How to merge PDF online – 7 services

When working with files, users are faced with the need to merge PDF online, merge several separate files into one file, without installing a specialized program on a computer. All work on combining PDF online takes place on a remote service.

The PDF (Portable Document Format) format is widely used for saving text and graphic documents. Documents, help, instructions, technical literature, e-books, etc. are saved in PDF.

The advantage of the format is that a document saved as PDF looks the same on any device. Files of this format have the extension “.pdf”.

In some cases, it is necessary to merge PDF files into one file. The user has two options for combining multiple files into a single PDF file:

  • using a specialized program – the files are combined in a program installed on the computer;
  • using an online service – the PDF merging process takes place on a website on the Internet (on a remote server).

Now we will consider the process of combining to PDF online for free, in most programs this function works in paid versions of applications. In this article, you will find instructions on how to use 7 online services: PDF2Go, iLovePDF, PDF Joiner,, Soda PDF, SmallPDF, PDF Merge.

How is the process of merging PDF files online

The services described in the article do the same job of combining PDF files. The user follows the following standard procedure:

  1. First, the PDF files are uploaded to the online service.
  2. Then the file merging process starts.
  3. After processing is completed, the finished, merged PDF file is downloaded to your computer.

Using the online service, you can merge two PDF files into one or merge more files into one document.

To be able to use the online service, you must meet the prerequisite: the computer must have an Internet connection working at that moment.

How to merge PDF online on PDF2Go

The PDF2Go online service is designed to work with PDF files. The service has a function to combine several files into one PDF file, the site works in Russian.

  1. Go to the PDF2Go website page .
  2. Drag and drop a file from your computer into a special form, or add a file using the buttons.

Add a file to the form using Explorer, using the button, enter the URL of a PDF file from the Internet, or add a file from Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storage.

  1. After adding to the service, the files can be sorted, in what order they need to be combined. Move the files, place the file thumbnails in the order you want by dragging the document thumbnail to the desired location.
  2. Click on the “Save Changes” button.
If you don’t need to sort the files, they will be merged in the order in which the files were added to the PDF2Go service.
  1. The processing of the file will begin, and when completed, the “Download File” window will open.
  2. Click the “Download” button to download the file to your computer.

The user can use the options to download the file in a ZIP archive, save the file to Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage, or continue editing further by adding a new PDF document to this file.

The file is stored on the service for 24 hours, it can be downloaded to a computer or to the “cloud” up to 10 times.

How to merge PDF online for free on iLovePDF

The iLovePDF service is used to perform the necessary work with PDF files online. The site, among other things, has the ability to combine files into one document, the service supports the Russian language.

On iLovePDF, to complete the task of merging files for free, there is a limit of up to 25 files, with a total size of up to 100 MB.

  1. Log in to the iLovePDF website page .
  2. Click the “Select PDF Files” button to add files from your computer. Select files from Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage, or drag and drop them into a special form.
  3. On the next page, if necessary, rearrange the order of the PDF files added to the service by dragging and dropping the files as you like.
  4. Click on the “Combine PDF” button.
  5. After the merging is completed, click on the “Download Merged PDF” button to download the file to your PC.

It is possible to send a file to Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage, you can share a download link or scan a QR code.

How to merge PDF files into one PDF online with PDF Joiner

PDF Joiner is a service for converting PDF files online. There is support for the Russian language, simultaneous merging of up to 20 PDF files is supported.

  1. Open the PDF Joiner website page .
  2. Click on the “Upload” button to add a document from your computer, or drag and drop files into the form on the service.
  3. Distribute the blocks of added files in a certain order, drag them to the right place.
  4. Click on the “Combine Files” button.

In the Explorer window, agree to save the file on your computer.

How to Merge PDF Documents Online in is a free service for doing some work with PDF files. The service supports the Russian interface language.

  1. Sign in to the website .
  2. Click on the “Choose a file” button, or use other options: select a file from Google Drive or Dropbox, follow the link, drag and drop files into the form on the site page.
The service works in two modes: “Files” and “Pages”. In Files mode, PDF files are merged, and in Pages mode, PDF pages in added files are merged.
  1. In File mode, arrange the files in the order you want.
  2. In Page mode, arrange the pages in a specific sequence as you see fit. File pages can be dragged from one place to another, or unwanted pages can be removed before the document is merged.
  3. Click on the “Combine” button.
  4. After processing, click on the “Download” button, or save the file in the cloud storage Google Drive or Dropbox.

On the online service, you can not only combine entire PDF files, but also form a combined file from individual pages of selected documents.

Soda PDF – Merge PDF Files Online

Soda PDF online tools will help you merge PDF files. The service supports Russian.

  1. Open the Soda PDF service page .
  2. Move the files from your computer to the form or click on the “Select File” button. Supports adding files from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Drag and drop the files in the desired sequence, and then click on the “Combine Files” button.
  4. Within each file, you can select a range of pages to include in the merged file.
  5. Select one of the options for receiving the file: “View and download in browser” or “Send by e-mail”.

The file will be downloaded to your computer and simultaneously opened on the Free Online PDF Creator service for viewing in a browser.

Merge files online on SmallPDF

SmallPDF is an online service in Russian for converting PDF files. On the service you will find various tools for working with files of this type.

  1. Go to the SmallPDF site page .
  2. Add a file: drag a PDF into the form on the service, click on the “Choose a file” link, or upload a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Selected files can be opened in “Page Mode” or use “File Mode”.
  4. Drag and drop files or pages in the order you want. Delete unnecessary pages.
  5. Click on the “Combine PDF!” button.

Save the file to your computer, Dropbox cloud or Google Drive, share the link to the file with other users.

Merge PDF (PDF) online to PDF Merge

Online service PDF Merge is designed to merge files in PDF format. The service website works in Russian, Soda PDF tools are used here.

  1. Sign in to the PDF Merge service .
  2. In a special field, click on the “Browse …” button to select a file on your computer.
  3. After processing, click on the “View and download in browser” button.

Article Conclusions

Many users face the need to merge multiple PDF files into one file. This problem can be solved using online services: PDF2Go, iLovePDF, PDF Joiner,, Soda PDF, SmallPDF, PDF Merge, which combine user files on their servers on the Internet.

Depending on the capabilities of a particular service, there are several ways to save a file: downloading a PDF to a computer, saving it to cloud storage, transferring a link to a file for downloading to another user.

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