How does Glary Utilities work?

Today there are utilities designed for computer maintenance. This is the case of Glary Utilities . Indeed, this software makes it possible to analyze, clean, secure and optimize the operating system of a machine. Also, it is essential to master the use of this application to take advantage of its features. Here’s how to install and use Glary Utilities.

How to install Glary Utilities?

It is possible to download Glary Utilities for free on a dedicated platform. The operation is done in a few clicks. Choose a site that offers secure downloads. This will save you some inconvenience.

After downloading your software, double click on the software icon to start the installation. Then select the installation language and confirm your choice by clicking on the Ok tab . Accept the program license terms and click Next . In the start menu, choose the location of the installation then click on Next.

Select the software icons , click Next, then click the Install tab . You can use the utility once the process is complete.

How to use Glary Utilities?

To use Glary Utilities, double-click the program icon. You will have access to a multitude of functions.

How do I use the one-click maintenance feature?

One-Click Maintenance is an effective way to optimize your computer. In this section, you can choose the following options:

  • registry cleaner,
  • repair shortcuts,
  • temporary file eraser,
  • malware cleaner,
  • boot manager.


After selecting the options that suit you, now click on the box: Check for problems . Once the scan is complete, click on the tab: Repair problems to complete the maintenance. In the event that you choose the track eraser option, you must first check the tracks you wish to delete.

Follow the same procedure for the options: cookie manager, temporary file eraser and registry cleaner. To schedule maintenance with one click , it is essential to download the paid version of Glary Utilities. Indeed, planning is not available in the free version.

To perform this task, start the software then go to the tab menu: Modules . Click Startup Manager then Scheduled Tasks . Select the action you want to schedule and choose how often to perform it. Then, click on Next and then Finish .

How to use the uninstall manager function?

This feature allows you to uninstall an application or program. Moreover, using this option, you can save, delete and/or restore the uninstallation key of a software. Key backup is done in a few clicks. First, select the desired program. Then click Save Uninstall Key .

Choose the directory that will host the backup then click Save. To restore a key, follow the steps below. Click on Restore Uninstall Key. Choose the software key file. Click Open then Ok.

How to improve your operating system with Glary Utilities?

A program can slow down the operation of your computer. However, Glary Utilities can help you solve this problem. So, use its startup manager to manage the programs that are causing your device to start up slowly. The manager allows you to remove, disable or delay the start of harmful software.

All in all, Glary Utilities is an effective tool to improve your computer’s performance. Indeed, this software includes several modules capable of upgrading your operating system. Moreover, it is capable of defragmenting and repairing physical memory. It provides system protection against malware and facilitates driver management. To benefit from all the features of this utility, it is recommended to download the paid version.

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