How to build a boat in Minecraft

How to build a boat in Minecraft: After having explored the length and breadth of the mainland of Minecraft and having also visited its underground, penetrating into places increasingly distant from the location of your refuge, you have decided that it is time to sail the seas, in search of new adventures. You realized, however, that a captain without a ship is not just a captain! In this regard, you are looking on the web for information to know how to build a boat in Minecraft and you have ended up on this tutorial of mine.

This is actually the way things are, right? Then don’t worry, because I have all the answers to the questions that float in your mind. What do you have to do? Nothing special, if you don’t read carefully all the suggestions that I will give you in this guide of mine. In fact, I will explain to you how to build a rowboat in Minecraft and I will also suggest a mod that could be right for you, to make any boat you plan to build functional. Still have no idea how to build your ship? In this case, I will also provide you with useful tips that may help you clarify your ideas.

Well: let’s not waste any more precious time! New adventures at sea await you! What you need to do is sit comfortably and follow the procedures you will find in the next chapters. I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • Create a rowboat in Minecraft
  • Mod to create a working boat in Minecraft
  • Other solutions to build a boat in Minecraft

Create a rowboat in Minecraft

If you want to create a rowboat in Minecraft, the first thing you need to do is collect some wood: to do this, you simply have to approach a tree and interact on it with your bare hands. If you want, you can also use an ax, which will speed up the timber harvesting process.

After collecting the wood, called in game with the name of Trunk, you have to process it, in order to obtain wooden planks. You can make use of the Fabrication system, which you find by opening the avatar’s inventory, or by using a Workbench.

In both cases, you just have to place at least 1 Log unit in one of the free slots and collect the axes generated by the machining in the one on the right. For each log unit used, 4 units of wooden planks are produced.

Now that you have the planks, you will need a Workbench to create your rowboat. If you’ve never made this object, you can build one by inserting 4 units of wood boards in the free slots that are in the system made the inventory of the avatar.

At this point, place the Workbench on the ground and interact on it. In the screen that is shown to you, then place 5 units of wooden planks and you will get a boat. If you want to know how to properly arrange the wooden planks in the workbench, you can help yourself with the Cookbook, whose green book icon is present on the left of the interface.

The above procedure is applicable in the Java Edition of Minecraft. In the other editions of the game, such as the Legacy or the Bedrock, in addition to the materials indicated, you must also place a shovel in the workbench, which will act as an oar. To make a shovel, you need to use 2 units of staff and 1 unit of wooden plank.

After collecting it, equip it in a slot on the quickbar and, after selecting it, interact on any watercourse , to place it on its surface. To use the boat and navigate in the open sea, interact on it, in order to get on it.

Using the movement keys, the boat will move in the directions you indicate. It was easy, wasn’t it?

Mod to create a working boat in Minecraft

In Minecraft you have the ability to bring all your creativity to life. In addition to the rowboat, which I told you about in the previous chapter, you can create any boat project: you can create a small raft, a sailing ship, or a large cruise ship.

The fundamental problem is that all these projects will be static and you will not be able in any way to use them as a means of transport. However, you have the possibility of using a specific Minecraft mod, which allows you to motorize creations of this kind, in order to create perfectly functioning aircraft or boats.

The mod I’m talking about is called Davinci’s Vessels and can only be used on Minecraft if you first install Minecraft Forge, a free mod management tool.

You can download Minecraft Forge for free, via its official website. After reaching the link I gave you, click on the Installer item and download the installation file. At the end of the download, double-click on the file obtained and press the OK button, which you find in the screen that is shown to you, to install Minecraft Forge.

If you have followed this procedure correctly, you can proceed to download the mod. Using the Download button, at the top right, download the .jar files from, relating to the Davinci’s Vessels mod and to MovingWorld, an essential add-on for everything to work correctly.

Now, take the two .jar files you just downloaded and move them to the mods folder, which you find in the Minecraft installation directory ( C: \ Users \ [name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft ). Can’t find the folder? Create it manually, following the instructions I gave you in this guide.

At this point, start Minecraft, via its quick launch icon, and press the ▲ icon, located next to the Play button. What you need to do now is select the Forge profile and press the Play button: by doing so, Minecraft will start with mod support.

To motorize your projects, use all the components of the mod that can be useful in this sense in playing in Creative mode: you can find these components by scrolling through the pages of the avatar’s inventory.

The elements that you need and that you will have to install on the boat you have created are: the Ship’s Helm (the navigation rudder), the Steam Engine (the engine that uses any type of fuel) and the Floaters, that is blocks to be placed under the hull of the boat to make it float.

All you have to do, therefore, is to place all the items I have listed on the boat. Make sure you place the correct number of floaters under the hole to prevent the boat from diving too deep. You can check if the blocks placed are sufficient by activating the newly installed components of the mod, as I will explain in the next lines.

What you need to do to start the boat is to interact with the right mouse button on the rudder ( Ship’s Helm ). In the screen that is shown to you, first press the Assemble Ship button and then on Mount Ship, to start navigation with your boat. When you want to finish browsing, however, simply press the K key and choose, from the appropriate box on the screen, the item Disassemble.

Other solutions to build a boat in Minecraft

Now that you have all the information you need, you are probably looking for ideas on boats to create in Minecraft, on which to maybe apply the mod I told you about before, to make it actually work.

If this is the case, try my guide on how to build a yacht in Minecraft and/or tap into the ideas of thousands of Minecraft enthusiasts by searching the web and, more precisely, YouTube.

All you have to do is start the YouTube app on your Android or iOS smartphone or go to the platform’s official website, type “minecraft boat” or “minecraft ship” in the search field and hit Enter.

You will find tons of ideas and video tutorials on crafting boats in Minecraft, which can help you get some ideas on creating a beautiful craft. You can also search for these same terms in English by typing “boat minecraft” or “ship minecraft” respectively.


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