How to make a door in Minecraft

How to make a door in Minecraft: For all buildings in Minecraft, doors are a fundamental requirement. Every house should have a door, even the first one. Without him, there will be angry mobs trying to kill. Later in the game, you can move on to fancier, more custom powered doors, but for now, it’s best to stick with simple doors only.

The simple doors that everyone starts with are wooden. They may not be as strong as iron doors, but they are still enough. Iron doors are stronger doors that do not break as easily as wooden doors. The only downside is that it needs to be unlocked in some way, such as keys, levers, and pressure plates.

Required materials for making a door

To make a door in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 6 wooden or iron blocks


To get tree blocks. You need logs or wood of any type from the following: oak, birch, spruce, dark oak, acacia, and jungle. The basic method for obtaining any type of log is the same. First, you will find a tree. Equip your axe, though you can also do it by hand at the cost of chopping speed. Left click on a tree trunk block and hold. The log block will fall. Pick it up.


One iron ingot is produced when one iron ore to be mined is burned in a furnace with a fuel source, as shown below:

How to make a door in minecraft0

How to make a door in minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make a door, open up a crafting area consisting of a 3×3 grid. Completely fill the 1st and 2nd columns with 6 wooden planks. This recipe gives you 3 doors. Now just click on the doors and drag them to your inventory.


Here is a step by step illustrated guide to follow to make a door in Minecraft:

Step 1. Open the workbench

Open your workbench to start crafting an Ender Chest with the ingredients you have in your inventory. Once you open your workbench, you will have a 3×3 crafting grid similar to the picture below:

How to make a Door in Minecraft1

Step 2. Place wood or iron blocks

Add objects to the grid at the workbench. The elements must be connected to the grid exactly as shown in the picture below. In this case, we will make an oak door. Place 2 oak blocks in the first row, leaving the last drawer empty, 2 oak blocks in the second row, leaving the last drawer empty, and similarly 2 blocks in the third row, leaving the last drawer empty. You will find 3 doors in a box on the right after attaching the pieces to the crafting grid as above.

How to make a door in minecraft 2

Place the door in your inventory:

How to make a door in Minecraft3

What button do you need to press to open a door in Minecraft?

There are three switching mechanisms in Minecraft that affect how doors work: buttons, levers, and pressure plates. The use of these mechanisms makes the use of doors easier and more comfortable. Buttons are easy to build and much easier to use. For it to work, the button must be near the door or connected via redstone. The button only stays pressed for a moment, so the door doesn’t stay open for more than a second or two.

How to make an iron door

The same process can be repeated with iron ingots to make an iron door. The crafting recipe will look something like the picture below:

How to make a door in minecraft4

Then place the door in your inventory:

How to make a door in Minecraft5

Can zombies open doors with pressure plates?

Yes, they can. If you really need mob-free pressure plates, try them inside, but not outside. Outside try to put the button. If you do this, you will be able to quickly get outside but not inside, but the mobs won’t be able to get in if you don’t let them.


Congratulations! Having a door prevents mobs from entering your home uninvited, or even breaking into your home. It is a simple and inexpensive investment to build a door for your home or hidden base that will keep you and your belongings safe. You can also install a Redstone device to cover the entrance to your secret base or treasure room if you are playing on a server with other people.

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