How to make green dye in Minecraft

How to make green dye in Minecraft: In Minecraft, a set of 16 different dyes is available to you. They can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the available dyes is the green dye, which is the hardest to obtain as it cannot be found in flowers. You will need to collect cacti and smelt them to get green dye. This guide will show you the materials needed to make green paint, how to get/make green paint, and how to use green paint in Minecraft.

Required materials to create green paint in Minecraft

  1. Cactus;
  2. Bake;
  3. Fuel for your stove.

To create green dye, you will need to melt the cactus in a furnace. Of course, smelting will require a furnace first, and cooking a cactus will require some kind of fuel. For the stove you will need 8 cobblestones, and as fuel you can use coal, charcoal, any wooden object or any plant. Each cactus you smell gives you one green dye to use. How much do you want to compensate you.

How to get/make green dye in minecraft

In a nutshell:

To get green paint, take a cactus in the desert biome and place it on the top slot in the Furnace GUI. Then, fill the bottom slot with your chosen fuel, such as coal, wood, etc. Wait for the arrow in the middle to fill up. Now that your green paint is created, just click and drag it into your inventory.

There are three methods for getting green paint in Minecraft. You can melt it yourself with a furnace and a cactus, you can trade it with a traveling merchant to get 3 green dyes for 1 emerald, and you can find it in the chests of houses in desert villages. Since trading with a traveling merchant and looting chests in the desert is more about luck than anything else, we’ll focus on the most consistent green dye growing option: melting cacti.

Step one: find a cactus.

Cacti only spawn naturally in deserts, you can also find one cactus in the basement of an igloo, but this is much rarer. If you have one cactus and one sand block, you can grow a potentially infinite number of cacti, so look around the desert until you find the cactus you need.

How to get green paint in minecraft0

Hit the bottommost cactus block. If you work from top to bottom, the cactus you break may fall onto another block of cactus. Each time a free block comes into contact with a cactus, it is destroyed.

How to get green dye in Minecraft1

While you’re here in the desert, collect some sand to grow an extra cactus close to home. You can break the sand with your hand, but a shovel will greatly speed up the process.

Step two: creating an oven.

If you don’t have a furnace, you will need to craft one. Start by mining stone with a pickaxe. You will need 8 cobblestones to make a furnace.

How to get green dye in minecraft 2

Head to the workbench and place a cobblestone in every slot except for the middle slot.

How to get green dye in Minecraft3

Once the stove is ready, place it and fill the bottom slot with the fuel of your choice.

How to get green dye in minecraft 4

Step three: green paint is ready.

Now that you have a furnace, simply place the cactus in the topmost slot of the furnace to start cooking the cactus in green dye. Once the arrow is full, your green dye will be ready.

How to get green dye in minecraft 5

As a note, place some sand where you would like the cactus garden to be. Place the cactus on the sand so that there is always a cactus source nearby.

How to get green dye in minecraft 6

Remember that blocks cannot pass next to cactus blocks. Any block directly adjacent to the cactus will cause the cactus to pop up. You can use this to your advantage by placing the block one space above and next to where the cactus grows. When the cactus grows, it will immediately come off, as it cannot be adjacent to another block. If you have a water source flowing into a bunker nearby, you can automate the growth and harvesting of cactus production.

How to get green dye in minecraft7

That’s all it takes to make green paint, and also how to continuously supply green paint to Minecraft.

Using Green Dye in Minecraft

There are many different uses for green dye in Minecraft. Like most paints, you can paint the collar of a wolf or a cat to personalize your companions.

How to get green dye in minecraft 8

You can dye the bed green instead of the color of the wool you used. In Bedrock Edition, you can color the bed no matter what color it was originally. In the Java version of Minecraft, you can only paint a white bed. Just put your bed and green dye in the crafting menu (it should be white in the Java version) and you will have a green bed. It’s the same with wool.

How to get green dye in Minecraft9

You can also use green dye to combine with different colors. In this way, blue or lime green dye can be obtained. Use blue and green dyes to make blue.

How to get green dye in minecraft 10

You can also use green dye and white dye to make lime green dye. Since these recipes used two dyes to produce a different color, the resulting dye will produce 2 colors of the corresponding color.

How to get green dye in minecraft 11

You can dye a sheep and have it grow green wool instead of the color it was naturally born with. Just right click on a sheep with paint in hand to change its color. Any wool he grows from now on will also be green.

How to get green dye in minecraft 12

You can also color certain blocks with any dye. Among these blocks are glass, carpet, terracotta and shulker boxes. For the shulker box, you just need to place the green paint and the shulker box in the same crafting menu. With glass and terracotta, you will need to surround the paint piece with glass or terracotta. This is to ensure you don’t need a staggering amount of dye for a creative build. Each time you complete this recipe, you will receive 8 dying blocks.

How to get green dye in Minecraft13

You can also combine 4 sand and 4 gravel blocks along with a paint of your choice to make concrete powder in the matching dye color. This recipe is not very demanding, as long as there are 4 sand, 4 gravel and 1 green paint in the crafting menu, it will yield 8 concrete powder.

How to get green dye in Minecraft14

You can also color the firework star to change the rocket’s base recipe to get a different explosion color. Simply place the firework star in the paint of your choice to fade it to the color you used.

How to get green dye in minecraft15

These are all examples of using green dye in Minecraft.

Is cactus the only way to get green paint in minecraft?

You can also get green paint by looting chests in deserted villages or by trading with a traveling merchant. None of these options work, but there are different ways to get green dye other than melting a cactus. Smelting a cactus is the easiest option, so aim to loot the desert rather than a desert village, or hoping a traveling merchant will offer green dye.

How to get lime green dye in Minecraft?

You can combine white dye with green to make lime green dye, or you can put a sea marinade in your oven. Just like melting a cactus, melting a sea pickle will produce one lemon green dye. Since you can use bonemeal sea marinades, getting a sea marinade and growing it into a potentially infinite amount shouldn’t be too difficult.

What is the rarest paint in Minecraft?

No dye is harder to find than others, but magenta dye requires the most work. So maybe magenta is the rarest dye to get, but all you need to do is find blue and red, and then combine the resulting purple with pink (combine red and white). Since this requires one more step, magenta is perhaps the most difficult color to make, but certainly not that difficult. Otherwise, brown is the rarest dye, as brown dye can only be obtained from cocoa beans, and jungle tends to be relatively rare.

Is there a green flower in Minecraft?

There are many colors of flowers in Minecraft, but none of them will produce green. You can find yellow, orange, and red tulips, pink peonies, blue orchids, etc., but you can’t find a flower that will give you green in Minecraft. Many colors have green in them, but they won’t give you green if placed in the crafting menu.


Congratulations, now you know what it takes to make green paint in Minecraft. Also, now you know how green dye is used in Minecraft. Most green dye apps fit just about every dye available in Minecraft, and with 16 different options, there’s plenty of room for creativity. Simply knowing which blocks can be painted helps you understand what options are available to you. From painting the sheets of your bed to the collars of your cats and dogs and staining the glass, you can create a myriad of color combinations.

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