How to remove duplicates with Glary Utilities?

To free up space on your hard drive, there are several programs that have proven themselves on various operating systems. Among these software is Glary Utilities, a software specially designed to clean up duplicates that are embedded in your PC. If you do not yet master this software and also how to use it to delete your duplicates, here is something to teach you.

Glary Utilities Software Overview

Glary Utilities is free software that you can download from the web and install on your computer. However, there is a paid version of the application, which offers you advanced features in automatic cleaning and configuration of your device. After downloading, just follow the dialog boxes to install the software. Once the installation is complete, you need to open the software and set it according to your PC cleaning needs.

Upon opening the app, you will find three options in the menu bar of the device. These include home, 1-click maintenance and advanced tools. For the deletion of duplicates, the ” 1-click maintenance ” option will be used. Indeed, it is in this menu option that you can configure the deletion of unwanted files in your device. In addition to configuration, this option will allow you to clean your PC of files and other programs that interfere with its operation. As far as duplicates are concerned, it is the ” advanced tools ” option that will allow you to achieve your goals.

How to delete duplicates on Glary Utilities?

For the deletion of duplicates on your PC, you must go to the “advanced tools” option of the application. Once in this option, you must click on the “clean and repair” tab located in the toolbar on the left of your screen. This tab will show you several features among which you will find the one dedicated to the deletion of duplicates. The name of this feature is “Duplicate Finder” located at the fourth position in the features displayed by the tab.

After clicking on this feature, the software will take care of bringing out all the duplicates saved on the storage space of your PC. With each duplicate found, the software will associate the original document to allow you to check each original and each copy. You will therefore only have to check the copies and press “delete the selected files” to clean up the duplicates on your hard drive.

Other utilities from Glary Utilities

Apart from deleting duplicates , the “advanced tools” option allows you to find and delete empty folders from your PC. Glary Utilities also takes care of uninstalling malicious programs from your PC. In addition, the application allows you to clean your disk of superfluous data and free up space on your disk. With this software, it is easier to clean the registry of your PC.

Glary Utilities is also capable of removing viruses on a PC and cleaning up slices of activity on the computer. You can also perform a temporary cleaning of your files through this application. The configuration of Glary Utilities also allows you to solve some problems related to the startup of your computer.

The application can also fix problems starting certain applications on your computer. By using Glary Utilities, you will be able to easily perform some repairs on your computer’s hotkeys. The software also offers you a wide variety of features to optimize and improve the basic functions of your computer. Indeed, it allows you to more easily perform certain innovative settings on your computer yourself, without requiring a maintenance person.

It is also easier to configure the security of your computer thanks to Glary Utilities.

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