How to recover icon on iPhone

How to recover icon on iPhone: You can’t find the Mail or Safari icon on your iPhone anymore and are you desperate because you don’t know how to restore them? An application that you can easily reach through the Spotlight search is not, however, available on the home screen of your iPhone? Do not despair, today I am here to give you a hand and help you deal with this problem.

With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to recover the icon on the iPhone showing you all the possible solutions to the “disappearance” of the apps from the Home screen of the famous Apple smartphone. We will therefore see how to reinstall the system apps in case of uninstallation, how to restore the icons on the home screen from the App Library, how to disable the iOS restrictions (which can inhibit the display of some icons on the home screen) and how to recover the icon iPhone via Windows PC and macOS, in case this is the problem.

What do you say? I would advise you not to waste any more time and immediately take action: take your iPhone, read the instructions below and try to put them into practice. I assure you that any problem you have with your iPhone icons, thanks to my advice, you will be able to solve it in a handful of taps. I wish you a good read and, above all, I wish you a big good luck for everything!


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How to recover app icons on iPhone

Starting with iOS 12 , Apple introduced the ability to delete some default apps from iPhone, such as Calendar , Compass , Contacts , FaceTime , Home , Files , iTunes Store , Mail , Maps , Music , Notes and Podcasts , just to do some examples (you can find the complete list on this Apple web page).  That said, if you no longer find some of your iPhone’s default icons, or third-party app icons, they most likely have been removed via uninstall. In the next paragraphs you will therefore find explained how to recover the icon on the iPhone whether it is the default apps or other apps downloaded on your behalf.

How to recover WhatsApp icon on iPhone

If you no longer find the WhatsApp icon , most likely, it is because you have mistakenly uninstalled the messaging app. To check if this is actually the case, and also to solve the problem, you can go to the App Store of your device, press the Search tab located at the bottom right, then type “whatsapp” in the search bar at the top and tap, finally , on the Search button on the keyboard.

Now, if the app in question has been uninstalled, you will see a speech bubble icon with an arrow next to its name ; if, on the other hand, it is present on the phone you will find the Open button . In case of uninstalled app, then press on the cloud icon and wait for the bar indicating the completion of the download is full, then press the Open button to start using it again. Furthermore, if everything went well, you will find the WhatsApp icon waiting for you on the iPhone Home screen, in one of the pages present.

If the app, on the other hand, is installed on the iPhone, it is necessary to look for it and understand why it does not appear on the home screen. There are various hypotheses regarding the matter: it could be in the App Library and not on the Home screen (if you are using an iPhone with iOS 14 and later) or it could be inside a folder.

At this point you just have to go and check your iPhone’s App Library . Specifically, it is a particular space that automatically groups all the apps installed on the phone into special folders. It is possible that some app icons are there and not on the Home screen: to retrieve them, go to the App Library (the last page of the Home screen) and check through the automatically generated folders. If you still do not find the WhatsApp icon, swipe from top to bottom to see the complete list of applications and then perform a long tap on the WhatsApp app to return to Home, then drag it to the position you prefer .

In the Settings menu> iOS Home screen, you can also choose whether to show the new apps installed on the iPhone on the Home screen or only in the App Library, by selecting one of the appropriate options available between Add to Home or App Library only .

As for the search in the folders on the home screen, however, you will find explained how to proceed in the dedicated paragraph of this tutorial.

How to recover Facebook icon on iPhone

Also with regard to Facebook , being an app developed by third parties, the same rules described for WhatsApp in the previous paragraph apply . First of all, I therefore recommend that you go to the App Store to check if the app in question is present on the device and, if not, install it again.

If it was present on the device and therefore in the App Store you should see the Open button next to it , it means that you have to go and look for it on the iPhone by checking the App Library, as always explained in the previous paragraph , or the folders on your Home screen, as explained in the dedicated paragraph .

How to recover Settings icon on iPhone

The Settings icon , and therefore its app, cannot be uninstalled from the iPhone. For this reason, if it is not present on the Home screen it must necessarily be placed in the App Library or inside a folder on the home screen.

To check you can then follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous chapter : swipe from right to left until you reach the App Library then, normally inside the autogenerated folder called Utility , you should find the Settings icon .

If not, swipe from top to bottom (again via the App Library) to access the complete list of apps installed on the iPhone. As soon as you locate it, long tap on it and drag it to the Home screen.


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