How to make a path in Minecraft

Grass paths are not only used for decoration, they also prevent hostile mobs from spawning. They have a hue that is similar to grass blocks in a desert or savannah biome. Since they are only 15/16 of a block, objects such as torches and buttons that require a full block cannot be placed on them. If a block of hard material is placed on top of a block of grass, it may turn into mud. They are naturally found in villages as they are used not only for decoration but also for paving paths.

Necessary items for creating a grass path

  1. Block of dirt with grass;
  2. Shovel.

Grass path in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make paths in Minecraft, you need to use a shovel on a dirt block. The grass above is removed and a paler color replaces the green, making it stand out from the rest of the blocks.

1. Choose a shovel: First you need to choose a shovel. The shovel can be of any rarity.

How to make grass paths in minecraft0

2. Dig a path with a shovel:

How to make grass paths in minecraft

Find a block of grass to dig. To dig a grass path, select a shovel from the hotbar and then use the shovel to dig a grass block. You can do this by right-clicking on a grass block.

What do villagers use for paths in Minecraft?

To pave paths, villagers prefer grass paths to any other block.

What is a grass block in Minecraft?

This is a decorative block that has a unique appearance compared to a regular grass block. This feature allows you to use it to create paths in Minecraft.


Congratulations! You paved the way for Minecraft. You should see the green top of the grass block removed and it will show a medium brown surface. In Bedrock Edition, the grass path block can be mined with Silk Touch tools and will drop by itself. In Java Edition, dirt falls from grass paths no matter what, and can only be obtained using commands or a select block.

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