Sony unveils PlayStation VR 2 and first helmet exclusive

Sony has unveiled the next-generation PS VR 2 virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5. The device can be connected to the console using just one USB Type-C cable. The new PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers are equipped with a vibration feedback function that can convey the feelings of the protagonist. The release date of the device, as well as its appearance, remain unknown.


  • OLED display with a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye;
  • 4K HDR;
  • 110 degree view;
  • User eye tracking function;
  • Cameras located on the body of the device to track position in space;
  • Frequency from 90 to 120 Hz;
  • Microphone.

The first PlayStation VR 2 exclusive will be a Horizon game subtitled Call of the Mountain . The developers of The Playroom from Firesprite Games are responsible for the development.

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