How to watch Mediaset streaming

How to watch Mediaset streaming: Recently, you discovered that they have changed the programming of your favorite TV series: unfortunately the last episode will air at a time when the TV is usually occupied by your family. However, you certainly don’t want to miss it, and you are therefore looking for a solution to see, via the Internet, the Mediaset channel on which it will be broadcast.

How do you say? This is exactly how things are and you wonder how to see Mediaset in streaming ? In this case, you will be happy to learn about the Mediaset Infinity service , through which you can watch Mediaset TV channels in live streaming, as well as access a large catalog of content on demand. In the course of the next few lines, in fact, I will explain how to use them, on all compatible devices.

If, therefore, you are impatient to learn more and you can’t wait to find out what are the steps to take to succeed in your intent, take a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and I assure you that you will easily be able to watch Canale 5 , Italia 1, Rete 4 and all the other Mediaset channels streamed from your favorite device. Happy reading and, above all, good viewing!


  • How to watch Mediaset live on the Internet
    • How to watch Mediaset streaming on PC
    • How to watch Mediaset streaming on smartphones and tablets
    • How to watch Mediaset streaming on Smart TV
    • How to watch Mediaset streaming on TV
  • How to watch Mediaset in streaming from abroad
  • How to watch Mediaset Premium in streaming

How to watch Mediaset live on the Internet

As anticipated, if you want to know how to watch Mediaset in streaming , all you have to do is continue reading this tutorial of mine, in order to find out in detail how to use the free Mediaset Infinity streaming service to watch Mediaset programs live and access the catalog. of movies, series and other on-demand programs.

As I will explain shortly, you can use Mediaset Infinity from various devices: from a computer , through its official website ; from smartphones and tablets , using its app for Android and iOS / iPadOS ; on Smart TV , through the dedicated app, and also on traditional TVs , using some external devices capable of accessing online content. Find everything explained below.

How to watch Mediaset streaming on PC

If you want to stream Mediaset on your PC , all you need is a web browser and an active Internet connection.

In fact, all you need to do is access the Mediaset Infinity website and register a free account to watch live streaming broadcasts and content in on demand mode (you have the possibility to see all the programs, but also the films, TV series and dramas that went on broadcast on broadcaster networks).

Therefore, after going to the official Mediaset Infinity website and registering via the Login> Register section (you can also log in with your existing Facebook , Google or Apple online accounts ), click on one of the menu items present at the top, in order to choose the type of content to see. For example, the Catalog section allows you to access the catalog of contents, such as TV Programs or Fiction and TV Series .

On the other hand, by clicking on Direct TV> All live broadcasts, you can watch the TV channels of the Mediaset group in live streaming. If you want to access the TV guide section for a specific channel, click the Direct TV> TV Guide menu items .

After identifying the content of your interest, start playing it: to do so, simply click on the preview image of the same. For some live programs there is also the Restart button : click on it if you want to see the program from the beginning.

How to watch Mediaset streaming on smartphones and tablets

If you prefer to watch Mediaset in streaming using your smartphone or tablet , you will be happy to know that, with the free Mediaset Infinity app for Android (also available on alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS , you can do it, as this also allows to see all the channels of the Italian group in live streaming, as well as the programs broadcast on the latter in on demand mode (always in exchange for creating a free account).

Therefore, the first step you need to take to reach your goal is to download the app from the store of your device: if you have problems doing this, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic .

Once this has been done, an account must be created in order to use all the functions of Mediaset Infinity . If you have not yet carried out this operation, press the button with the little man icon at the top right and tap First on the Login button , and then on the one called Register . You will therefore have to create a free account using an email address and password , or make a quick registration, via Facebook , Google or Apple profiles .

After registering, refer to the Home section or to the one called Catalog , to identify the content of your interest. Furthermore, by tapping on Direct , you can access the section that allows you to watch all the TV channels of the Mediaset group in live streaming .

If you want to access the specific sections of on-demand content, press the Catalog menu item and then tap on one of the categories that are shown to you, such as Fiction and TV series , Cinema or TV Programs .

Finally, after identifying the program of your interest, to start playing it, you just have to tap on its preview image . Also, if the film or program has already started, you can tap the Restart button , if present, to resume watching from the beginning. Easy, right?

How to watch Mediaset streaming on Smart TV

Another useful solution to watch Mediaset in streaming via the Internet is to use the application of the service on Smart TV , which is available for free download through the virtual stores of the main latest generation Smart TV models, including those of LG , Samsung , Philips and Hisense brand .

Therefore, if you want to use this solution you must have connected the Smart TV to the Internet , in order to download the application through the default virtual store of your Smart TV (for example the LG Content Store on LG Smart TVs ).

After downloading and starting the app, press the Login button located in the main menu and then, using your smartphone or computer, connect to the website , in order to match your account to the TV . To complete the operation, enter the alphanumeric code that is shown to you in the Mediaset Infinity app on Smart TV . In case of doubts or problems, read my tutorial dedicated to how to register on Mediaset Infinity .

Once logged in, use the Catalog section to view the content on demand, such as fiction , films or television programs broadcast on the channels of the Mediaset group, starting the reproduction of the content through its poster .

In case of doubts or problems, refer to the procedures in my tutorial on how to install Mediaset Infinity on Smart TV .

How to watch Mediaset streaming on TV

If you do not have a Smart TV , or if it is not compatible with the Mediaset Infinity application , you can also stream Mediaset on a traditional TV, using a device, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick which, through the possibility of connecting to the Internet makes Smart a traditional TV, thanks to the download and launch of applications.

The Fire TV Stick is, in fact, an Amazon Smart device that, depending on the model, supports the playback of multimedia content, with Full HD or 4K resolution. Its operation is very simple, as it is enough to download the appropriate applications (or use the pre-installed ones) and reproduce the contents present in them.

So, with regard to Mediaset Infinity , after downloading the Mediaset VOD service app through the Amazon Appstore , all you have to do is start it, log in, and start enjoying all its contents. For more information, read my guide on how the Amazon Fire TV Stick works .

The Fire TV Cube , on the other hand, is a device that combines the characteristics of the Fire TV Stick with those of an Amazon Echo speaker , in order to return a more immersive cinematic experience.

Or again, another useful solution to make a TV Smart and use the Mediaset Infinity service is to use a device, such as Chromecast which, thanks to the use of a smartphone / tablet or computer, allows you to receive audio streams. and video.

Using this HDMI dongle produced by Google, you can transmit the contents of Mediaset Infinity and many other apps on TV starting from the service app for Android and iOS / iPadOS or from the official website of Mediaset Infinity , using the Google Chrome browser for PC .

Chromecast prices start at € 39, for the model that supports resolution up to 1080p, or you can buy the model with 4K resolution support, called Chromecast with Google TV , useful for directly installing the apps of the main VOD services, thanks to the Google TV operating system.

To succeed in this attempt, you must have already configured Chromecast and connected it to the same Wi-Fi network to which the device you intend to use to start playback (i.e. your smartphone, tablet or computer) is connected. if you have any doubts or problems, read my guide on how Chromecast works .

If you have already carried out these preliminary operations and, if you intend to act through the Mediaset Infinity app , start it and log in to your account as explained in the previous chapter . Now, locate the content you want to see on TV and tap it to start playing. At this point, to broadcast it on TV, press the monitor icon located at the top right and, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the item related to Chromecast .

Alternatively, if you prefer to work from a computer , use the Google Chrome browser to connect to the Mediaset Infinity website and log in to your account. Then locate the program you are interested in watching and start playing it.

Once this is done, to transmit the content on TV, press the icon () located in the upper right corner of the browser. Now, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the Cast item and then select the item relating to the name of the Chromecast in the menu that opens, to start the broadcast.

Finally, I would like to inform you of the fact that, among the devices supported by Mediaset Infinity there are also Android TV Boxes , such as NVIDIA SHIELD TV or RAZER Forge , ie “mini computers equipped with an Android operating system , which allow the download of the Mediaset Infinity TV app via the Play Store.

For more information about it, I suggest you learn more by reading my guide on the best Android TV Boxes .

How to watch Mediaset in streaming from abroad

The information I gave you in the previous chapters to watch Mediaset in streaming from a computer or smartphone / tablet refer to what is possible from Italy.

Therefore, if you are abroad, you must take into consideration the fact that, as explained in the official FAQ of the service , it is not possible to use the free contents of Mediaset Infinity outside Italy and, moreover, it is not even possible to connect. via VPN , bypassing those restrictions.

You must, however, know that Mediaset Infinity provides some solutions, for the use of the contents of its service even outside Italy, as long as the users are located within the member states of the European Union .

The first solution, in fact, is to activate, from Italy, the paid subscription to one of the Channels , of the platform, such as Infinity + (prices starting from € 7.99 / month), a VOD service dedicated to viewing of the contents of the former Mediaset Premium service . In this case, in fact, it is possible to use all the contents available for that channel also in Europe.

Alternatively, for those located outside of Europe, it is possible to activate the paid subscription to the Mediaset International channel (prices starting from € 3.99 / month or from € 8.99, in the United States and Canada) , which offers a selection of contents available on Mediaset’s VOD platform, which have the rights to be broadcast abroad. However, I would like to point out that Mediaset International , in addition to making only a part of the Mediaset Infinity catalog available, does not allow you to view live broadcasts of the Mediaset group’s TV channels .

Therefore, in this specific case, if you want to subscribe to Mediaset International from a computer or smartphone, you must connect to the official website of the service or use the Mediaset Infinity app by navigating outside the Italian territory, in order to log in or register and activate the subscription to the channel in question, through your personal area.

How to watch Mediaset Premium in streaming

If your intent is to watch Mediaset Premium in streaming , you must first of all know that the paid service Mediaset Premium has now ceased to exist, both on digital terrestrial and on satellite pay TV.

Therefore, to see the Mediaset Premium channels , you must now subscribe to Infinity + , a platform integrated in Mediaset Infinity which is dedicated to the live streaming of Premium channels and all its contents in on demand mode.

Infinity + has no contractual restrictions and has prices starting at € 7.99 / month after a 7-day free trial. for more information on this, read my guide on how Infinity + works .

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