How to make a chest in Minecraft

Everyone knows that when you’re playing Minecraft, the usual inventory space isn’t enough to hold everything you encounter during your playthrough. The chest allows you to store valuable items, and it’s not uncommon to make dozens of chests so that there is enough space to store your items.

Necessary items to make a chest in Minecraft

  • Wooden boards;
  • Workbench.

Chests are cheap and incredibly simple. a recipe with only eight wooden planks per chest. Any wood can be used for the chest. You can even mix and match different types of wood.

To make a chest, you will need a crafting menu with nine workbench slots. To learn how to make a workbench, click here.

How to make a chest in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make a chest, open your workbench GUI and place eight wooden planks in a circle, leaving the middle chest. If you are missing a certain type of wood, you can use different types of wood planks to complete the recipe.


To make the chest, open the workbench and place eight wooden planks in a circle around the middle space.

How to make a chest in minecraft0

If you are short of a certain type of wood, you can use different types of wood planks to complete the recipe.

How to make a chest in Minecraft1

A single chest will have as many as you can keep in your inventory (no toolbox). This means that twenty-seven items can fit in one chest.

What can be made from a chest in Minecraft

I always make a pre-single chest that holds all my items before sorting. When you start a survival world, chances are your inventory is filled with saplings, seeds, mud and other nonsense. Clearing out inventory is almost like a sigh of relief.

How to make a chest in minecraft2

You can also place two chests side by side to make a double chest. This doubles the amount the chest can initially hold.

How to make a chest in Minecraft3

Now you can even stack chests on top of each other. Don’t worry, the game will recognize when it’s a chest above it and will now open even if multiple chests are stacked on top of each other. This greatly simplifies storage compression.

How to make a chest in Minecraft4

Stack chests on top of each other without opening the bottom one, just hold down crouch and right click to place them on top. You can get creative with breast placement.

How to make a chest in Minecraft5

You can place double chests in a row this way and get plenty of storage space in a compact footprint. Remember, chests open if there is a chest above it, but not a solid block.

Chests are also used in various recipes, which I will cover below.

How to make a minecart chest in minecraft

If you need a chest on rails, you can do so by placing the chest above the minecart in the crafting menu.

How to make a chest in minecraft6

You can access this chest while it’s still in the cart, so you can build a path from the bottom of the shaft to the storage area. Thanks to this, you can get more out of your mines. It will still need power to move, so be sure to place power rails in its path so it runs from bottom to top.

How to make a trap chest in Minecraft

The Trap Chest is a more insidious approach to your storage. Opening the chest emits a pulse of redstone that can be used to power anything from light to TNT.

To make a trap chest, place the hook and chest in any of the crafting menu areas and your trap chest is ready to go.

How to make a chest in minecraft7

Captured chests will trigger any adjacent red gem. This means that the trap chest should be in close proximity to any trap you plan to place or expand with something like a Redstone repeater.

How to make a chest in minecraft8

Opening the trap chest is what activates the Redstone impulse. If the distance is greater than one block, the Redstone wiring will not activate.

How to make a chest in Minecraft9

To increase momentum, simply place a Redstone repeater next to a chest and the dust will spread fifteen blocks. This distance can be updated with another Redstone repeater.

How to make a chest in minecraft10

Using this, you can now use power packs that are much farther away than the original pulse that the captured chest emits.

How to make a chest in minecraft11

Be careful when working with TNT. It can punish anyone who tries to raid your chests, but the chest and items inside are not explosion proof.

Frequently asked Questions

How to make a shulker box

Shulker’s Crate is a late game item that requires defeating the Ender Dragon and determining the final city. To make a shulker box, you need to hunt down shulker enemies and get at least two shulker projectiles. Place two shells above and below the chest and you have a portable chest!

How to make a chest in minecraft12

How to make a hopper

To craft a bunker, you will need five iron ingots and a chest. Place a chest in the middle and iron ingots in a “v” shape around the chest and you will be rewarded with a bunker.

How to make a chest in Minecraft13


Congratulations! You now have the knowledge needed to create almost every stored object in the game. Chests can make inventory management much easier. Just make sure you remember what you saved where. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

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