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Incomedia WebSite X5 is a program for creating websites in Russian, running on a computer in the Windows operating system. In the WebSite X5 program, a user with any level of training will create his own website, business card site, blog or online store.

The WebSite X5 program is essentially a site builder on a local computer, and not on a remote hosting. The user independently creates a website, in accordance with his requirements, on his computer, and then uploads it to the hosting.

For those readers who are not familiar with these terms, I will explain what they mean:

  • Website – a set of files and folders, all the content of the site, including what is visible on the Internet (what the user sees when accessing the website), and the site’s internal files.
  • Hosting is the physical location of the site on the server, where all the content of the website is located, from there the site gets access to the Internet.
  • Domain (domain name) – a unique site name on the Internet (,, etc.).

A user who has a website pays for hosting services and pays for using a domain name.

There are the following options for creating a website: online website builders (there are paid and free options), ready-made CMS systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), which have their own characteristics, you can order the creation of a website in a specialized company (web studio), or create a site yourself, manually, or using a specialized program for creating sites on a computer.

Features of creating a site in WebSite X5

Website created in WebSite X5 program has mobile responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, Open Graph support, search engine optimization, clean and valid code. Site templates created in WebSite X5 successfully pass the code check for errors (validation) on the service, that is, the site code meets all modern requirements.

For users who do not have programming knowledge, who do not know what HTML, PHP, CSS are, the option of creating a site in the WebSite X5 program will be a convenient solution. Professionals can create websites for their customers.

WebSite X5 is a paid program with three tariffs: WebSite X5 Start 13, WebSite X5 Evolution 13, WebSite X5 Professional 13. Program versions differ in functionality. For a business card site or landing, the WebSite X5 Start 13 tariff is suitable, for a more serious site it makes sense to use the WebSite X5 Evolution 13 or WebSite X5 Professional 13 tariffs.

For a detailed description of the difference between the versions of the program, see the official website. When using the WebSite X5 Evolution 13 or WebSite X5 Professional 13 tariffs, a domain name, email addresses and hosting disk space are provided free of charge for one year. After purchase, you can use the WebSite X5 program to create an unlimited number of sites.

WebSite X5 has a demo version that can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer, the Italian company Incomedia, and then tested on your computer.

The WebSite X5 program works in Russian, the program is fully localized, including the help. The official website has a Help Center, there are video lessons in Russian on YouTube.

Creating a site in WebSite X5 takes place in the sequential execution of 5 steps:

  1. Settings.
  2. Sample.
  3. Map.
  4. Pages.
  5. Analysis and export.

In each step, certain parameters of the future site are configured. At any time, you can move between different stages of creating a site to adjust the project.

Now let’s look at creating a site using WebSite X5 Professional 13 as an example.

Creating a site in WebSite X5 Professional 13

The process of creating a site takes place in the program window in visual mode. In the “Select project” window, you must select a project: create a new one or edit an existing one. Give a name to the new project.

At the first stage “Settings”, you need to configure the site settings. Use general and advanced settings.

In the general settings, enter the necessary site parameters: site name, site author, site URL, description, site language, add an icon (favicon) and an image.

In advanced settings, select the options you need, configure individual site elements: Blog, RSS Feed, Mobile App, Cart, Statistics, SEO & Code, Privacy & Security, Welcome Page, Promotional Message”, “Data Management”, “Access Management”, “Control Panel and WebSite X5 Manager”.

Select a specific feature of the site, customize it to your liking, or accept the program’s default settings.

In the second step “Template”, select a template for the site. The following options for creating a site template are available in the “Choice” tab:

  • Default Template – Select any of the available templates.
  • Custom Library – Select a template from your library.
  • “New Template” – self-creation of your own template.

When choosing a default template, select a category, menu layout (horizontal or vertical), make other settings.

In the “Personalization” tab, configure the website template settings: “Permissions and Responsive Design”, “Template Structure”, “Header and Footer Content”, “Main Menu”, “Dropdown Menu”, “Page Menu”, “Text Style” , “ShowBox, Tooltip and E-mail”, “Page Scroll Options”. After changing the parameters, the template will become more unique.

At the third stage “Map”, a “Site Map” is created. Create a page structure. In the page properties, add a description, keywords, background, custom code, etc. Customize how the sitemap is updated.

At the fourth stage, “Pages”, the individual pages of the site are created. In the visual editor, insert the necessary elements, add widgets, social network buttons, a translator, etc.

In the final fifth step, “Analyze and Export”, analyze the website for errors and readiness of the site for search engine optimization (SEO). Then you can upload the site to the Internet via an FTP connection, export the site to a folder on your computer’s disk, or export the project to a file that will be saved in a folder on your computer.

To upload a site to the Internet, ask your hosting provider for settings for an FTP connection. After exporting the site files to disk in a folder, you can edit the site files manually. Project export can be used to transfer a project to another computer.

If the site needs to be improved, open an existing project in WebSite X5, correct or redo the elements of the site that require adjustment.

Article Conclusions

The WebSite X5 program is designed to create websites on a computer in the Windows operating system. The application has ample opportunities for creating a site, the program is equally useful for professionals and inexperienced users.

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