Support for non-standard NFC tags in developer mode – what is it?

What is the function “Support for non-standard NFC tags” in developer mode responsible for? Why is this option needed, and should an inexperienced user need to enable it?

Support for non-standard NFC tags is one of the options in the developer menu . One of its tasks is to solve the problems that have arisen with contactless payments.

Sometimes it happens that it is not possible to pay for the goods using a linked card to the phone through the appropriate applications (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.). At this moment, a message may appear on the terminal that the user removed the phone too quickly. Otherwise, the payment will simply not work – the terminal will not respond to the device or will give an error.

According to reviews, this problem is common on public transport and in some large retail stores. The most common contactless payment error occurs on OnePlus smartphones. Initially, the problem may lie either in how the NFC chip is installed in the phone (for example, it may be too “deep”, which will cause payment with varying success), or in the peculiarities of the terminal itself in a store or transport.

Support for non-standard NFC tags can fix an issue where contactless payments cannot be completed. To do this, the user needs to activate the developer mode, and then find and enable this option in the settings.

It will not harm the operation of the NFC module in any way, but it will allow it to interact with non-standard types of tags that can be equipped with some payment terminals.

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