How to make a grindstone in Minecraft

How to make a grindstone in Minecraft: If you want to do something with the accumulated enchanted items you’ve obtained, you can turn them into XP with a grindstone. The Whetstone is a cheap recipe that can be used as a work block for villagers or placed in a crafting area to tie a room together. Sharpening stones can also be used to repair tools.

Necessary materials for making a whetstone

  • two sticks;
  • Two wooden boards;
  • One stone slab;
  • Workbench.

The whetstone recipe calls for two sticks, which can be made in abundance by chopping down trees.

You can use any two types of wood planks for this recipe. You can even mix and match the woods you use in the recipe. A whetstone will always look the same no matter what wood you use.

To craft a grindstone, you need one stone slab. It must be a stone slab. You cannot use a cobblestone slab or a smooth stone slab.

Lastly, you will need a 3×3 crafting table grid to craft a whetstone.

How to make a grindstone in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make a grindstone, open the workbench interface. Place the stick and plank in the first two drawers of the first and third columns, then the stone slab in the center of the first row. Your whetstone is done, now just a whetstone and drag it to your inventory.


Here is the step by step guide you should follow to create a grindstone in Minecraft.

Start by collecting cobblestone. Take a pickaxe and smash the nearest stone to get a cobblestone.

How to make a grindstone in minecraft0

Take a cobblestone and place it in the furnace to get a regular stone. Wait for it to finish. To craft stone slabs, you will need at least three regular stones.

How to make a grindstone in Minecraft1

While the stone is being prepared, cut down some trees. Turn your logs into planks and save at least two of them. Turn wooden planks into sticks by placing them in the crafting menu.

How to make a grindstone in minecraft2

Turn your stone into stone slabs by placing them in a row on the workbench.

How to make a grindstone in Minecraft3

Place the stone slab in the middle. Place two sticks on either side of the stone slab and place two wooden planks under the sticks. It doesn’t matter what type of board you use for your whetstone.

How to make a grindstone in minecraft4

That’s all! Your whetstone is ready to use.

How does a whetstone work?

Set the grindstone down and right click to open its interface.

How to make a grindstone in minecraft5

You will see two slots on the left and the right slot will show you what you will get. Placing two identical tools will restore the item. Both items in the left slots will be used when you click the resulting tool.

How to make a grindstone in minecraft 6

You can also put any enchanted book or tool into a grindstone to get a normal base item. This will remove all enchantments except curses and give you some experience.

How to make a grindstone in minecraft7

This can be useful for turning any useless book into XP, or removing a tool level penalty. In case you didn’t know, every time a tool is used on an anvil to combine an enchantment or repair, the next time you do it will cost more levels. The grindstone will remove all enchantments and also reset this level penalty.

Frequently asked Questions

What does a grindstone give villagers?

The Whetstone is a work block that will grant the Gunsmith profession to an unassigned villager. Any unassigned villager will search for nearby jobs to find an occupation. Gunsmiths will buy coal for emeralds, and at higher levels of the profession they will sell enchanted diamond axes and swords.

Why does the grindstone have 2 slots?

Sharpening stones can be used to repair tools. This is a relatively useless whetstone effect because you can repair tools without a whetstone. Tool repair requires two identical tools. The resulting tool will be repaired with slightly more durability than the sum of the two tools. Grindstones allow you to repair enchanted items with the same tool, but the enchantment will be broken.

Do grindstones give experience?

Grinding Stones will only give XP if you placed an enchanted item while repairing or disenchanting. Higher level enchantments require more experience. Millstones don’t remove curses, and you can’t get XP from a cursed item.


Congratulations! You now have a villager work block that can turn any idle villager into a gunsmith. Grindstones can also be used as a way to get a lot of levels if you have a lot of unused enchanted weapons, tools, armor, or books. They are relatively cheap to make and can be used to gain a lot of experience.

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