal settings” box.

In this case, search services, accelerators, the default home page will be restored, temporary files, history, cookies, passwords, web form data, tracking protection, ActiveX filtering and Do Not Track will be deleted.

To start the process of restoring the default settings, click on the “Reset” button.

For the changes to take effect, restart your computer.

How to reset Edge browser settings

Sign in to your Microsoft Edge browser settings. In the context menu, click on “Settings”. Next, find the “Clear browsing data” item, and then click on the “Select what to clear” button.

Some settings are selected by default. Click on the “More” button to select additional options.

Select the desired items, click on the “Clear” button.

Article Conclusions

To restore the default browser settings, do a reset (clear) of the browser. In this way, you can solve many problems that arise in the application. The settings of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge browsers will return to their original settings.

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